bad cat cub 40r review
Just because we were enjoying the tone so much, Corey and I decided we should hook up a Bad Cat 2x12 extension cab to the Cub 40R. 1 Comment, Sign up to get the latest on events, sales, new releases and more…, © 2020 Martel Music Store. The tone was nothing short of miraculous with the Revelator in the middle position. To cap it all off, the studio-grade plate reverb proved to be always tasteful and never overbearing, even when cranked. Master volume has always been misnamed. It is dead quiet at idle, I believe the circuit board construction helps in that regard. With the foot switch you can go from chiming clean to crunch, and all the way to the wide open. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend some time at Martel Music Store to test drive an amp that has caught my eye in recent trips: Bad Cat’s Cub 40R 1x12 combo, from their U.S.A. I could not help but belt out the openings riffs of Dinosaur Jr. tunes ‘Tiny’ and ‘Freak Scene,’ but I was most amazed when I attempted to play a finger-picked, slowed-down rendition of ‘Feel the Pain,’ and I had to remark that the touch sensitivity of this circuit was unlike anything I’d ever heard. Powered by Shopify, Sometimes Less Isn’t More, It’s Less, and That’s the Point (with insights from Brian Wampler), Pedal Building Class - November 7th - (Last of 2020). With a 2x12 speaker configuration, this amp moves some serious air, all while retaining the glorious tone we experienced from the 1x12 combo. A two button foot switch is included. I went back and fourth trying to decide on the player series or the point to point series, im glad I chose the player series and saved a grand in the process.High grade circuit board construction hs its advantages if done right, like this amp. Not only is this possible it’s also useful for guitar players. September 24, 2020 Bad Cat raises the bar yet again and offers an update on the classic Cub circuit. The price point is incredible. This new feature is drastically different sonically in gain structure, and character from any previous Cub models. Bad Cat is now offering the K Master® in the Cub III Series. Before this you couldn't drive the power amp hard without pushing the pre-amp into saturation. Gain up the power amp section while leaving the pre-amp sparkling clean? 1 Comment, A Hands-On Review of the Bad Cat U.S.A. You can dial in amazing full and tight lows and create sounds unavailable until now. With the volume now dialed a bit higher, and the K-Master rolled down, the pair of Lollars and the Cub 40R composed a symphony of girthy and harmonically-complex edge-of-breakup tones that dripped with a sweetness that is simply hard or impossible to achieve with any amp I’ve previously tried. Although I do not typically play with a ton of overdrive, I could not resist flipping the pre-amp selector from 12AX7 to EF86, dialing the volume all the way up, and leaving the K-Master at about 30%. Yes. I too own this amp, amp and really feel the same way as the review. Combine this with the EF86 pre-amp and now you’re in territory previously unavailable from older Bad Cat Cub models. Player Series. This feature can be used as a classic gain boost. Best sounding amp I have ever played and Ive played them all. After a couple months playing this amp every day I really can find no cons with this amp. The drive to the power section was always dependent on the drive coming from the pre-amp. The headroom with the volume dialed back was huge and clean, but with a wonderful midrange presence that was simultaneously thick and creamy but also glassy – a seemingly perfect marriage between a 6L6 and EL84 power section. According to Bad Cat, “this groundbreaking analog circuitry can achieve any amount of gain at any desirable volume while keeping tone and touch response 100% intact.” This feature can prove highly useful for players of many genres, but I particularly feel that blues players who enjoy a bit of grit in their tone will go wild for this circuit. Cub 40R HD USAPS 商品コード:4514812094158 (SOLD OUT) メーカー希望小売価格: ¥178,000(税抜) ¥192,240(税込) ¥151,300(税抜) ¥166,430(税込) 島村楽器オンラインストア Upon plugging in a BilT Revelator with Lollar Jazzmaster pickups, and dialing the volume to about 30% and the K-Master volume to about 50%, I realized that I simply had not previously played through a well-constructed, high-end EL34-powered amp. To put it simply, this amp sounds incredible and is thoroughly fun. You can select between 12AX7 or EF86 pre-amp tube by a toggle This series features the same no-expense-spared build quality of Bad Cat’s hand-wired amps, complete with proprietary speakers built by Celestion, but with the time and material savings of a military-grade circuit board.


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