audrey wauchope and ravi patel
However, having parents that exasperate their children (and vice versa) is pretty much universal and the love and affection in this family is clearly universal. CRITICAL MASS: As of 10/7/15: Rotten Tomatoes: 83% positive reviews. Ravi’s two year relationship with pretty red head (and completely Caucasian) Audrey Wauchope has just ended; he was so hung up on his parents approval that he never told them that he was dating an American girl, fearing that they wouldn’t accept her. Genre: Comedy, Romance, Documentary. FINAL RATING: 7/10 With each date, Ravi can’t help but compare the women to his ex-girlfriend, which leads to some very raw interactions between Ravi and his parents. Except my family was with me the entire time…The entire time.”. ( Log Out /  Many of the candidates live all over the country and Ravi, being a struggling actor, doesn’t exactly have an endless bank account. Early in the film, Ravi calls out Geeta’s lack of cinematography skills, pointing out where the microphone drops into the upper corners of the frame, or her questionable focus, or her shaky hand-held shots. Ravi and Geeta’s father Vasant, an affable man with relationship advice at the ready, very plainly states, “Not getting married and staying single is the biggest loser you can be.” Ouch. His sister Geeta tags along to record everything, as she has from the beginning. Though he’s reeling and depressed after the end of his first real relationship, he travels with his parents and sister on their annual vacation to India. Next, we follow Ravi on his dating frenzy, in which his parents put their networking skills into overdrive. Part home movie, and part romantic comedy, Meet the Patels is a documentary crafted by brother-sister team Ravi V. Patel and Geeta V. Patel. Learn how your comment data is processed. Nothing seems to work. He looks to his parents’ and others’ successful arranged marriages and agrees at least to consider a semi-arranged marriage, set up by his mom, dad, aunties, uncles or whomever else might know of an eligible woman—ideally also named Patel. All Rights Reserved. The screening I attended at the South Asian Film Festival in Orlando was largely attended by Indian families who laughed loudly at some of the cultural things (like parents calling multiple times during a date) that American audiences might not get. This is a family everyone is going to be charmed by. Heartwarming look at Indian family dynamics. During the India trip, and in meeting with his extended family, Ravi decides to do whatever it takes to find a wife. This is as much a family home movie as it is a documentary and a romantic comedy as much as it is a home movie. REASONS TO GO: Clever combination of documentary and rom-com. This would make the odds better that they shared Ravi’s values as passed down by his parents. Which is when the purview of the film grows, becoming an eye-opening examination of a particular plot of Indian culture (namely, the state of Gujarat). REASONS TO STAY: Gets a little bit monotonous in the middle. monitoring_string = "df292225381015080a5c6c04a6e2c2dc", PG (for thematic elements, brief suggestive images and incidental smoking). Still, even he seems baffled by the barely discernible nuances between Patels and their respective territories when his father explains it all to him, map in hand. You can follow her on Twitter. Now single, he realizes he wants that extended family that he sees all around him; the family gatherings, the kids, the home, everything. The crux of the film lies within Ravi’s (and, it’s implied, many Indian Americans’) life crisis: The former investment banker-turned-actor/comedian is nearly 30 and still single, which sends him—and his traditional Indian mom and dad, Champa and Vasant—into panic mode. Finding one’s soul mate is hard enough in this modern world. Ravi wants to find love, pronto, so he and his sister Geeta document his search, touching upon universal themes of family and cultural appropriation despite the specifically personal nature of their narrative. COMPARISON SHOPPING: Love Me Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Ravi confesses to the camera that, unbeknownst to his parents, he’s been dating an American redhead named Audrey for some time, but when they break up—Audrey will later say because of his refusal to commit—he’s willing to accept his parents’ help to find a suitable mate. ©2020 All Rights Reserved Copyright. With that, Meet the Patels is a journey of self-discovery, but it’s not Ravi’s alone. And Champa, a well-regarded matchmaker within her community, is dismayed that both of her children aren’t yet married: She has her pride and her personal reputation at stake. Add to that the pressure of one’s family to get married and have kids and it falls under the category of “how is this even possible?”. She also inserts herself into the film when necessary, often heard but not seen. The interludes illustrated with simple black-and-white drawings work brilliantly to convey the emotional intent behind such moments while preserving the family’s privacy. © 2020 Paste Media Group. His parents are eager to set him up with a Patel – no, this isn’t an incest thing but more of a cultural thing, indicating that their hometowns are near the village where his parents grew up. When the dates prove to be unsuccessful (we are never told whether Ravi or the women he is meeting are the ones who are not interested in second dates), he goes to a wedding at his parents behest where they try to hook him up.


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