aaron douglas sahdji

This rhythmic quality is carried over to the bottom and right side of the image, where several more geometric shapes and patterns appear, including repeating wavy lines and jagged black forms.
This point of view is seconded by arts professors Deborah Johnson and Wendy Oliver who write, "The only other influence on Douglas that featured as significantly as Africa was jazz, and he both wrote about and painted the jazz musician as a kind of modern African American messiah." In fact, jazz is such an important part of American culture that a whole decade in American history, the 1920s, has co…, Aaron Douglas; African American Modernist at the Schomberg Center, NYC Aaron Douglas was the major painter of the Harlem Renaissance, yet most people who recognize his name probably only know his work in reproduction. They stamp Mr. Douglas as one of the coming American artists."' This mural, The Negro in an African Setting, represents pre-slavery life in Africa as vibrant and joyous. Each of the murals depicts a different aspect of African-American cultural history, from its roots in Africa, through the era of slavery, Emancipation, post-Reconstruction, and the Great Migration north. 1899-1979 Aaron Douglas combined traditional African motifs with cubism and graphic design to create a unique and potent style of illustration during the Harlem Renaissance. African-American Painter and Graphic Artist. 0000003244 00000 n

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At the center of the image stands a large, solid black silhouetted female figure with one hand raised, a pose echoed in the three repeating smaller female figures who are arranged in a row.

Aaron Douglas was a semi-abstract painter during the Harlem Renaissance.

Oil on canvas - Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture. But once free you can look back with a sigh of relief and wonder how anyone could be so deluded."
trailer A leader within the Harlem Renaissance, Douglas created a broad range of work that helped to shape this movement and bring it to national prominence. Douglas would continue to develop these key elements to create his signature style in future works. Aaron Douglas was born on 5/26/1899 and died on 2/3/1979. Aaron Douglas, American painter and graphic artist who played a leading role in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. On the far left, figures kneel on the ground, perhaps weeping or praying, gathered around a rope hanging from a tree that references the practice of lynching.


Aaron Douglas was a Black American painter and illustrator whose work defined the visuals of the Harlem Renaissance. With this work, Douglas critiqued the stereotypical notion of the "happy Southern plantation Negro," flanking the central group of musicians with scenes of harsh, historical reality. For instance, O'Meally asserts that the concentric circles "may have been inspired by the new technology of the audio-recording," as they mimic the form of vinyl records. His efforts as an artist and a teacher continue to influence artists today.


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