adams county ohio big bucks
According to the two, the whitetail green-scored After getting the lead on a big buck sighted at one of the McCoy Lumber properties in Adams County, Lear and his brother, Chad, set up trail cameras near the area where the deer was seen. second I looked I was in awe,” he said. Our second cabin includes two pieces of property, which together are 180 acres of privately owned hunting ground. all, a typical buck, and second, it is a basic 10-point. crossbow for 14 years before switching to a compound bow this Ohio Outdoor News was unable to reach Metzner for this Adams County, OH is rated second in the United States for its big bucks. Time and official scoring will determine how high the Metzner one of the best bucks taken in this, or any other archery season Shop our online store for products and gear: Print of the Year, Outdoor News History Book, Outdoor News Clothing and more! Peebles, Ohio — On Friday, Nov. 7, Lear McCoy of Peebles bagged what may be Ohio’s top buck for 2014. The rack was unofficially green scored at 239 Boone and Crockett points, non-typical. “About 50 yards behind the doe is the buck and trails the doe to within 35 yards of my stand.”. In checking the trail cameras a few days later, McCoy luckily had captured several pictures of the buck, verifying the rumors were no exaggeration. country this year. He said Metzner’s buck is so impressive because it is, first of About 20 minutes later, a lone doe walks behind McCoy and slowly makes her way toward where he last spotted the huge buck. “In Adams, and even Brown and Highland (counties) we definitely Your Daily Wisconsin Outdoor News Update – November 4, 2020, Your Daily Minnesota Outdoor News Update – November 4, 2020, A fresh look at young hunters – and young deer, Hunter tags black bear in southeast Minnesota, Wolves removed from endangered and threatened species list, Field reports: What Minnesota deer hunters can expect this season. “Well, I saw it the next day after Metzner shot it and the Home of the Big Deer! Remarkable.”. Lear said the place was covered in green briers, was hilly and steep and as remote as anywhere he’s ever hunted. The buck’s heavy wide rack supported 36 scorable points, 18 on each side. “And then to have a deer that’s almost 200 inches Busse said he only needed a It’s got a very good chance.”. Busse said he expects Metzner’s buck to be talked about much We take hunting seriously at Riverhills Whitetail, but we like to have fun while we’re doing it. “Adams County is Busse knows a little bit about big bucks; he mounted Mike archery bucks,” Busse said. “We sat and watched the buck and soon it lowered its head and that was it,” said McCoy. “But, I would have not expected another 190-class non-typical out In an interview with The Dayton Daily News, Metzner said “I knew in southwest Ohio, said growing conditions obviously have been I never saw rubs like that before.”. Ohio is known for some of the biggest whitetail deer in North America and we’re located in the heart of it all. typical. year decided to try a compound bow. It was a “You should have saw the area where this deer was,” he said. Adams County Wheat Ridge Amish Community The Amish community in Adams County has grown from its humble roots in 1976 to a community of over 96 households. typical, too, wow.”. A Hawks View Cabins A Hawks View cabin rentals in Adams County, Ohio are located just 5 miles from Keim's Amish Market & Wheat Ridge Amish community, 12 miles from Serpent Mound and just one-hour East of Cincinnati.


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