african penguin size
African penguins are small penguins standing between 24 and 27 inches tall (60-70 cm) and weighing between six and nine pounds (2.7-4 kg). Weight: They weigh between 4.9 and 7.7 lb (2.2-3.5 kg). These birds use three main types of vocalizations: bray, yell and haw. This species exhibits slight sexual dimorphism; the males are slightly larger than the females and have longer beaks. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The stocky, short-legged appearance of penguins has endeared them to people worldwide. The spacious Penguin Beach features a cobblestone beach, nesting areas, and rockwork that mimics the granite boulders found at Boulders Beach in South Africa—along with a 200,000-gallon pool with depths up to 13 feet, and … Size estimates for extinct penguins. As in other members of the genus Spheniscus, the plumage covering the chin and back is black, and most of the breast plumage is white. The bray is used to attract mates, and the haw is used between partners, usually when one is in the water and the other one on land. In addition, grooming reinforces the social bond between a pair. They can use the same breeding sites for many years. About 4 million African penguins were estimated to live in the 19th century and at present, the rate of decline is too high and the species are feared to … They groom each other in order to clean the plumage, rearrange the feathers and take off parasites. An average African penguin egg, with a ruler for size checking. "African Penguins have been sliding towards extinction since industrial fishing started around the Cape. African penguins form monogamous pairs and are loyal to the breeding sites, returning each year. Habitat. 60-68 cm The African penguin is a small to medium-sized penguin with black-and-white plumage, serving the animal as a perfect camouflage to protect from predators. To keep dry and insulated in cold water, African penguins are covered in dense, water-proof feathers. The African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus) is one of 18 species of penguin found in the world. It has a unique donkey-like call which is why the penguin is also called jackass penguin. The overall population of these penguins varies between 75.000 and 80.000 birds. Once a female is attracted to the male, a mutual attachment is formed when both parties engage in harsh calls and extension of the head and neck towards the sky. The pink glands above the eyes of the African penguin are a useful tool in thermoregulation. Juveniles have a dark dorsal side varying in color from a slate blue to brown. Georgia Aquarium aids in their fight for survival through breeding programs and partnership with organizations in their native South Africa. They feed on anchovies, horse mackerel, round herrings, and pilchards. African Penguin (formerly Black-Footed Penguin) GENUS SPECIES Spheniscus demersus SIZE 61-71 cm (24-28 in. The yell is a contact call and is used during territorial defenses. During this period they regurgitate food directly into the babies’ mouths. These birds are excellent divers, able to dive as deep as 130 meters, though usually, they dive at about 30 meters on average. They do not have the stripe and spots on the ventral parts, which is much paler than the adults. When you think of penguins, you may picture them surrounded by snow and ice. The birds will also consume squid and crustaceans. African Penguins are medium sized penguins and they reach up to 70 cm/27 inches in height and weigh up to 3.5 kg. These birds are largely non-migratory, although some populations can be seen northwards in Gabon and Mozambique. There were approximately 1.5 million African penguins in the early 1900s; today that number has decreased to ~64,000 adult birds, or 20,000 breeding pairs.The species is now listed as “endangered” under the U.S. Due to the black feathers on their back, they merge with the environment, remaining unseen for those looking down from above.,,,, They breed in colonies. They can be seen bathing within a few feet of the shoreline. The African penguin averages about 60 cm (2 ft.) tall and weighs up to 3.6 kg (8 lb.). The African Penguin is thought to be most closely related to the Humboldt and Magellanic Penguins found in southern South America, and the Galapagos Penguin found in the Pacific Ocean near the Equator. Other calls used are yells and haws. An estimated population of around 140,000 African penguins is left in the world. The African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) population has declined by over 95% since the 1900s and by nearly 65% over the past 30 years.In … African penguins are both diurnal and crepuscular. The shape of the body of the African penguin helps it in reaching speeds of up to 12.5 mph (20 kph) in the water when it chases after prey. African penguins are the close relatives of South American penguins but both cousins live far apart. Small fishes, such as pilchard, anchovies, horse mackerel, and sardines. Then they join crèches or groups of other chicks, where they find protection from predators. Of those 18 species, only 7 live where it’s cold and African penguins are NOT one of them! According to data from the year 2008, the population in Namibia is estimated at around 5.000 breeding pairs. Terrestrially, they are preyed upon by genets, mongooses, leopards, caracals, and domestic cats. Your email address will not be published. The chicks grow their juvenile plumage at 2-4 months of age, and around this time they leave their native colonies. The penguins have a horseshoe-shaped, white colored stripe on their face, stretching from around their eyes to their chest as well on the chin, towards the bill. The average lifespan of an African penguin is 10 to 27 years in the wild, and … Penguin "chatter" also adheres to the Menzerath-Altmann law, which states that the size of a linguistic construct is inversely proportional to its constituent parts.


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