1940s tow truck

It integrated features of both designs. [13] The hand-built prototype was then completed in Butler, Pennsylvania,[44] and driven to the Army vehicle test center at Camp Holabird, Maryland. [95], In the cauldron of war, the jeeps served every purpose imaginable: as a power plant, light source, improvised stove for field rations, or a hot water source for shaving. Founded in 1918, the Auto Truck Group is headquartered in Bartlett, Ill. Work Truck eNews will be featuring historic images of fleet trucks on a regular basis. For the Army Air Force / (US)AAF, several MT-Tug units were built with a fifth-wheel coupling on the cargo floor, for various Fruehauf trailers, and loaded with sand bags on the cargo bed, even as aircraft tugs. [60] Kaiser created six 1,300–1,400-pound (590–640 kg) prototypes with a 42hp engine, but including some unfavorable design trade-offs. [73], Eugene the Jeep's go-anywhere ability resulted in various industrial and four-wheel drive vehicles getting nicknamed "Jeep" in the late-1930s. Make offer - CORGI JUNIORS # 103 FORD TRANSIT WRECKER BREAKDOWN TOW TRUCK … Further (fully) tracked "jeeps" were also armored, and developed for, and by Canadians – see section 'Armored jeeps'. [107], 1923 Ford 4×2 Reconnaissance Car, much tested for cross-country mobility, USMC converted 1929 half-ton, 4×2 Chevrolet, armed scout one-off, Marmon-Herrington converted Ford half-ton truck, ca.

By 1939 the U.S. Army began standardizing its general-purpose truck chassis types by payload rating, initially in five classes from ​1⁄2-ton to 7​1⁄2-ton, but in 1940 the categories were revised. machine gun, the M31 pedestal, a tubular pedestal with bracing in three directions, was developed. £125.00 + £8.90 postage. The jeep became the primary light wheeled transport vehicle of the United States military and its allies, with President Eisenhower once calling it "one of three decisive weapons the U.S. had during WWII." [12] The seats were found uncomfortable, sometimes caused the so called "Jeep riders' disease" and cramped in the rear, but many soldiers enjoyed driving the nimble jeep, appreciating its powerful engine; and with its light weight, low-cut body sides, bucket seats and manual floor-shifter, it was as close to a sportscar as most GIs had ever driven. Eventually, the U.S. military decided on a fundamentally different concept, choosing a much larger vehicle that not only took over the role of the jeep, but also replaced all its other light wheeled vehicles: the HMMWV ("Humvee"). Fuel tank on the side of a vintage recovery and tow truck in London, England, UK. Some 1,555 MAs were built, many of which went to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease. Only 27 units are still known to exist. [nb 7][nb 8] By then the U.S. armed forces were under such pressure that all three cars were declared acceptable and orders for 1,500 units per company were given for field testing. The kit contained flexible hoses for both the exhaust and the air intake, as well as proper waterproofing equipment.

Upfit by the Auto Truck Group, the truck had a complex pulley system that appeared ready for towing any full-sized car or truck … One of the most frequently given explanations is that the designation "GP" was slurred into the word "Jeep", in the same way that the contemporary HMMWV (for "High-Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle") has become known as the 'Humvee' – either from the initial Ford model "GP" – or from the military 'G.P. [23] The U.S. Army started looking for a small vehicle suited for reconnaissance and messaging, while at the same time searching for a light cross-country weapons carrier. In Japan, Mitsubishi's first jeeps were versions of the CJ-3B, and in 1950 Toyota Motors was given an order by U.S. forces to build a vehicle to Jeep specifications, resulting in Toyota's BJ and FJ series of utility vehicles, slightly bigger and more powerful jeep-type vehicles.[13]. Seven of these were built and tested, starting in May 1941, but were found awkward.

The most extreme concept tried was to turn the jeep into a rotor kite (or gyrokite), similar to an autogyro – the Hafner Rotabuggy (officially Malcolm Rotaplane). "Our Army's youngest, smallest toughest baby has a dozen pet names such as jeep, peep, blitz-buggy, leaping Lena, panzer-killer. A vintage City of Seattle fire department tow truck in Occidental Park during Fire Festival. [13] The Jeep's flat hood was used as a commander's map table, a chaplain's field altar, the G.I.s' poker table, or even for field surgery.

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Willys eventually produced even more radical designs. [35], Eventually, virtually all of the Bantam- and Willys-built jeeps were provided to Britain and Russia, as well as most of the Ford GPs, leaving under 1,000 GPs for the home troops.[46].

A-frames on the front bumper enabled two jeeps to tow heavy trailers ... this usage of the term 'jeep' logically meshes with the ratios of U.S. light wheeled military trucks production. In Korea, it was mostly deployed in the form of the MB, as well as the M38 and M38A1 (introduced in 1952 and 1953), its direct descendants. To see my other vintage images, Search: Prestor vintage vehicle, https://www.alamy.com/tow-truck-about-1927-boston-wrecker-is-written-in-pencil-on-the-photos-back-the-trucks-engine-hood-is-painted-with-boston-fir-but-can-not-see-the-rest-of-the-words-boston-fire-department-the-truck-has-a-mac-truck-company-design-but-i-can-not-see-their-label-anywhere-in-front-of-the-rear-tire-underneath-the-bed-is-a-box-marked-tools-and-a-bench-vice-is-mounted-at-the-left-rear-to-see-my-other-vintage-images-search-prestor-vintage-vehicle-image345056159.html.

These also served as a pattern for the later British airborne jeeps, armed with single Vickers K guns. Old International Tow Truck parked in an empty small town lot at sunset.


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