babymaker bike review

The fun and usefullness is in how quickly it gets there. I hope people can just get and enjoy their Baby Maker ebikes, but I do see your point about price, weight, and then limited range. Babymaker Electric Bike. The design and specs of the BM attracted me. The best part of the bike is that it is foldable. Great 9 speed Shimano Alivio setup as well as hydraulic brakes, optional throttle, powerful Bafang…... A high speed and somewhat minimalist electric urban or city bike with a lot of agility, lightweight balanced design, all while remaining value priced at the same time.

Thanks! My brother-in-law visited and I told him about the Babymaker and he immediately ordered one.

The test ride impressed me, and to my surprise they offered to sell me one of their Beta models. Hi Robert! I suppose this isn’t much interest to your readers since you can’t even order a Baby Maker yet. Carbon Fiber Gains weigh less than the Baby Maker and cost considerably more. Great question Lynn! Also, as with any production scenario, they build in batches of colors and configurations and bulk ship to various locations. In short: not much new! If you are not fit as well as can not go that far with a typical bike, an electric bike can help. Beware of these guys, they are not cyclists. I recommend calling them to ask :). Cannondale QUICK NEO - oder eine Alternative?

Hi Adan, I’m glad FLX has been there to support you. Hey Brian! I asked for a refund this week, not wanting to wait 3 more months. What about repairs and maintenance?

Hi, Bill! It makes sense why FLX is trying to secure as many pre-orders as possible at this point. This helps to finance this website. Hey! To know more please click here. Anyone have a pic off the Blade or Blade 2.0 with the Touring Package? Costumer service is irrelevant to them. Ich würde das Fahrrad mehr oder weniger für die Arbeit benutzen oder mal kleinere Radtouren machen in die nächste weitere Stadt. They have 12 various kinds of electric bikes. All of its qualities checked off several boxes and yes the name caught my attention. I am a little concerned about the frame and aggressive body position. The fact the bike weight was only 33(?) Style over substance winning over the masses. There are no disadvantages or additional costs for the buyer! Amazingly, It is a lightweight frame and concealed battery and attractive details.

The body framework of the electric bike is available in an aluminum type.

What a great comment, Adan! The bummer is I was really enjoying the bike, it’s been a great tool for my commute. I just want to set the record straight for people who come to this site and all they see are the disappointed comments about the delivery timelines. Thanks for the comment, Court. Hi, Frank! Three different colors to choose from: White Lightning, Carbon Black, and Gun Metal Gray, only…... A hardtail cross country style electric mountain bike with quiet Bafang Max Drive 350-watt mid-drive motor, adjustable top speed upwards of 35 mph position it for private property or OHV use only. And, the original reviewer (Mikey) is no longer on our team. Now that’s customer service. Yeah, I think that most bike crank arms will accept a range of pedals as long as the thread spacing is matched. Perhaps someone else who owns the bike or works at FLX will chime in to help! It is very nice looking and honestly no one will ever know that it is electric unless they try and lift it!!! Electric bikes can give you a boost in rate and assist you with pedaling. Das neue Modell ist kaum als E-Bike zu erkennen, sieht auch zweifelsohne ganz gut aus und setzt dabei auf bekannte Zutaten: Der Akku ist im Rahmen integriert und hat eine Kapazität von 250 Wh, beim Motor handelt es sich um einen Nabenmotor im Hinterrad. One benefit of the FLX Baby Maker is that the tires are very efficient and the bike is fairly lightweight ;). FACT.. they are having trouble with frame welding failures.

However, with a lightweight semi-road bike like the FLX Baby Maker, I could see how the SPD pedals could work well, especially if you prefer them and have nice cycling shoes already! How is the motor support regulated? has a variety of customizable options, so you can really make it your own. It looks like a regular diamond frame bike, and a very clean, simple one at that: 350W hub motor, Gates carbon belt, batteries in the down tube and controller in the top tube, cables hidden away in the tubing as well, quality hydraulic disc brakes, choice of wrapped drop or bullhorn bars, very small and simple switch device on the bars. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of FLX products. Babymaker Electric Bike Electric bikes or e-bikes have been on the rise to replace the typical bikes. The belt will never wear out or snap, never needs lubrication (stays clean), and it’s eerily quiet. Good luck to them – I’d take a punt myself if it wasn’t for all the extra delivery / import duties, etc rampint the price up towards 2 large. Just a thought guys. While the gas cost is low today, individuals make use of bikes to navigate to save money.

I’m sorry you’ve had to wait so long, that sounds really frustrating. I will at some point receive my bike, I now know it will not be in September and probably not even October, but who knows because they will not tell us in what order they are building the bikes. Introducing all-new The Babymaker and its unparalleled aesthetic and innovative design is made for one smooth ride. I was serious about buying into this project with Babymaker pro but still undecided partially because of some of negative reviews on FLX company’s service and support end I found from several websites… And some of negative reviews include major issues on the bike frame too. Mein Tipp: demnächst (Anfang April?) I hope I get that chance, but I’m currently locked in Canada and not in touch with FLX. Also, I’m not real enthusiastic of the fact that the bikes are made in China, but again, the price seems good for this newer design style so unfortunately there could be some trade offs. The start boost is actually quite useful on a single speed, so I’ll usually leave it in one of these lower gears for stop and go city riding. A few things they don’t tell you. FLX has a regular website, where they list and sell a full range of electric bike products, but I’m not sure on Baby Maker availability… especially internationally. That’s a very sane and well received comment, Oleg. Moreover, it is the best option for those who want sustainable transportation at a reasonable price.

Hi Randall, I’m not sure FLX sells through any bicycle retailers. To know more please, CTRL - Hyper-Personalized Golf Training Tool, Revitalize Energizing Eye Drops. Ist der Heckmotor geeignet für Fahrten in hügeligem Gebiet? Learn how your comment data is processed. For our friends in Europe and other places, we will be sending the Babymaker with a 250w rated motor and EU compliant speed limit. Babymaker Electric Bike Shortly after ordering this model I ventured upon this review (and corresponding comments) and the review referred to by Doc (above). Something goes wrong will the local bike shops say that they deal in chains and not belts? After discontinuing the Gain Urb, Ride in style: Do you already know Le Picot?

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Hela- A Wearable Sweat Glucose Smartwatc.. CTRL - Hyper-Personalized Golf Training .. TikTrak- APP Free Selfie Auto Tracking P.. The Ecotric bike can increase 35 miles in one battery fee. I don’t know as much about this belt drive, and even though FLX has been around for several years now, it’s just a riskier bet. Like you, I wasn’t sure if the brand was legit, and I couldn’t figure out the structure. FLX has always been a provocative brand to me, attractive in that sense, so I’m happy that it’s getting people excited. Thanks for the update on this, James! Greets from Berlin, Germany – Rob, Cool! People from Europe have to add 249 USD for shipping to the above mentioned prices, taxes and customs may be added. Do you think this bike will do the trick? My order pro model 23” black but drop bars not bullhorn (originally I selected bullhorn but internet issues having to place order multiple times at some point drop and not bullhorn was selected, my fault for not catching it). So in that sense the “Range” can be quite a bit longer. FLX is a trusted company that I had been following since I saw their first e-bike model in 2016.

I don’t know if the company has grown, gotten investors, or just white-labeling products from China? Hello, can I install clip-on type peddles that require clip type riding shoes? With over 10,000 bikes, 2 sizes, 2 styles and multiple colours, I understand how some people are happier than others with their shipping date. Don’t get me wrong. ​Unfortunately it is too late to receive a refund, as your bike has been in production for roughly 2.5 months now. Hey! I hate that I can’t ride it. I’m sure there will be plenty of babymaker purchasers that will feel sucker punched by this release since they are also waiting until at least September to have a babymaker delivered. And to me that is not a nice response to eager waiting customers. It's worth noting that the 350 watt motor with 500 watts of peak power mean you'll have to get the bike licenced and insured to make it road-legal in the UK. Babymaker Electric Bike. A shill review by suggests it has a 12 magnet cadence sensor… but (awful name aside) the actual technical details do all seem a bit thin on the ground. Babymaker Electric Bike. This was the first crowd-funded project I ever backed that actually made good on the delivery month. This is all very subjective, but that’s the order I would consider. Now I may be even luckier to have the first production model in Canada as well!

Hi, I live in Europe and can only find this ebike on Indiegogo. My inseam with shoes is 29″. Ein ähnliches Bike gibt es auch direkt aus der schönsten Stadt der Welt zu kaufen. It is good for your health and wellness as well as saves on gas.

Review: Wau Bike 9 of the best e-bikes under £1,000 FLX began its life in the UK as the brainchild of founder Peter Leaviss, before he left for San Diego in the US It could be a little uncomfortable standing over the top tube of the Baby Maker Pro, but you could gain some height using tip toes or tipping the frame to the side… when little kids ride big bikes, they also sometimes hang one leg up over the top tube and stand firmly on the other. Belt drives have become more common in recent years, but the clear leader in the space is Gates. Hi Ronald! Hi Akira, thanks for your input about the mixed reviews on FLX. Babymaker Electric Bike

The main difference is the price point… $995! So in no way shape or form does this follow and supporter order number. As a commuter it shines, great power, good range, awesome brakes.

How long (years or miles) do we think a belt like that will last? Does this mean that the bike is legal to use in Europe? eBikeTips Editorial and general enquiries:, Advertising and commercial: FLX began its life in the UK as the brainchild of founder Peter Leaviss, before he left for San Diego in the US and partnered with Rob Rast, who is now the company's CEO. Having a look at their website, I came across this in the FAQs. You could always swap back to platform pedals if you don’t like the setup, just make sure the thread matches before trying to screw your existing SPD clip-in pedals onto the crank arms, or you could ruin the thread. I’m assuming the next bikes will either be the pro model, 23”, drop handlebars various colors in order. Great review and blog, thanks for doing it!


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