bank teller sales scripts

Setting targets and offering incentives for cross-selling will drive your tellers to make more referrals. It also helps the lender direct the flow of the conversation and most importantly it allows the lender to better listen to the borrower - because your conversation is so well rehearsed you can concentrate on what the borrower is saying.
What are competitors doing? Sure, I should do 'Discovery' but what am I really hoping to learn. Renovate? Tellers have the toughest job in the world when it comes to selling.

You are either not present, or the LOI takes a few minutes to read, and the prospect will take time to digest and consider the information provided. Could they be making more on account balances they have with you? Often the prospect is bound by inertia and will provide reasons why a meeting is not in his best interest. Banks track referrals in different ways. Is banking a hassle? In a time sensitive environment like the teller line the first impression is created fast and if it starts off bad you don’t have a lot of time to regroup and win them back. Are they paying too much in credit card interest? So yes, tellers, by whatever name, must sell. The transactions they handle often give off obvious indicators of sales opportunities. One example of a bank that altered their organizational structure is Oregon’s Umpqua Bank. When you truly understand how a product works it is easier to sell. Customer Think: Cross Selling at Banks Adopting the Right Strategy for a Healthy Bottom Line; January 2010, American Banker: Want Tellers to Cross-Sell?

Privacy Policy. This is an effective but expensive way of drumming up new business.

With today’s low rates, this could be an appealing feature for your future business needs.”  The lender has already decided that this would be a good feature for the borrower and will try to include it in the LOI.

They revamped their “branches” and converted them into “stores,” with each store having two job families: the store manager and Universal Associate (UA).

When completing a customer's transaction, make eye contact and refer to the customer by name, every single time. Many banks offer incentives to tellers if they cross-sell new accounts or services to customers. If you’re coming to that conclusion at your bank, you are not alone and you have good reason.

The transactions they handle often give off obvious indicators of sales opportunities.

This is an effective but expensive way of drumming up new business. There is a particular tried and true formula for teller scripting that makes everyone feel much more comfortable, and does not feel like “selling”. “This commentary on this blog reflects the personal opinions, viewpoints, and analysis of the author and not CenterState Bank. By now, you have met all their expectations and demonstrated your genuine interest in them. It's much more cost-effective to sell additional products to your existing customers. A sales script is a way for the commercial lender to explain the bank’s sales proposition, and anticipate the borrower’s responses. Vacation? Bank Survey Reveals only 16% of Canadians Polled Achieved their 2017 Financial Goal... and It's Partly Our Fault. What’s new in their life, at their job, with the family? Find out what thousands of banks, regulators and industry experts are doing to drive performance.

If you have ever prematurely announced an organizational change, you only make that mistake once. It's much more cost-effective … With branch volumes declining and facilities smaller, it’s no longer feasible to have specialized roles such as managers, lenders, new accounts reps, tellers, teller supervisors, etc.


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