7th cavalry vietnam roster

2014 The 7th Cavalry Regiment was constituted in the Regular Army on 28 July 1866 at Fort Riley, Kansas and organized on 21 September 1866. November 12, 1968 to November 21, 1968 Then heavy snows of winter would slow down the warriors, and their ponies would be weak and could not travel far. The efforts of the 1st Cavalry Division were not limited to direct enemy engagements but also, using the experiences gained during the occupation of Japan and Korea, encompassed the essential rebuilding of the war torn country of South Vietnam. May 2005

This expedition brought the regiment into regular contact with the Indian raiding parties, however no serious battles or encounters occurred until the fateful expedition of 17 May 1876. When the Army reached the Chickahominy he was the first man to cross the river; he did so in the face of the fire of the enemy’s pickets, and at times was obliged to wade up to his armpits. Douglas A. MacArthur had a long special affinity for the cavalry. December 2000  ◘ Marion Van Meter, ◘ Calvin McCarver

Two days later, the 8th Cavalry took the central pivot of the line, Hill 272. On 09 August, the North Koreans hurled five full divisions at the Naktong defenders near Taegu. Also, in the night, a few isolated Troopers escaped trying to make it to the artillery position at LZ Columbus. At this point, the NVA and Viet Cong invaders were driven from Hue by late February. The enemy reacted as anticipated.

Red troops were stopped and retreated back into an area previously registered for artillery fire. The roster of Troopers and civilian personnel assigned to the 7th Cavalry Regiment, as of 25 June 1876, has been researched and compiled by James W. Savage, 7th Cavalry Regiment.

◘ New Arrival, Name Unknown.

Custer returned to his camp on Bluff Creek where, he and General Sheridan planned a Winter Campaign. In a panorama extending beyond visual limits 1,500 tanks, another 1,500 Bradleys and armored personnel carriers, 650 artillery pieces, and supply columns of hundreds of vehicles stretching into the dusty brown distance rolled east through Iraqi positions, as inexorable as a lava flow. On 18 July, a year after it had entered the war, the 1st Cavalry Division was assigned to a reserve status. Some 7,000 enemy, well equipped, crack NVA regulars blasted their way into the imperial city of Hue, overpowering all but a few pockets of resistance held by ARVN troops and the US Marines. On 25 April the entire regiment moved to Naco, Arizona to establish a permanent base of operations.

At the end of the War, the need for command officers was no longer there and many, to stay in service, accepted demotions to a lower rank and paid the wages of rank now held, but was always given the respect and the title of the higher rank previously held. Three camps were established outside Sappro, the Islands capital city. On the evening of 24 June, Custer outlined the battle engagement plan for the next day. Other pages of interest that can be viewed directly include: Military Reading List - Professional Military Recommended Reading Lists, VIETNAM VETERANS' WAR STORIES 6.0 or later, Click here to go

Fifteen days later, helicopters of Bravo Troop, 1/9th received ground fire while conducting a reconnaissance mission over a large bunker complex. Within minutes, the situation becomes a wild melee, a shoot-out, with the gunfighters killing not only the enemy but sometimes their friends just a few feet away. They knew that during the winter months, the Indians would stay at one location which had good water and a source of firewood for heat; all they had to do was – to find it! Help me find more names, or correct ones I have listed below. USA, Retired, Slide Show of Photos In the approximate center of the allied line, along the Wadi al Batin, Maj. Gen. John H. Tilelli, Jr.’s 1st Cavalry Division attacked north into a concentration of Iraqi divisions, whose commanders remained convinced that the Allies would use the Wadi al Batin and several other wadies as avenues of attack. Nevertheless, on 27 November 1868, nearly four years after the battle of Sand Creek, Custer’s troops charged, and this time Black Kettle could not escape. He destroyed more than four hundred wagons.

Ghosts of Fallujah (written by Coley D. Tyler) is a first person account of the Second Battalion, Seventh Cavalry’s participation in the Second Battle of Fallujah, the largest single engagement of the Iraq War and the largest urban battle since Hue in 1968. The main body of the 1st Cavalry Division, at Fort Hood, under the direction of MASSTER, continued to test future concepts of mobility and flexibility on the battlefield. The intelligence staff of the 1st Cavalry Division had confirmed that the Vietcong Main Force 2nd Regiment and North Vietnamese 18th and 19th Regiments were operating in the area. He also participated in the campaign which ended in the battles of South Mountain and Antietam. The Eight Army moved slowly and methodically, ridge by ridge, phase line by phase line, wiping out each pocket of resistance before moving farther North.

TRICAP I was held at Fort Hood, Texas beginning in February 1972. There was a small perimeter at LZ Albany and one at the tail of the column. Division Artillery provided the fire support and Support Command provided normal troop support and service elements. October 2008 Tay Ninh Base Camp, Map Grid Coordinates December 12, 1968 to April ?, 1969

Recruits for the regiment of cavalry were concentrated at Fort Riley, Kansas, in August, 1866. Shortly afterward, he captured the first battle flag ever secured by the Army of the Potomac. In 1874, he led his troops south into the Black Hills, which six years earlier had been set aside as part of the Great Sioux Reservation. The decision of the United States to send immediate aid to South Korea came two days after the fast moving North Korean broke through the ROK defenses and sent tanks into the capital city of Seoul.    2002 On 20 July, the day preceding the Battle of Bull Run, Custer reported to Lieutenant General Scott. GAVE AT OUR 2012 VETERANS DAY GATHERING ON NOVEMBER 10, 2012, This link takes you to a Picasa Photo Album Site, 2010 Nashville

The battalion task force encountered no combat support problems directly attributable to the TRICAP concept. December 1999 On 14 June Delta Company of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry ran into an ambush in heavy jungle and engaged a company-sized enemy unit. XT147-567 or XT148-568 After his first medical evacuation, Major Crandall continued to fly into and out of the landing zone throughout the day and into the evening. Division Headquarters and the 7th Cavalry Regiment were stationed at Camp Crawford.


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