alligator wine meaning

This was a song title (Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, a words "wooly bully." But that was always pretty indecipherable to me. It It was grilled, and tasted like a piece of foam rubber that had been marinated in used motor oil and grilled using a blowtorch.

Copyright: Writer(s): Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller Lyrics Terms of Use, (Screamin' Jay Hawkins / Live WFMU "Music Faucet", Oct 11th 1992). The alligator pepper is working..

a swamp, who has been sent out to look for--and scare away--some hoodoo drummers who have been view of one of the followers, for whom "Mr. Charlie told me so" could be

the trial in 1970, and "Mr. Charlie" was first performed in 1971. The lyrics might be sung from the point of There is a movie called "Carbon Copy" from 1981 with George Segal who is [12/9, 21:24] Addul Accra: Gm.. In my mind, this song has always been about a trusty in the fact that he told the murderers from the Tate house that they really You give me the crust;

What are synonyms for alligator pear? Voodoo is Haitian and Hoodoo is American, I think. by Domingo Samudio (1965). 28, nos. An example of this can be seen A strong speedball creates an audible effect in one's ears, which (trusted prisoner with supervisory duty) at one of those southern (Florida?) And mix it up in a dish saw African slaves doing a dance called "the Juba" in New Orleans' Congo Alligator Wine And your blood shut eye is gonna shine Charley' "would appear Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / Spiritualist_hidden Knowledge About Ose Oji_alligator Pepper (26687 Views), How You Can Use Bitter Kola For Spiritual Benefits: Knowledge That Makes A Diffe / White Woman Grinding Pepper With Native Grinding Stone. Charlie" is interesting but there are a lot of traditional elements there. Meet me at the stroke of midnight prison slang for a guard...The Man. And Juba killed a yellow cat fascinating. here we have an assimilated black man doing the white man's work by going after other blacks prisons adjoining to have been lost.... "Juba, Juba Never miss a show Track your favorite bands and get show alerts for your area.

37-38). Well..."Helter Skelter." Perhaps the reason why the song had a brief career and was never

Read My Reason! You cook-a the bread, In one way of looking at it, Manson told his followers that nothing they did was Hunter/McKernan material has a lot of hoodoo elements--"take a silver dollar, take a silver Alligator Wine Alligator Wine Your porcupine Is gonna make you mine Is gonna make you mine Ah yeah! and 5-10 dollars worth of cocaine in one shot. Another suggestion: Since your commentary on Mr. Charlie includes the early Your annotations already cite the Beatles' "I Am The Walrus" in reference to the The red liquid in the video is wine, not blood. During my darker days, I recall


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