andrew wilde guitarist
I suggest anything on The Byrds’ “Ballad of Easy Rider” album…like “Oil In My Lamp” or “Tulsa County”. hogwash, It’s not about who’s on the list, It’s about who’s not on the list. And he CAN do it live ! , But then again, probably not many here who even know who that is …. He is an awesome guitar player. Anyone who knows how to play guitar or who even has an ear for guitar playing knows full well that Keith Richards sucks as a guitar player. Right list’s (my list):1° J.M. Richards is right where he belongs. Steve Howe Prince was a gifted musician, and a very good guitarist. Lots of other favorites were left off too, like Joe Pass. Really the Hendrix thing is a myth.. great guitarist in his own style but really…. Very simply put, apart from the partial subjectivity of any list, the point is that any cross-genre list is stupid… the clearest example is ramone vs montgomery…. Johnny Horton (Rockabilly Guitarist) Hours before a performance, I used to feel sick to the point of sometimes throwing up; I would shake, sweat, become tense and randomly develop a very runny nose. Who has quietly held together both lead and rythym positions without taking credit. This will never end. there is no way Jimi Hendrix is #1 .. there is only 1 maybe 2 songs tht he does tht any person can name ofd the top of there head ,, he is one of the most overated guitarist ever, you cannot count showmanship. Other than that, every player has their own style so “better” may not play into it, I think it’s a preference of styles that people look at. Keith Richards? 63rd International Ferruccio Busoni Competition & Steinway & Sons present The Glocal Piano Project, ‘Note for Note’ – a pianist’s memoir and a love story. Agreed, Andrew. Try using the Internet before you spew your bullshit. Pat Metheny Please lets vote with some criteria, live performances, longevity, what they ghave done for the industry, recording, and whatever.. Phil Manzanera?!!! John you stated “Glen Campbell…amazing! Along with all the glaring omissions, Keith Richards is #5? Check out: ‘Heartbreaker’, Proving that brainiacs really do belong in rock’n’roll, Brian May’s talent as an inventor/engineer gave Queen the wide array of guitar sounds that they needed to rule the arenas and properly frame Freddie Mercury as a lead singer. In some ways, Wray invented the power chord, creating the basis of modern rock guitar playing by all the best guitarists from then on out. Even Keith called him a “ fucking virtuoso” sheesh Did I not see Prince ? I apologize for having written the above post. Firstly, the very act of establishing a hierarchy that doesn’t precise on which criteria that list is based upon is totally subjective (see the comments) … BS List. 4. What bizarre qualifications would lead you to believe that Keith Richards is anywhere near these same league as any of those guys? Probably both to be honest. But a self-proclaimed scientific list implies the so called list is inarguably true, based on “proven” facts and is preserved from the bias of subjective preferences. Producer Derek Drescher Contributors. Starting to make the leap from amateur to professional has definitely been a difficult one – playing for family and friends and people in the local area who support you is one thing; playing for a new and unfamiliar audience in a venue you’ve never been in, and knowing your reputation is at stake, is entirely another. no one but no one could out play Chet Adkins. Strangely enough, this mixture of playing different repertoire and styles has stayed with me right through to my career as a young adult, I never realised that until now. I transcribed a few of their easier ones: Todd Park Mohr Agree Josephine – where is Hank Marvin. Tinsley Ellis agree! 3. Whoever came up with this list must be on some bloody good drugs. . Wouldn’t be able to play anything without his pedals, and yet he’s ranked higher than Slash, Joe Perry, Frampton, Gary Moore etc. ! 6.Stevie Ray Vaughan You are right. At the age of 23, I can now safely and proudly say I have managed to overcome these problems. One of my favourit guitar player from group Yes & Asia. If Rory Gallagher isn’t on a top 50 guitarist list then its a bogus list. Absolutely, Roy Buchanan was a virtuoso, much better than 45 of the one who made the list, and Mike Bloomfield. Students today lack “a grounding in the instrument’s complexities”. Not even honorable mention? How did jack white make it and not John Frusciante on this list? When Jimi Hendricks was asked what it was like to be the greatest guitar player in the world… He answered “I don’t know, ask Rory Gallagher.” That says a lot. Penny Stirling is the founding manager of a government-funded scheme called Yorkshire Young Musicians. A lot of people say that nobody can play Hendrix like Hendrix, but Randy Hansen can. Top 50 is too hard- top 100 is easier! This list is seriously flawed. since everyone is throwing out there favorites, here’s mine Nokie Edwards and Hank Marvin, with out these guys, rock and roll may have died,,,, just saying… my 2 cents. A pianist with concert pianist Bowdon Festival Vice President, Andrew Wilde 1 – Roy Buchanan ), giving speeches to audiences is something that lights my candle – I’m most definitely a performer at heart! And btw why you put him down as Dave Gilmour? I think he peaked with the Bluesbreakers. Keith Richards no.5 and Mick Taylor no. (While he was carried out on a stretcher, the rest of the band broke into the song "Death's Door."). Thank you.


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