a dinosaur story hoopsanddinoman
A dinosaur story 3 teaser trailer - Duration: 0:48. Agents The chef responds that he never asked that when they first met. The other Allo asks him why he didn't tell that he was a french chef. Noa's design of the boat he created is like a house built to float. Introduction to Dinosaur Story Wiki A Dinosaur Story and Another Dinosaur Story is a stop motion series using dinosaur toys created by an awsome YouTube channel, HoopsAndDinoMan. The movie is divided into 25 parts, most about 7 to 8 minutes each. That next morning, the herd experienced a greater danger, starvation. Jun 3, 2020. Movie by HoopsAndDinoMan Welcome to the A Dinosaur Story by HoopsandDinoman Wiki! Reply. After that happened, Noa asks if this keeps going if someone gets killed. After that "jiffy", Allo Chef return with a Diplodocus body. You can also be part of the larger Fandom family of communities. Then one of the Stegosaurus cracks up about the dying of the Ultrasauros and starts an argument about it. Going down to the final 6, a T … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. The two collide, and the war begins! Three dinos cried out no very loudly as they watch their friend die. to kill Noasaurus and the herd. A Dinosaur Story is a film that was produced and aired on to Youtube by a brothered user known as HoopsAndDinoMan (called the V. Brothers in the credits). Everyone on that ship began to scream loudly as the boat heads right to the ice. More A Dinosaur Story by HoopsandDinoman Wiki. Ceratosaurus then tells the Apatosauruses to lead the way which makes Noasaurus frustrated, after they walk through the canyon, Dimetrodon appears, goes crazy, and tries to eat everyone, but Diplocaulus doesn't want to give up on him, so the herd flips a sauropod for it, when Ultrasaurus lands on his tail, the herd decides not to go after Dimetrodon except for Diplocaulus who wonders off, Noasaurus tries to find food but is chased by a family of Tyrannosaurus Rexes, when Noasaurus returns without any food, Carcharodontosaurus plays a prank on Noasaurus, then he tells him what the real problem is, after finding this out, the herd decides to sleep for the night, and after Dilophosaurus eats the Apatosauruses, the herd finds out, gets angry at Dilophosaurus, and exiles him, after that happens, the herd finds Diplocaulus and tries to hurt Dimetrodon, and suddenly the Tyrannosaurus Rex family attacks Noasaurus, causing Carcharodontosaurus and Stegosaurus to fight them off and to return Dimetrodon to normal, after the herd runs up a tunnel and onto a cliff, the Father of the Tyrannosaurus Rex family chases after them, causing Ultrasaurus to fight him off in an epic battle, but unfortunately the 2 of them fall to their deaths, after that happens the herd finds a teleporter which brings them to the top of a gorge, but unfortunately the Mother and Daughter Tyrannosaurus come out of the teleporter, then they meet Pteranodon, a flying reptile who carries them to the other side, but after Noasaurus accidentally gets Saltasaurus captured by the Tyrannosauruses, Ceratosaurus gets mad at Noasaurus and goes on a rampage, leaving in brutal results, the Daughter is injured after she gets hit on a rock, and the Mother is killed by Ceratosaurus, after Ceratosaurus picks up Saltasaurus, the herd angrily shouts at Noasaurus for causing some of the herd members deaths and wonders off again, after Pteranodon tells them about the life machine, the herd is suddenly interested and they help Saltasaurus feel better, with the herd back together, the herd sets off on their adventure, but then a Robo T-Rex appears and 3 humans come out of it, they take the dinosaurs to the future, in New York City, the humans then take the dinosaurs to the Empire State Building, a massive building in the city, after seeing the building, the humans bring them inside, they meet the humans master, but when one of the Stegosauruses asks him what kind of bad guy he is, he reveals himself as Dilophosaurus, Ceratosaurus gets furious at Dilophosaurus for appearing back, Dilophosaurus then explains his backstory, which was a tree falling on Dilophosaurus and Noasaurus abandoning him, from that day, Dilophosaurus seeks revenge on the herd, after one of the Stegosauruses says (Darn you Dilophosaurus!) Goals The yellow/green Saltasaurus explains that Ultra will eat any thing that Allo will serve. FinntheJedi1025 Hobbyist Artist. When every thing seemed normal at the valley, the flood waters splash at the fellow dinos drowning them and killing them. Everyone panics even more when getting closer and closer towards the iceberg. Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started! Norman as Noasaurus Edna as Green Ceratosaurus He tells him this: "Hey, Ultrasauros didn't die for nothing. Fate Noasaurus and the herd. Ultrasauros looks down to see if any one or any thing is watch them, but doesn't see any thing. with that, Dilophosaurus is evil no more and hugs Noasaurus, Donna Murphy then appears and tells the dinosaurs that she brought the Cavemen and Pteranodon to future to help them out, Noasaurus is happy and offers her to bring them home, there, they dry out the water, causing the dinosaurs to come back to life, Noasaurus then gets the idea of seeing his girlfriend Paris, he then gives her flowers, making the dinosaurs cheer for Noasaurus, Paris then kisses Noasaurus, after that, Donna Murphy then says bye to the Dinosaurs and flies back to the future, the dinosaurs then wave good bye to her as she flies home. Ultrasauros says to French Chef Allo: "I'm so hungry, I can eat the boat right under our feet!" The dinos were questioning what was happening in the water,(at that time they were questioning why there was the narrirator was making that "WHOOSH" noise) and then the boat with the greenish Stegasaurus tripped by a shaking. it is revealed that dilophosaurus is the green creature in one of the last episodes. Male: fell off cliff with Ultrasaurus. More A Dinosaur Story by HoopsandDinoman Wiki. bite, ambush, attack. Ultra takes a piece and gets better.


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