bantu people genocide

Several villages, for example, lost all their men in such acts. I suspect any accusations of genocide are based on the sudden (within a historical/ancient migration frame) displacement or absorption of a all other groups into the Bantu peoples. As far as I know, there is no politically correct name for Pygmies, the way white people think you should use Khoi-San instead of Bushman and Inuit instead of Eskimo. Over the past few decades, advances in DNA technology have completely changed our view of our species' past. A small third group, the
What this means is that people who find themselves in the middle of wars in which they are targets or innocent bystanders become, in effect, political prisoners in war zones or refugee camps.

The pygmies, who are a largely primitive, forest dwelling people, have suffered terribly during Congolese civil wars fought in the region. In fact, they had a strong kinship to the Aka, a group of hunter-gatherers with a pygmy body type who live today in rain forests 1,000 miles to the east. Read our affiliate link policy. But after a couple thousand years, the society reached a tipping point, and the hunter-gatherers were marginalized.
I'd like to know more about the historical records and oral traditions supporting the genocide of khoisan by the bantu speaking population. These are much more immediate, important, community building, and self sustaining goals, far worthier of international investment than reconciliation efforts and certainly than continued war-making in Somalia. Each of those, like the Bantu, probably have a history of migration and interbreeding as well. For many, genocides only end with permanent relocation to a place perceived as offering physical and cultural security, as well as possibilities for psychological recovery. Both presidents were Hutu and were killed.

From a political perspective, however, it amounts to losing a war against humanity. From a human rights perspective, the basic right to life is preserved while civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights are lost. As soon as the news of this order reached Holland it was repealed, but by this time the rest of the native population was in full-scale revolt. So does the ancient Mota man from Ethiopia.

You must login or create an account to comment. I use the term “genocidal acts,” because the local expressions of violence make it difficult to disentangle the reasons that caused Jubba Valley villagers to flee and feel unable ever to return.


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