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While we already know that 'Anupamaa' is Rupali Ganguly's comeback show on TV after 7 years, there's another talented actor who is marking his comeback with the show. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai, Unlock your greatest potential with Mogul. He is best remembered for hosting the vocal reality show Antakshari from 1993 to 2006. “Our mission is to enhance Women's Workforce Participation through our mentoring, capacity building programmes, and learning interventions. The informal and unstructured setting of the ‘Personal Growth Lab’ seemed to have sent its participants on a journey of self-discovery. Anupama Kapoor and Gopika Kaul Women take a … The gap should not be the reason to decide your worth.”. I was told by my then boss that making my role flexible would “set the wrong precedent”.
Anupama Kapoor Founder Anupama is a passionate exponent of women’s workforce participation and the founder of Reboot: A mentoring and capacity building career community for women. Do you think the impulsive decision of joining back can lead to taking wrong decisions? Empowering Enlightening Could be better Weak Attempt. They understand that it’s not only important to hire a woman employee but also to retain a professional. Anupama is a passionate exponent of women's economic empowerment and a diversity & inclusion SME, with over 20+ years of experience, in Hong Kong, the US & India. “When you’re on break or when you’re planning to rejoin, surround yourself with the community of women who are strong, where you can feel that you’re not the only one. On International Women’s Day, it also launched Equal Half, a pioneering platform to engage men in conversations on gender equality. Events . Don’t look at the job, look at career. And now six months later here I am.I have moved from another city to Mumbai for a full time programme. Your last salary should not decide your current worth but your experience and your current knowledge should. Discuss: No Spiking Of Marks For Class 10 &12 Board Exams, Is It A Smart Move? A big part while signing up for a job is negotiating for the salary. I met an ever-growing number of women who wanted to start, wanted to leave, wanted to re-join, constantly juggling, always guilt-ridden and at battle with their ‘parallel lives’. July 13 (2020) is going to be a 'happy day' for all Indian Television show viewers. This is what we, at Reboot, work towards. Investing in women’s education and upskilling them to navigate and manage the VUCA world of Corporate India, will go a long way to build capacity and a leadership pipeline. Anupama Kapoor is a Women Coach & a Gender Advocate. When Gopika quit her job, she didn’t think it would turn into an extended break, but it did. The vision is to upskill women and equip them to sustain their return to work. It made me wonder why organisations hadn’t found ways of utilising this amazing talent. The longer we are away from work, the more the confidence drops. Launching Reboot in 2013 was the logical conclusion,” she says. My mom used to ask me to help at household work but never asked my brothers the same. Become a digital ninja.

Women who are eager to start, desperate to leave, raring to return, constantly juggling, guilt-ridden, battling’work-life balance’ or just trying to maintain equilibrium. Women often say that quitting the job or taking a break after getting married or having a baby is a conscious choice, but have you ever thought about it as the social conditioning fed into our system?
Research proves that there is an urgent need to create an enabling ecosystem for women to work, grow and sustain in their careers.

Keep yourself updated how you would when not on break. No one spoke for a while. When we receive testimonials from women who have rebooted their professional lives, we see that as our biggest success,” she says.

He then went on to spread the magic on his amazing acting skills in Bollywood films and was last seen as Jagjeet Singh (Ayushmann Khurrana's father) in Dream Girl. In July last year, my husband had to travel to Europe for a fortnight, for an official trip. Annu Kapoor (born as Anil Kapoor on 20 February 1956) is an Indian film actor and television presenter best-remembered for hosting the vocal reality show Antakshari from 1993 to 2006 and his roles in Mr. India, Vicky Donor (2012) and Jolly LLB 2 (2017).

After the inspiring session, we caught up with her backstage to gather more on the subject. Trying to keep up with this gave me deeper insight into the dilemma that every woman working outside the home faces. (sign in, go to 'settings' on right hand column and then 'upload photo') Post a blog or start a discussion about gender, evaluation or share your documents, events, photos and videos. How do women can counter patriarchy at work? While several popular daily soaps are going to air fresh episodes after a three-month-long break, Star Plus is all set to launch a new show 'Anupamaa'. Discuss: Can A Smoking Or Drinking Scene Be Responsible For A Film’s ‘U’ Rating? Anupama talked about how women can join or rejoin the workforce after a hiatus.


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