alpha gaming keyboard rumble
Unfortunately, to make it work the mouse was apparently attached to the pad which meant you couldn’t really move it very far. As for weight its not that much weight, if you take apart a rumble pack or a 360/PS3 controller the mechanism is fairly small and not that heavy if put in the middle of the moust. The other line of force feedback mice Logitech came out with was the iFeel mice which looked like regular mice. The games they made weren’t super polished. How nice would it be in a FPS to be able to easily be able to control how fast you move? News Feed. The matte-finish texture and laser engraving of the key characters gives you even more precision. A vibrating keyboard would just bounce around your desk though. Infinity Ward Bonuses to be "Redistributed". I know there are a few mice that do it if you search google but I dont want to have some 2 button no brand mouse. If you put in the mouse and keyboard, it would just make a lot of noise rumbling against whatever surface they're against. RGB Fully Programmable Keys – Program the keypad to your specific needs and take complete control of the entire experience. Yeah ive seen some rumble chairs for Live For Speed and such. If you had a rumble mouse, imagine how hard it would be to aim well when there are explosions near you. I thought they made that back in the 90s. It’s even spill-resistant! I think I saw that as an accessory for car seats. but mouse, that would be an awesome idea if you could pull it off, and would really immerse you in the game.i could just imagine lining up to a shot and then suddenly a grenade explodes in front of me, shaking my mouse, pulling it off aim for a few precious seconds, as i reel backwards from the explosion. Some things I’ve scanned and uploaded to However, they were really creative and interesting. Or you could shoot somebody, and their mouse rumbles, making their aim less accurate so you have a better chance of taking them down before they can fight back.Ofcourse for games like C0D4-6 you would want servers for rumble-only players, or something like whoever has rumble gets an extra perk, otherwise it's just unfair.So in conclusion, if i could have all that in a rumble mouse, plus 7-9 bind able keys, i'd be all for it. Here’s what I want: analog keys on a keyboard. 49 Shop Tzumi Alpha Gaming Battle Group 3-Piece Set with Vertex Headset, Recon Keyboard & Optical Precision Mouse online at User Score. Anyway, an office chair that rumbled would be awesome though. Ugh. There was a time, however, when there was more experimentation on pc controllers. (seriously, give me one because I’m poor and couldn’t afford to buy them if they came out). Instead of having students play educational games I had them make games that illustrate the concepts of the course and I think it worked really well. So for the first time in many years I was teaching a week ahead of what I was reading. My research reminded me of one controller that tried to have analog movement: the Spaceorb 360. Comfortable Design – Crafted and designed to adapt to the natural complexities and motions of your hand and fingers. Ill be honest I really havent used my PC for gaming in at least 2-3 months. I'm not sure if they make those. Logitech released a couple different kinds of these over the years. THey never really took off though. I had to grab it out of recycling and make a copy of it. Maybe just for WASD or whatever but imagine keys that would work like triggers on a controller where you could push them down a little to go slowly and all the way to run. Compatibility – This is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, 8 and 10. Unsurprisingly it failed because it was weird looking. Check out the video of how this thing works: Maybe it is just me but it seems like it would be pretty cool to have a mouse that could do that. I really dont pay attention to the rumble feature when playing on the console. Never miss a click! It's for girls though, Served from: | Version: com. Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome. Adjustable LED Backlight – Customize the backlight by choosing between the 7 different colors options that are provided. Some of those features then go on to become more or less universally adopted. Recently these two interests have combined in a way that made me think about the lack of progress in the way pc games are played. Went to play a bit of L4D and TF2 for a change of pace and although I did have fun but I really missed the rumbles you get when you use a controller, made me wonder why there arnt gaming mice and keyboards with rumble features and such? Dragon Age 2 Reviews Score Vs. New from Alpha Gaming, the Battle Group 3-Piece Gaming Set comes with everything you need to seamlessly game for hours: the Vertex LED Pro Gaming Headset, complete … An increased level of comfort that is so satisfying you’ll be able to withstand prolonged hours of online play. The other day I was at work waiting on the microwave to finish and glanced over at the recycling bin and noticed an issue of Ed Tech magazine. Put your controller on the table and then make it rumble, you'll see. That seems like it would be kind of neat and could come in handy when trying to move your mouse to … This looks amazing with other gaming gear and makes it easy to find the exact keys you’re looking for EVERY TIME. Keep gaming without the hassle. Do you think there a market for this type of thing? I have a subwoofer on my desk. Sure, mechanical switches are the hot thing now but those are really just coming back. Anyway, an office chair that rumbled would be awesome though. Back in December I got a PS3 for the first time and more recently I’ve been working on a side project that involves looking at a bunch of gaming stuff from the 90s. However, it has been more than a decade since the rumble mouse was released and nearly twenty years since the analog controller so I think it is time for someone to try these ideas again. Here is the calendar and readings for the class: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Apparently the Spaceorb has its fans since someone made an Arduino interface to make it work with modern versions of Windows. I couldn't play for more than 5 minutes like that (Ninja Gaiden II) and it felt awful. The first was the Logitech Wingman Force Feedback Mouse. I know it might make the clicky keys weird but surely they could just put in a potentiometer or something on the keys to measure how far down the keys were pressed without making them feel different. I have been skeptical about educational games. darthzew:Not a rumble mouse or keyboard, a rumble chair. ACEPHA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 105 RGB LED Backlit Keys, ACEPHA M998 Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic Optical Mouse. I was most proud of how I turned educational games on their head. Yeah thats a good point. The Time Machine: A Chad, Matt & Rob Interactive Adventure! 50 MILLION KEYSTROKES: We’re so confident in the ACEPHA Gaming Keyboard that we’ll GUARANTEE its lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. It was, however, apparently useful outside of gaming as it could be used to rumble when you moved the mouse over a link, a window border, or something else. I’ve also been skeptical about “serious games” (I used to say I was more interested in “frivolous games” but it never seemed to catch on). I tried playing with Rumble on an Xbox. While it would be nifty, it wouldn't work on the mouse because it'd be too heavy, and it wouldn't work on the keyboard because most it would have to rumble all accross the keyboard, and that's a lot of rumble. Been mainly playing console versions of games as of late. Rumble on a mouse would throw off it's already way too sensitive aiming. Good idea. Now I had never heard of this magazine but the cover caught my eye: An article on how a college IT staff can help launch an esports team. ESPORT TEAMS A platform to showcase your team, players and participate in tournaments. Keep gaming to your heart’s content with our extra durable keyboard. This looks amazing with other gaming gear and makes … So here are the games my students made. AMAZING BACKLIT RGB LED KEYS: Choose immersive lighting effects with 10 pre-configured, vivid RGB lighting modes and adjust the brightness with our backlighting. I’ve mostly scanned in posters that came with issues of Edge magazine. I don’t know if they still do these but for several years they would do wall calendars that had Nintendo themes on them. (a somewhat similar looking controller was the Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike but it used the ball thing to look and not move like the Spaceorb). There were controllers that basically tried to make the keyboard more comfortable like The Claw, the Wolfking Warrior, the Z-board which offered replaceable keyboards for a specific game, or the Razer Orbweaver and similar products but all of these are just putting buttons in the different spots. I always like rumble, but I don't think I would use a rumble key/board, as it is too easy to miss a shot. The vent is pointed at my mouse so when explosions go off in the game it's like the blast wave is hitting my hand.


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