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The display can natively refresh at 240Hz and can be overclocked up to 280Hz, far beyond the "gold standard" of 144Hz that so many gaming displays are targetting. ‘IPS glow’ is present in both cases and eats away at this atmosphere, particularly lower down the screen towards the corners. And certainly makes sense if you frequently find your refresh rate dipping (due to dips in frame rate and Adaptive-Sync active) much below 144Hz. You need to make sure ‘FreeSync’ is set to ‘On’ in the ‘Game’ section of the OSD. As a reminder, we recorded a maximum luminance of 88 cd/m² and most users prefer brightness levels significantly higher than that, typically 120 cd/m² – 200 cd/m² and sometimes higher. So fast and well-tuned pixel responses for 144Hz. On our GTX 10 Series GPU (GTX 1080 Ti), the technology worked to a degree, but didn’t quite do what it should. At 144Hz, above, the UFO appears just slightly narrower with slightly better definition. If you set it to ‘Normal’ before enabling ‘Adaptive-Sync’, it will act as if it’s set to ‘Normal’. It happened fairly quickly on this model – as demonstrated using Test UFO earlier, even at 120Hz this is quite a bit stronger than 144Hz. With an SDR signal detected, the ‘HDR’ mode is similar to ‘Standard’ with many settings locked off. This title again highlighted the strong gamma consistency of the IPS-type panel. This title is full of dark regions such as caves illuminated by a few point sources of light, such as flames or light coming in from small openings. This left scenes looking quite bright overall, even if they were dominated by dark shades. The monitor offers fairly comprehensive sRGB coverage (99%), with a very small amount of under-coverage. You can remove this if you wish by setting ‘Overdrive’ to ‘Off’ – but as we’ve explored this only really makes sense where the refresh rate is reduced. The Acer did exhibit some overshoot at 144Hz, but it was far from strong and didn’t really stand out. So fast and well-tuned pixel responses for 144Hz. Not a strong ‘smeary’ graininess, thankfully, but still something we readily noticed. Colour reproduction is also an important part of HDR. These include the, The monitor has a setting called VRB (Visual Response Boost) that can be activated instead of Adaptive-Sync, if you wish. The contour map below shows these deviations graphically, with darker greys representing lower luminance and hence greater deviation from the brightest recorded point than lighter greys. Newer Nvidia GPUs should work without these hiccupsQuite solidly built with solid powder-coated metal base, good ergonomic flexibility and a feature-rich OSD Full HD resolution quite limited in terms of pixel density and desktop real-estate, ‘gamery’ aesthetics won’t appeal to everyone and pricing fairly high for a 144Hz Full HD model As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made using the below link. Performance on the white saturation test was quite good overall. This meant that shades appeared largely as the developers intend, with sRGB being the target colour space in mind, with just a touch of extra vibrancy and saturation in places but nothing at all pronounced. There was no noticeable dithering.Performance on the white saturation test was quite good overall. They indicate a low signal delay, especially at 144Hz, which even sensitive users shouldn’t find bothersome. If you’re profiling the monitor and using a colour-managed workflow, we’d recommend simply using the native gamut. Colour reproduction is also an important part of HDR. The monitor provided a similarly fluid experience on Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It blooms out more noticeably from sharper viewing angles with a tone that varies alongside viewing angle – this is shown in the viewing angles video later. Models with weaker consistency would show greater yellowing at some sections of the screen, this model was very consistent without showing this in an obvious way.The blue block appeared royal blue throughout.The Lagom text appeared a blended grey throughout, with a slight red hue to the striping of the text which was a touch stronger near the edges. The stand offers full ergonomic flexibility and has quite a weighty and premium feel to it courtesy of the powder-coated metal base. We wouldn’t recommend using them unless created for your specific unit using your own calibration device. It’s fragmented with multiple repetitions due to the strobing nature of the backlight with this setting active. As a Mac user there’s no need to worry about text fringing from non-standard subpixel layouts. You will also see in the image above that it states: “Selected Display in not validated as G-SYNC Compatible.” The image is for a different model, but exactly the same information is displayed for the Acer (aside from the model number, of course). Gamma inconsistencies on VA panels include black crush that hides detail centrally (high perceived gamma), with peripheral regions sometimes showing details too readily (low perceived gamma). It’s the weakest pixel overdrive setting, which is always called ‘Off’ on Acer Predator models, but it’s doing a very good job here at providing suitably fast pixel responses without overdoing things. Der DCI-P3-Farbraum wird dabei zu 95 Prozent abgedeckt. Whilst both models have an IPS-type panel, the AOC exhibited some shifts in saturation and a noticeable dulling of some shades towards the edges of the screen. HDR support limited and quite strangely implementedWell-tuned pixel responsiveness for a solid 144Hz performance, low input lag and Adaptive-Sync assisting with stuttering and tearing on both our AMD and Nvidia GPU. Specifically, the toggle which says ‘Play HDR games and apps’. The greatest deviation from this occurred at ‘quadrant 2’, towards the top right of the screen (153.7 cd/m², which is 9% dimmer). It’s finely controlled dithering and for most users it won’t make a difference, but we do know some appreciate the lack of dithering that the XB253Q GP provides. It’s the weakest pixel overdrive setting, which is always called ‘Off’ on Acer Predator models, but it’s doing a very good job here at providing suitably fast pixel responses without overdoing things. The dark background shows a repetition of the object in the form of a conventional trail, plus a faint overshoot trail beyond that. FreeSync requires a compatible AMD GPU such as the Radeon RX 580 used in our test system. We assess this subjectively, shortly. Percentage deviations between each quadrant and the brightest point are also given. We consider ‘Normal’ to be the optimal setting at 144Hz due to the very clean performance overall with pretty minimal overshoot. The Acer supports a variable refresh rate range of 48 – 144Hz. Timestamps: Features & Aesthetics Contrast Colour reproduction HDR (High Dynamic Range) Responsiveness (General) Responsiveness (Adaptive-Sync) ConclusionThe fluidity of a 144Hz monitor can provide can be very attractive for both casual and competitive gamers. He is a graduate of University of Missouri - Columbia and Vancouver Film School. Do not confuse the VRB settings (‘Normal’ and ‘Extreme’) with the ‘Over Drive’ settings as they are separate things.Note that the ‘Over Drive’ setting is adjustable with VRB active, but the ‘Off’ setting is too slow for a comfortable experience and greatly hampers the effectiveness. The deviation between each quadrant and the quadrant closest to the 6500K (D65) daylight white point target was analysed and a DeltaE value assigned. This reflects a significant decrease in perceived blur due to eye movement. And, of course, the HDR on the Acer is nothing to write home about. Most game titles will activate HDR correctly when the appropriate in-game setting and monitor setting is selected. The trailing behaviour for the ‘Off’ and ‘Extreme’ settings are fairly similar to at 120Hz overall, but the ‘Normal’ setting now exhibits significantly weaker overshoot than it did at 120Hz. The Lagom tests for contrast allow specific weaknesses in contrast performance to be identified. The stand offers full ergonomic flexibility and has quite a weighty and premium feel to it courtesy of the powder-coated metal base.


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