air coryell vs west coast
The University of Washington Huskies were among the first of the Pac-10 teams and in 1970, under coach Jim Owens and quarterback Sonny Sixkiller, used the “Sixkiller” variation of Coryell’s West Coast Offense with great success. Mike Shanahan won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos in 1997 & 1998, utilizing the leadership and passing skills of quarterback John Elway. [22] Parcells was linebackers coach under Ron Erhardt as head coach of the Patriots in 1980 (after Fairbanks left for Colorado in 1978 and Bullough lost out on the head coaching position). Another important player in the 49ers offense was Roger Craig, a swift, speedy running back who could also catch passes out of the backfield and was a good receiver. A reporter mistakenly applied Kosar's statement to the 1980s-era attack of Walsh's 49ers. [22] Romeo Crennel subsequently became defensive coordinator for the team. If the entire system relies on memorizing and internalizing concepts (as the West Coast terminology does), increasing the memorization for players increases the likelihood that someone screws up on the field. "WCO" systems also rely on agile running backs that catch the ball as often as they run. It would seem on the surface that new receivers could be brought up to speed quickly, taking a “do your job” approach to internalizing only their route tree in the Coryell system. Montana, Walsh and Rice are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and so is Montana's successor, quarterback Steve Young. I think it is reasonable to say that Kellen Winslow was Dan Foutes' biggest play maker, and his favorite target. In 2013, Bill Parcells was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Al Davis, an assistant under Gillman, also carried his version to the Oakland Raiders, where his successors John Rauch, John Madden, and Tom Flores continued to employ and expand upon its basic principles. Both offenses expect receivers to be in a specific location within a specific interval of time. Walsh formulated what has become popularly known as the West Coast Offense during his tenure as assistant coach for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1968 to 1975, while working under the tutelage of mentor Paul Brown. The term 3–4 means that their base formation consists of 3 defensive linemen (defensive end, nose tackle, and defensive end), 4 linebackers (outside "Will" weak side linebacker, middle "Jack" weak side linebacker, middle "Mike" strong side linebacker, and outside "Sam" strong side linebacker), and 4 defensive backs (cornerback, free safety, strong safety, and cornerback). Roland Williams was a nice tight end, but he was not Kellen Winslow. Running backs will be available for check down passes creating a higher quarterback completion rate. Its about explosive plays gaining more than 25 yards per pop. This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 22:23. In the view of some experts, there are only approximately five or six major offensive systems run in the NFL today. The popular term "West Coast Offense" is more of a philosophy and an approach to the game than it is a set of plays or formations. In a 2007 press conference Belichick said the following of Fairbanks: "I think Chuck has had a tremendous influence on the league as well as this organization in terms of nomenclature and terminology and those kinds of things. This is frequently a running back to his throwing-arm side. Thus, trying to figure out the origins of the playbook is a task that will be little more than a waste of time. One reason for the success of this version of the offense was in its simplicity. In 1978 Don Coryell became the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers. The Greatest Show on Turf and Air Coryell are the two greatest implementations of the system we have seen {unless you want to talk about the 1950s Rams under UCLA Bruin & Hall of Famer Bobby Waterfield}. Receivers run complementary routes to clear defenders out of zones, and to create collisions between defensive players. The rest of picks before Sunday AND REMEMBER the Breeders Cup on Friday & Saturday. The first element of Air Coryell is the bomb. Later in the game, an observed tendency in a certain situation by the opposing defense could be exploited. You never attempt to run through a brick wall. Here are the next two pages from Leach’s playbook: Same exact start to the play, but if the defense’s answer to 4 Verts is to play soft and take away the deep areas of the field, now you can call 60 or 66 and take what they are giving you underneath. Due to the importance of pass protection, offensive linemen are less road grading and more athletic. The term "West Coast Offense", as it is now commonly used, derives from a remark made by then-New York Giants coach Bill Parcells after the Giants defeated the San Francisco 49ers 17-3 in the 1985 playoffs. When you’re stripping down your playbook and keeping only what is necessary, something good typically happens: you run multiple plays that start off the same to a defense but end up changing. The Erhardt-Perkins system traditionally had a reputation[citation needed] of being a smash-mouth offense that maximizes a team's time of possession and does not frequently call upon its running backs to serve as receivers. Their self-critical, perfectionist, and militaristic approach; Their strong work ethic, intelligence and high level of focus and preparation for each individual game; Their multiple schemes intended to take advantage of their opponent's weaknesses. Former Pittsburgh and Stanford head coach Walt Harris also used a variation of the West Coast Offense during his stint at Pittsburgh. You force the safeties to drop deep and prevent the big pass. Or, if one prefers, it was a West Coast offense with Air Coryell concepts included. Currently, he is literally paid to talk. I hope Eason can be that guy. (see Offensive Nomenclature). The West Coast offense requires a quarterback who throws extremely accurately, and often blindly, very close to opposing players. It also gave the coaching staff an opportunity to run test plays against the defense to gauge their reactions in game situations. This allows a few yards to be gained instead of a throw away or forced throw into tight coverage on well defended plays. But in reality, there are many nuances to routes that are based on the overall route concept. It chews up yards and minutes. My quick response to attempting to discern this is as follows: don’t. Take a look at the inside receiver’s “8” route below: The 8 route above isn’t just “plug and play”. References Where the Seahawks stand on cap space looking forward to 2021, Seahawks made trade deadline offer for Jacob Martin, Century Links 11/5: Carlos Dunlap Excited to be in Seattle, Carlos Dunlap took a pay cut in trade to the Seahawks, Kendrick Bourne tests negative for COVID-19 on Thursday, All-22 Musings: Bobby Wagner takes over vs 49ers, Air Coryell is built around putting five receivers in the pattern and stressing the defense in order to create favorable matchups for the offense, while. The West Coast offense requires sure-handed receivers who are comfortable catching in heavy traffic, and the system downplays speedy, larger receivers who are covered easily in short yardage situation. Yes, understanding the system allows for a better understanding of how the person in charge of the system is making use of the tools at his disposal, but just as Bill Walsh’s variant of the West Coast offense led to Roger Craig leading the NFL in receptions as a fullback in 1985, using the same system Mike Holmgren turned Shaun Alexander into the NFL’s leading rusher two decades later. are all possible with a wordy playcall. The New England Patriots run a modified base 3–4 Chuck Fairbanks-Hank Bullough system[14] installed by Bill Belichick. The terminal point for most routes is within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. The biggest difference between the two systems is the verbiage used by the system, which is nothing more than the specific language used to name a play. You go deep, break off large chunks of yardage, and stab the defense in the heart. [17], The system is at times more conservative than certain other defenses currently in vogue in the league,[18] despite the constant threat of its potent linebacker blitz. Specifically, I’m anticipating a lot of push back from commenters arguing that Air Coryell denotes a deep passing threat, while the West Coast offense is a pass-heavy timing offense.


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