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The suit alleges that Anheuser-Busch is using "false and misleading statements" to confuse health-conscious consumers into thinking the beers contain high-fructose corn syrup, which has been linked with obesity. In October 2009, AB InBev announced the sale of its Busch Entertainment theme park division to The Blackstone Group for $2.7 billion. October 05, 2020. 0000012293 00000 n Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV, commonly known as AB InBev, is a multinational drink and brewing company based in Leuven, Belgium. [42], SABMiller ceased trading on global stock markets and divested itself of its interests in the MillerCoors beer company to Molson Coors.
Before the merger with AmBev, Interbrew was the third largest brewing company in the world by volume, Anheuser-Busch was the largest, followed by SABMiller in second place. The following is a diagram of AB InBev's major mergers and acquisitions and historical predecessors, produced prior to the acquisition of SABMiller.

0000198960 00000 n trailer <>stream 0000090100 00000 n Anheuser-Busch was also one of the largest theme park operators in the United States with ten parks throughout the United States. 0000004961 00000 n 0000091128 00000 n Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I Announces Support For Frontline Workers . [16], In 2008, the acquisition by InBev of Anheuser-Busch was completed, creating Anheuser-Busch InBev, expanding on InBev's previous status as the world's largest brewer, creating one of the top five consumer products companies in the world. AB InBev has a global functional management office in New York City, and regional headquarters in São Paulo, London, St. Louis, Mexico City, Bremen, Johannesburg and others. 0000088958 00000 n Molson Coors also retained "the rights to all of the brands currently in the MillerCoors portfolio for the U.S. and Puerto Rico, including Redd’s and import brands such as Peroni, Grolsch and Pilsner Urquell." The company owns Grupo Modelo, Mexico's leading brewer and owner of the Corona brand as of 4 June 2013. �V�)]��O�Y�'0$�D2cad`g�d8Ĥk9��:�C����_63\a�b�e``La��73� �����N0�3�y. To satisfy US anti-trust demands, Grupo Modelo sold its US business, including US brand rights and the Piedras Negras Brewery in Mexico, for approx. 92 0 obj 0000001876 00000 n On 1 April 2014, AB Inbev completed the re-acquisition of the Oriental Brewery (OB), which it had sold in July 2009. Net debt to normalized EBITDA decreased to 4.0×. 0000090764 00000 n In 2000, Interbrew acquired Bass and Whitbread in the UK,[21] and in 2001 the company established itself in Germany, with the acquisition of Diebels.

In that context, AB InBev said it would omit its interim dividend to focus on reducing debt, which peaked at more than $100 billion following the takeover of rival SABMiller in 2016. 0000012514 00000 n 0000090412 00000 n 0000103661 00000 n 0000146516 00000 n It employed about 86,000 people and was headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, where Anheuser-Busch InBev is based. 0000008247 00000 n It has secondary listings on Mexico City Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.[13]. Heineken International was in fourth place and AmBev was the world's fifth-largest brewer. AB InBev has a global functional management office in New York City, and regional headquarters in São Paulo, London, St. Louis, Mexico City, Bremen, Johannesburg and others.

Germany and France are imposing tougher measures to combat the coronavirus, shuttering bars, restaurants and non-essential services, while allowing schools and most businesses to operate. Yet the resurgent pandemic is clouding the outlook. [31] While its core business is beer, the company also had a strong presence in the soft drink market in Latin America. This is the second deal that Ambev closed this year. Anheuser-Busch is the largest brewing company in the United States and employs over 30,000 people.
[2][3][4][5] The Brazilian brewery is 20 years old and is now part of the largest beer conglomerate in the world. [72], In autumn 2018, AB InBev completed deals with Major League Baseball and the NBA which will allow them to use athletes' names and images when advertising. [71] A company spokesperson said that the contract termination was not politically motivated. "[76] MillerCoors is seeking an injunction to prevent Bud Light from continuing the ad campaign, as well as a trial by jury and legal fees. In 2004, Interbrew and AmBev merged, creating the world's largest brewer, InBev. Brouwerij Artois(Est 1366, Named Artois 1717, Merged 1988), Labatt Brewing Company(Est 1847, Acq 1995 – Canada), Lakeport Brewing Company(Est 1992, Acq 2007 – Canada), Companhia Antarctica Paulista(Merged 1999 – Brazil), Cervecería Nacional Dominicana(Acq 2012 – Dominican Republic), Harbin Brewery(Est 1900, Acq 2004 – China), South African Breweries(Acq 1947 – South Africa). Since then, the brewer has refinanced to take advantage of lower interest rates and last year led an initial public offering of its Asian subsidiary, which earlier Thursday reported strong demand from China and its e-commerce channel. 0000089538 00000 n AB InBev.


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