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custsupp@apbagames.com. APBA Pro Baseball Basic Game. 0 ‘Dusty’ Welsh. Thus began a quest to document all of the revisions in the basic game boards. ‘Dusty’ Welsh. it must be purchased with the game! 1949Ws4. I’ve a challenge that I am just now operating on, and I have been on the look out for such info. A large part of the APBA world is players competing against one another in a wide variety of draft leagues, where players assemble teams and play against other competitors. We will generate a new password for you and mail it right out to you at your e-mail address. The convention tournament was won by Robert Weeks. I began with the assumption that there was a one-to-one correspondence between card seasons and board versions, but this assumption proved to be incorrect. Depending on how many divisions we end up with, anywhere from 4 to 8 teams will advance to bracket play best of 3 series. I have a 1966 version of the APBA boards. In this manner, I marched through the 22 versions, highlighting any revisions. The game company later produced football, golf, basketball, hockey, bowling, boxing, soccer, and saddle racing games modeled after the baseball game (cards, boards, and dice). Method used for the selection of teams: After home team is determined for the 1 st game, just alternate home team for each following game. [11], APBA Baseball for Windows was a finalist for Computer Gaming World's Sports Game of the Year award, losing to Front Page Sports Football Pro. In February 2007 the APBA Game Company announced that they had acquired the rights to the Baseball for Windows code, and planned an upgrade to be released in the fall of 2008, featuring the voice of Pete Van Wieren, replacing the earlier editions' Ernie Harwell. The rule book collects all the rules and rosters and play boards into a easy-to-use spiral-bound book, with APBA history, playing tips, league guidelines, and a fantastic quick-start guide that can have you playing APBA MLB Baseball in five minutes! If, in a game, you run out of pitchers, the last pitcher in the game is reduced to a straight D, unless he is already a D, once he reaches the maximum innings pitched for a reliever. However, the number of versions that exist, as well as the time of their introduction, was not known. The APBA playing boards for the basic baseball game have undergone multiple revisions since the original 1951 version. In the 1980s and 1990s, computer adaptations of some of these games were produced. Some APBA players maintain computers with older versions of Windows solely for running the APBA software. 30971 0 obj <> endobj + More - Less. Fantastic stuff! 1949Ws3. All except 2003 were sponsored by the game company. Team selection will begin on Saturday, Jan 2 nd For division play only, a 4-man pitching rotation is required. Attractive section of content. Addition of large letters “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” to boards; Daggers used to denote extra-base hit on double-column cards, Play result 22 with runner on first changed to hit-by-pitch, Alteration of two fielding plays with two outs, Addition of play result 14* and 42 to boards (previously on cards), © 1986 printed on boards; thinner cardboard stock in later years. Ray Ouellette 1911 Giants, 2012 - Lancaster, PA - Steve Skoff* - 1912 Giants def. Since 1951, APBA has been the leader in licensed sports board games based on real player stats and actual game strategy. A record 650 got together in New York City in June 1975, with Barry Koopersmith the tournament winner. Team entry is made by sending an email to me jwfraasch ens. These rules govern the playing of the APBA Professional Baseball Game by the teams of the. He passed away suddenly while on a fishing trip in July of After March 19th, no new entrants will be accepted unless we need an even number of entrants. 1967 American League Standinga. Similarly, more than one version of the boards has been associated with other card seasons. It will not be exposed to other members. These cookies do not store any personal information. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Frank Welsh - 1957 Braves, 2006 - Las Vegas, NV - Bob King - 1977 Phillies def. The original post was in 2004 but forum readers are so interested in the topic that they have been discussing the the same topic to this day. Optional base running rules as described on the game boards are being used. 31032 0 obj <>stream We'll only use your address to contact you about Delphi Forums and we won't expose it to other members. APBA Baseball comes with  four 2019 teams: Washington, St. Louis, Houston and New York Yankees. Thanks to Dusty for his work and willingness to share it. [3] In 2011, after 60 years in Pennsylvania, the company headquarters was moved to Alpharetta, Georgia. I have been used to w,x,y,z symbols only. 1950S Rosters Except1952. So I asked Dusty if he would be willing to summarize his findings for an article here on The APBA Blog. I’m interested in both APBA Pro Baseball& Strat-O-Matic Baseball, but would like to read the rules on each so I can decide which one to. Here is what he has to say… –tbz. For much of its history APBA's main competitor has been Strat-O-Matic. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Your email address will be used only to communicate with you. Revisions of the Basic Playing Boards for the APBA Baseball Game by F.A. 1949Ws2. Other rivals include, or have included, Replay Publishing, Statis Pro Baseball, MLB Showdown and, in APBA's early years, Big League Manager. Get out of the on deck circle and step up to the plate! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Outfielder assists on extra-base hits varied with pitching grade; fly out to centerfield on play results 30 and 32 with two out and bases empty. APBA Pro Baseball Master Addition. Oh, and did we mention there is a PC version of APBA Baseball? So, this is still a work in progress. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Home > APBA Baseball. Walt Husted - 1930 Cardinals, 2010 - Lancaster, PA - Ron Seamans - 1969 Orioles def. Devoted fans keep track of the results and assess how players' performances compare to their real-life statistics. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. John Herson from The APBA Game Company answers a few of my questions. Our quick start guide will have you swinging for the fences in no time! You can also play APBA Baseball on-line with you old neighbor who lives cross country and its free! APBA continues to have a devoted following, with conventions now held every year under the game company's sponsorship. Pat McGregor - 1995 Indians, 2013 - Canton, OH - (Football) - Greg Wells 1984 Forty-Niners def. Finding the different versions of the boards was fascinating to me, but identifying the changes in play results between different versions was tedious. Addition of pitching (W,X,Y,Z) and running symbols (F,S); Optional base coaching (playing it safe); optional fielding rules; Hit-and-run with runners on first and third added to sacrifice booklet; New font; several revisions in play results unrelated to new symbols. original APBA BASEBALL Game MLB Cards verified complete - you pick season He passed away suddenly while on a fishing trip in July of After March 19th, no new entrants will be accepted unless we need an even number of entrants. 1949Ws1. [9] Titled APBA Presents Baseball for Windows (with the first two words in small print), Miller continued to update and publish the game software; their final version, 5.5, came out in the summer of 1999. In August 2012, APBA released an updated version of Baseball for Windows 5.5, called APBA Computer Baseball version 5.75. Todd Davis was the champion. When will the 2020 APBA baseball products be released? NOW SHIPPING! 50th Anniversary edition (APBA 2001); restoration of infield rating; First “66” booklet; traditional descriptions of play results; play result 12 with bases empty a grounder to thirdbaseman; ZZ-ball added to several base-situations; © 2003 printed on back of booklet, New K and R strikeout symbols; optional scorer’s rule to adjust errors by season; © 2006 printed on back of booklet, New artwork on cover; no changes in play results; © 2007, A few typographical omissions corrected; © 2009. [2] After World War II, he formed APBA Game Co., working out of his living room. with strat, everything is the same, year in and year out. X and Y added to play results 27, 33, and 34 with bases empty; Several play results switched between fielding grades. The original poster was F. In this manner, I marched through the 22 versions, highlighting any revisions. David Eisenhower was among the attendees. In 1984, the game company authorized a computer version of an advanced "master" version of their baseball game. In 2000 APBA redesigned the packaging of its baseball game and for a brief time expanded its marketing approach to include hobby shops and sport card dealers, with limited success. :/B Billy Bell - 2013 Tigers, 2016 - Alpharetta, GA - Roy Langhans - 1985 Cardinals def. This rule helps to limit the gaseball made by Fielding One SS, 3B and 2B when the bases are empty, to help provide for more realistic fielding results and reward those top notch infielders. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Complete games containing the 1952 season cards have been found with two different versions of the boards, and a third version may have been used with this same season. If you've forgotten your password, simply fill out the space below with the e-mail address or the membername you used when you registered. Hit-by-pitch changed to error on play result 23 with bases empty; Double play changed to fielder’s choice on play result 12 with runner on first, Ball and strike counts added to play results 10 and 11 on stolen bases. Build your own teams and conduct your own drafts, you’re the manager! Oh–did we mention that APBA Baseball is as realistic as pro ball, and is statistically accurate? if you are having withdrawals from one of these sports, check apba out. Bill Lilly - 1968 Tigers, 2018 - Alpharetta, GA - Greg Wells - 1905 New York Giants def. Pottstown Area APBA League Constitution. Ten-year-old Devin Flawd won, using the 1995 Mariners. however, with apba, there is no notification when the boards change! I’m impressed. My interest in the board revisions was kindled during a 1953 basic game replay in which I was using The tournament structure for those conventions allowed participants to construct a team from all the cards they owned. Because no dates were printed on the early boards, complete games were needed to identify their vintage. This means, as of If we are fortunate enough to get to 32 teams, no new entrants will be allowed. Contact Us, Customer Support: APBA Baseball is a great game to enjoy some quick baseball fun or to learn America’s pastime’s unique strategy. APBA conventions go back as far as June 1973, when more than 300 fans got together at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia for a convention sponsored by the game's independent publication, the APBA Journal.


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