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I have no doubt that the crowd would not have wavered a bit if they played every song from all three albums. Afie and the band are talented beyond what I could have imagined! rights reserved. to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about There’s no reverb or effects. Find Bahamas discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Can't afford to see all of the music I want to see... but I knew I had to see The Bahamas. Bahamas. The set was a perfect blend of old and new. Amazing, truly wonderful. I really can’t say enough good things about them. Don’t make her walk down the driveway for nothing. Bahamas Gets Members of D'Angelo's Band for 'Earthtones' LP, Shares New Single Afie Jurvanen says the new record was inspired by Anderson .Paak, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West First up, as an avid skater and new-ish father of a wee little girl, may I applaud your decision to host a family-friendly skating party for the release. That’s a testament to them as musicians. With each note Afie plays on his guitar or with his voice, there is a strong sense of intention and connection which creates an amazing experience of emotions for the audience! Finally, how sick are you of seeing the words “easygoing” and “laid back” applied to your music? That being said, if all goes well with this new album I’m buying a Prius and moving to High Park. All 'round incredible show and worth way more than the tickets cost!!! Their live show did not disappoint. Electric Soulful! I was in the front row right against the stage and could barely hear him. His second album, 2012’s “Barchords” garnered him not only a nomination for Adult Alternative Album of the Year but also a nod for Songwriter of the Year. We love Afie’s music and laid back humour. All in all, I am a satisfied gal! The way he is with the audience and the band it goes very well together.

I wrote “Bad Boys” sitting in traffic. . really great show.

He was actually sick too and almost cancelled the show, but didn’t for his fans (which I’m incredibly grateful for).

I kinda feel like that works as a metaphor for how your career has gone, too: not forcing yourself on anyone, just toiling away relentlessly and being too good to ignore and letting it happen slowly and naturally. Afie was hilarious and entertaining; he told dad jokes and danced. This harmony flows to the audience. Both his music and performance style make him a great show to go to even if you're not familiar with his material - it's catchy and easy to listen to, without being overtly pop or really any other genre. To order copies of Afie was AMAZING as always. It was so inspiring to be around them. With 4 other outstandingly talented musicians backing him, every song was filled with energy and had the crowd moving.

The scheduling was the toughest part because everyone was so busy. One to watch like a hawk! The SBC Pathfinder Band held it’s 2019 Christmas Concert, “Christmas Bells Are Ringing” on Sunday, December 8, 2019, at the Good News Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in Flamingo Gardens. Their latest album is genius and I can't get enough. Now I can write a song anywhere. It’s a long driveway. I’m contractually prohibited from doing my own (paid) show in Toronto, so I just wanted to find a way to play around the album release. No, they were all pretty excited when I told them and even more so once I showed them the bed tracks. His shows are a thing of beauty. The band was really tight throughout the gig, vocals of both Afie and his female sidekick (sorry, can't remember her name) were top notch. How about “mildly successful” and “happy”? ... 250 untamed band members. That seems to have happened very quickly. It was liberating because for so long my process was so different and drawn out.

The 75 or more minutes went by in a blink. As proud members of the South Bahamas Conference Pathfinder Band, we strive to create a safe and positive environment, conducive for learning. Note: Flights available only on Wednesday & Saturday. So somehow, no matter how crappy he felt or how much cold medicine he was on, he managed to give the best performance I’ve ever seen and I hope he comes back to DC soon.
. I just hope the weather is co-operative. It was a crazy time! If I read an article about a musician who was described as “easygoing” and “laid back” I’d immediately think “boring” and “lazy.” I’m not naming names, but there’s already plenty of guys out there who are happy to fill that spot. (They were) just listening and reacting to me and each other in real time. She has a voice that’s so pure and really I can’t get enough. Something fun and different. Witty, talented and a fantastic show. His music is more relaxed but the concert was still very energized. I can't wait to see Bahamas again! But, of course, I’m so glad we made it happen. For those not in the know, the former is essentially the Canadian Grammys and the latter is the Canadian Mercury Prize. . The only bad part of the show was when they were done, 1 hour and fifteen minutes just ain't enough, but I'll take what I can get. It’s not like I’m buying a Tesla and moving to Rosedale. They sit quite nicely alongside the L.A. stuff. He is very talented and also very funny and laid back. My writing had to get more elemental for this record. APR. These are not the kind of accolades you get if you haven’t paid your dues and worked for every scrap of success you’ve got. y’know . I hope I’m not one of them. Awesome concert! © 2020 SBC Pathfinder Band. SBC Pathfinder Band is a division of the Youth Department of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. He never disappoints! Afie and the band get better every time I see them. The female vocalist in his band, Phoebe, was such a talented singer and complimented him so well. To order She’s always laughing at me ’cause we’ll be in the studio and there will be 12 tracks of vocals on a song and I’ll just be asking for one more. Click to View Map. Thank you. I have two young kids and zero time to work. My preparation was essentially just getting the melodies and lyrics as tight as possible and going into the studio with no expectations. A man’s gotta dream . Those guys are so free of any references. Thirty more thirty thirty thirty thirty thirty thirty words. Agree? Venue looked full / sold out and the band played a rock solid set 90+ mins. Afie was refreshingly fun and laid back in between songs (and indeed during! Would highly recommend to anyone! That’s how I like to work with pretty much all musicians — just let them go and see where their instincts take them. All Rights Reserved. I would see him again.

The song is just jumping out of the speaker and there’s a real clarity to it. The subsequent album, “Pink Strat”, made an almost immediate impact when it was released the year after. I took my son who plays guitar - and he was suitably stoked by the playing. I remember talking to Joel Plaskett around the making of Three and he said he got totally obsessed with adding harmony parts for the ladies (Rose Cousins and Ana Egge) once he started writing them onto the record and I’m getting that kinda vibe here.

How are they adapting to the funk? While a subtle form of funk has often crept into Bahamas tunes past (see, for example, “All the Time” or “Caught Me Thinkin’ ”) Jurvanen sets about getting butts wigglin’ a little more explicitly than he’s done previously on Earthtones, out on Jan. 19. I’ve always played the long game — just keep my head down, keep working, try to say “yes” more than “no.” Not to take anything away from the gold record, but it’s not what it used to be.
The result is a record as smoothly tuneful as it is wryly confessional in a lyric sheet full of relatable personal observations about depression, the thankless life of the opening act and being a father to two young kids. Thank you Bahamas. Great musicians and the Winspear Centre was the perfect venue for Bahamas. Bahamas is one of those musicians who has found his musical niche, and yet still manages to have a very broad appeal - and that is even more true of his performances.

xtasy band offers the best on the road experience as we are known on the road for the band with the most vibes!! His stage presence and banter draws you in, creating an intimate yet casual atmosphere, and the music wins you over with cheeky hooks and soulful arrangements. I have such an amazing band and am eternally grateful. 44.9k Followers, 12 Following, 298 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Bahamas (@bahamasmusic) Close. In a cliché way, it’s always about the music. Though the music and the circumstances surrounding its creation may be on the fly, just the way that Jurvanon likes it, this is not to say that everyone involved isn’t taking it seriously. Escape will cancel and close the window. I’d have 10 minutes to write a song, so if it didn’t feel good I’d just move on to the next idea. Under the direction of... On the 18th of April 2019, the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Pathfinder Band set out on our “Big City” mission trip, to the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Tallahassee Florida... OCT. 2 - 4, 2020: Family Island Trip (Visit To San Salvador). At the risk of cliché, I get the sense that there’s a lot more of you coming through in the lyric sheet on this record. The rest of this review is to fill the required number of words. This was the 2nd time I've seen them live.

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. We did three days in Los Angeles with them and I flew from there to start a five-week European tour. Want to see Bahamas in concert? I like the slow burn. Was it a case of “Holy sh--, I’d better come up with some new material” or were the songs already heading in that direction? His Folk Festival set also included a few well-placed covers - and a great Tom Petty sing-along at the end - which made for a fun, accessible show.

They really understood the tone and feel of what I was after and worked hard to get it. Afie also happens to be an extremely talented guitarist and singer. With trust and respect as our watch words, we encourage each other in a spirit of love and… Read More + If you're wondering if you should drive hours to see the Bahamas stop and just buy the tickers now. Drove up to Seattle to see/hear them tonight too! He's really talented and have amazing people with him and they all deserves more attention. Born on the 28th of April 1981, Afie Jurvanen is best known as a side man for one of Canadian indie rock’s true greats Feist. Working with James and Pino was a thrill and a pleasure. About memorable show :). I would pay good money to see them again. With his third album released in 2014, and concerts starting to sell out the world over, the only way is up for this most unique talent. How did you get those guys, anyway? It’s done with customary subtlety, of course — everything about Bahamas is subtle, hence the fallback descriptors like “easygoing” that been following Jurvanen around since he went from Feist sideman to acclaimed solo auteur with the Polaris Music Prize-nominated Pink Strat back in 2009. Both in my writing and in the studio, I always try and work the songs until they don’t sound like anyone else. Each person providing the perfect piece of the puzzle. Plus, it becomes obvious after just a few songs - and even more so if you get the chance to meet him - that it's a reflection of his personality: warm, genuine, soulful and a little quirky.


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