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(This is a crossover between BB, Poto and other various things), Silver is a wolf demi human with no family of her own. (NOTE: This fanfic will be updated from time to time.). [BNHA x Haikyuu! To blend in with the crowd, they act as normal people, but in the night, they go out for blood. FanFiction. Game X-overs 268. So, instead of indulging in the many schools that would gladly accept her across America, she aims for UA in Japan. He finds his purpose. Inuyasha 9,514. and a giant wave apart of summer camp? There were eight Chosen Ones in the Prophecy, created by The Sage Of The Six Paths and The Witch Of The Eight Gates.


Games 59. Pink Lotus (my hero academia (bnha) x male child oc) (KNY crossover), Killers Play Heroes -BNHA crossover story-, A spiders crimson web • yandere my hero academia x Spidergirl reader, The Sailor Scout of Peace (BNHA and Sailor Moon Crossover). Anime/Manga Friendship Emotional Crossover Snk Eri ... Mha Quirk Aot Bnha Young Levi Ackerman who is 12 years old living in the streets of Tokyo, is one of the dangerous people in the streets protecting those in need that are harmed.

“I will win this Holy Grail War for you, Master.” The Promise. Forum. --- Naruto 75. Just In. (TECHNICALLY THIS IS AN ANIME CROSSOVER) Tymeki Dragonia is a young 14 year old girl that experiences child abuse from her father everyday. I'm a pretty average highschool kid with the coolest buddies ever, but we'll get to that in the actual story. Katsuki, a stubborn Tsundere and explosion quirked hero in training, decides to look after her. Books 26.

Anime X-overs crossover fanfiction archive. Action Anime/Manga Pokemon Crossover Mha Oc Insert ... Pocket Monster Boku No Hero Academia My Hero Academia Bnha Comedy Oc Hero Family In a world where Pokemons are deemed as evil, Elise has an unheard of quirk that allows her to summon catch Pokemons and establish a connection with them and understand them in a way that normal people do not. Misc. Fate/stay night 90.

“I am not a weakling! Saya, discovering this must join a group of ragtag teens and centuries old Shinigami if there's to be any hope for the world. Just In. She stll managed to graduate and became a stand out ... War is beginning and humanity has a short period of time before they're forced to live in constant fear and become an Elder Barin's meal. (Huge thanks to nez!).

The world of Sword Art Online is replaced with Boku No Hero Academia. Still, even though she is different she had joined the Ninja Academy, not being able to perform Ninjustu or genjustu.

More Anime/Manga Crossovers » Naruto 35,190. Just In.

Yo, the name's F/N L/N. LET'S CUT THE CRAP AND GET REAL FOR A SECOND HERE! One day he gets caught by the pro heroes Eraserhead who learns about Levi hurting others even as a young child to look after himself with no... Hello!

Armed with her infamous axe, Witchcraft, and a rare skill that no one's ever heard of, EverGarden is hardly a player to mess with. Percy meets a Witch (you) who was sent from Hogwarts in order to make sure Camp Half Blood is doing well since Hogwarts and Camp Half Blood kinda work together. What will one do to protect the ones they love? Community. The only thing that brings her happiness is the show Naruto! AT least she was until she saved a cat with a particular bald spot on it's forehead in the shape of a cresecent moon. Misc. I take ideas and requests. Cartoon X-overs 157.

(A/N) No spoilers, to determine if you wish to read this story, enter and see for yourself. They also gain these 'quirks' and start to attend the best hero sc... After receiving an emergency call to assist in sedating the legendary pokémon of time and space, Top Ranger (Y/n) (L/n) gets caught in the crossfire of their rampage. Featured Crossover Anime/Manga Fanfiction. Izuku Midoriya is finally able to prove himself as strong since now, quirks no longer exist in the digital world that these players are trapped in. Forum. Kouhime Tsukino-Chiba was a normal middle-schooler with dreams of getting into UA high and becoming a hero. (Reader Insert) (A Haikyuu and KnB crossover fanfic), Reincarnate: A Stuck In Naruto FanFic (Book 01), Speed Demon (A BHNA/MHA crossover Fanfic), Bloody Wedding (Various!Creepypasta x Reader) [ON HOLD]. Teiko was also famous for their powerful girls' track team, specifically four relay racers who were happened to be call... “Morgana Le Fey, you are to be put in the dungeons and burned at the stake at sunrise tomorrow. But after being adopted by a rather explosive family and being shown actual love, things start to change.

You always dreamed about marrying the guy of your dreams but one day you started seeing the creepypastas showing up in your life and didn't tell anyone but later on that day, you and the twins (Arian and Aria) visit Slender's forest.

He was shown how brutal people could be at just an early age, not to mention losing his innocence so early on. it's a reader insert and you are the adoptive sister of Shinobu Kocho. The Sage has four sons and four daughters with The Witch. It has been a whole year since monsters were freed from Mt. Anime X-overs 68. Add to library 1,405 Discussion 349. Having a time quirk can cause a lot of problems, especially when you go back in time 200 years. Tv Shows 19.

Except since when are meteors, snow. In a world where Pokemons are deemed as evil, Elise has an unheard of quirk that allows her to summon catch Pokemons and establish a connection with them and understand them in a way that normal people do not. When she finishes the last episode of Naruto Shippuden, a simple mistake results in … I don’t see enough of SpiderGirl readers so here I am to spice it up yandere my hero academia x reader hm hm that interest you plus I do art here so I’ll be drawing a lot ALL ART IS MINE INCLUDING THE COVER FOR THIS BOOK DON’T STEAL lot stay for some bi reader. Some of the Creepypastas are sent on a mission and somehow end up in a completely different world. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Anime/Manga universe. This is basically a Percy Jackson x reader where Camp Half Blood and Hogwarts exist in the same world. Book X-overs 96. Browse through and read crossover fanfic anime/manga fanfiction stories and books The Cursed Cat and Digimon [A Digimon/Fruits Basket fanfic], Zeref's Little Girl (Naruto X Fairy Tail Fanfic), It Must Be Broken Bleach Blood-C Crossover [Ichigo x Saya], The Pillar of Crackheads- BNHA Textfic/Actual plot story, Sprint! She usually just binge watches anime, plays games, or plays on her piano. Anime/Manga crossover fanfiction archive. Recently, my g... (Name) is a prime target for the picking of the next hero generation.

but sometime later, (name) and her friends at ua high-school find themselves stuck in a tricky situation.

The world feared and shunned the ability users because some of them tainted the images of them by doing horrible acts. Naruto 289. ( ) Sent barreling into a world unknown, (L/n) must now navigate her new surroundings and somehow find a way home. Anime Crossover fanfiction 239 Reads 0 Votes 2 Part Story. But she doesn't want to only be known for her strong quirk or her family heritage. FanFiction. Misc.

friends with a boy known famously as a quirkless loser, (name) quickly got used to the threats thrown at both her and izuku. x Hero!Reader] Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Misc.

In a world where 80% of the population posses quirks, the other 15% were quirkless and she was in that 5% that posses an ability. Ebott.


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