acts of faith eboo patel summary
Part autobiographical, part visionary, Acts of Faith recounts Patel's coming of age as an Indian-American Muslim alongside the development of a vision for a viable, pluralist America. ; To be honest, I was biased at the outset with regards to this book. | Patel is a very confident and insightful young man who does some great social analysis about what makes young people turn from a solid productive faith to a radicalized destructive religion. I was determined to dismiss it as the work of yet another apologist begging for acceptance in to the mainstream. Either path gives it to them. . “Internalized racism,” he writes, “is the real Black on Black Crime.” Kendi methodically examines racism through numerous lenses: power, biology, ethnicity, body, culture, and so forth, all the way to the intersectional constructs of gender racism and queer racism (the only section of the book that feels rushed). A further decisive  experience was assuming a leadership role at the YMCA Leaders Club, which included one week of training at Leaders School. The relentless question underlying his narratives is “How is a person’s identity shaped so that he/she practices religious pluralism rather than religious totalitarianism?”, Growing up as an Ismaili Muslim (of the Shia branch of Islam) in the US, Patel often reluctantly participated in the religious rituals of his parents’ faith. Eboo Patel This book is basically the author's sales pitch for his interfaith group in the narrative form of his extremely multicultural, politically radical life. & Acts of Faith The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation By Eboo Patel A fascinating memoir about the founder of an interfaith youth movement that combines pluralism with compassionate service. Literary Devices. As Mr. Patel informs the reader in the introduction: "I am an American Muslim from India. (p. 23). A variety of experiences and the influence of friends and mentors taught him to exchange rage for caring, and his life took off in a constructive direction from there. Aside from a couple of generalizations, Acts of Faith is a very well-written inspirational story. As an Afghan-American Muslim student, I could relate to a lot of his thoughts, reflections and ideas. When we first meet someone, we automatically judge them. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Beliefnet’s Partners, From time to time you will also receive Special Offers from our partners. Categories: There is a strong smell of the 1990s: the book faintly resembles. loved the book. Author of the award-winning book Acts of Faith, Eboo is also a regular contributor to the Washington Post, USA Today and CNN. Patel, a founder of the Interfaith Youth Core, traces the personal journey that led to the group’s formation and introduces readers to its philosophy. Face-to-face dialogue invites us to become attentive to difference as well as commonality—and to take such difference seriously, we must allow ourselves the freedom to change and know that we might in turn change others. Chapter Summaries & Analyses. Eboo Patel is currently working on a new book that will be published in August 2012. Later, adjusting to life in the White House was a formidable challenge for the self-described “control freak”—not to mention the difficulty of sparing their daughters the ugly side of politics and preserving their privacy as much as possible. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry Patel is an excellent writer and his journey from "white-washed" suburban desi to realistic pluralistic (after a stint as a revolutionary marxist) was riveting and inspiring. He describes religious pluralism as “neither mere coexistence nor forced consensus. Nevertheless, she persisted, graduating from Chicago’s first magnet high school, Princeton, and Harvard Law School, and pursuing careers in law and the nonprofit world. One of the most eloquent and empowering accounts I have encountered of an individual coming to terms with their faith, marginalized identities, and the desire to do good in the world. With a new afterword" Acts of Faith" is a remarkable account of growing up Muslim in America and coming to believe in religious pluralism, from one of the most prominent faith leaders in the United States. ( Log Out /  While viewing others this is what we consider and compare them by. Really enjoyed this. When he began college, “anti-Black racist ideas covered my freshman eyes like my orange contacts.” This unsparing honesty helps readers, both white and people of color, navigate this difficult intellectual territory. Eboo Patel, by Did your mind go negative? Accessed at, Character Clearinghouse is an online center of information about research, curricula, and practices relating to the moral development of college students and features resources such as program descriptions, interviews, and other types of articles. ‧ He notes: "Religious pluralism is neither mere coexistence nor forced consensus. They were very religious and made it an emphasis point to him while growing up. Sign up for Beliefnet's Muslim Wisdom newsletter. Never wavering from the thesis introduced in his previous book, that “racism is a powerful collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity and are substantiated by racist ideas,” the author posits a seemingly simple binary: “Antiracism is a powerful collection of antiracist policies that lead to racial equity and are substantiated by antiracist ideas.” The author, founding director of American University’s Antiracist Research and Policy Center, chronicles how he grew from a childhood steeped in black liberation Christianity to his doctoral studies, identifying and dispelling the layers of racist thought under which he had operated. 181-2). Patel was friends with Wayne Teasdale, a pioneer in the development of an interfaith movement wedded to environmental action and freeing Tibet. Therefore, I docked 2 star. They would probably think this was all stupid and a waste of time. In Sacred Ground Eboo Patel takes us deeper into the cause. To help encourage the person’s creativity, organization leaders should “Give him or her anything he or she wants in terms of salary, title, and perks” (p 162). Patel writes that “Pluralism—even religious pluralism—is everybody’s business” (p. 182), and the primary purpose of Acts of Faithis to convince readers that religious pluralism is an outlook that should be embraced by everyone. As he matures, he struggles … From that simple realization and a deep interest in religious pluralism, Patel joined with others to start the Interfaith Youth Core, which provides opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds to interact and learn from each other. Instead, the YMCA, the Catholic Worker movement and other organizations occupied his energies.


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