bard's tale 1 maps

Since there are plenty of manuals and maps about i won't go into any FAQ stuff.

There are many disk swap tricks you can use, but even better, you can turbo-run AppleWin (my emulator of choice) so that you can easily regenerate spell points.
However, I'd had experience writing Bard's Tale II and III maps by looking at the disk images, and this was just another step in recreating the (lost) map extractors based on my mapping program.

However, enemies like kobolds (who give great gold--well, unless you get a bad random modifier) should be okay, as should any spellcasters. If it's still fuzzy, reboot the right way and reload the save state.

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That should take you to level 6 in about two fights. Knight It's like having a fourth caster who never runs out of spell points. 'Die, scum!' And the only setup you need, beyond going to, is to go to and get the disk images. But it's not critical.

Map with additional comments by Teran of RPGClassics. One or two of any enemy also can be handled without too much pain. Maybe it's if you stop off at the guild--or maybe a save state glitch.

APAR is a great teleport spell to save time. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with The Bard's Tale. Wizard level 3, DISP is better than MIWP for in-party combat. Remember: in Tales of the Unknown, there's no spells to reverse stone touches, withering, or drained levels (but you can have them cured at any temple): you're going to have to tough it out!

I used the Internet maps and figured I could actually add where random and fixed combats were. You need SPS status or have at least 3 forum posts under your belt to use the chat! 2: Ahead lies the deathfield! He is north. Vampire Lords rub shoulders with huge Red and Black Dragons, and even worse, many monsters have attacks that can instantly kill your characters, turn them to stone, and drain experience levels from them.

PHBL helps with AC, and LOTR is good so you don't forget where traps are in a dungeon. He is worth 170 experience, which is not a bad chunk. While I mentioned it's bad news to get killed, and the magicians may wither you, I think it's a good risk overall. There's a possibility of better items, too. Does this apply to The Bard's Tale Steam Edition?

Just get the one with more spell points, first. I'd rather mention enemies that aren't in the dungeon than avoid ones that are. Cast it in combat to avoid a keystroke. Having your bard play a song then canceling costs a bard song.

That'll be later. You also may find that you may not have the money for the new spells, especially if someone got killed. Bard's Tale Online - a fan-made site for information, resources and downloads of the 80's and classic cult hit RPG trilogy, The Bard's Tale 0 ... Harkyn's Castle 1 [MAP] - Tales of the Unknown: The Bard's Tale.
[ GIF (111K) | The gold accumulates quickly, as the skeletons give about 6000 gold per fight, which should even make up for anyone getting killed. But I like Apple emulation because you can mark a save-state while exploring, as opposed to going back to the inn to save after each whopping 100 experience from Kobolds. Version: 1.4.0 | Updated: 08/16/2016 Highest Rated Guide, version 1.4.0 by In fact, you may want to flee even after taking damage, as the sunk cost of lost HP may not be as bad as getting killed or reloading to a previous save state with less experience.

of maps by Rob Huston (with some help from Warren Ayers). But either way, their magic can't one-hit you, so they are worth fighting. He is weak, but he'll get stronger. You have a party of 6 characters, 3 up front to take the brunt of attacks, and 3 in the back for support. A trick is to push C to pretend to cast a spell, then wait. And it was neat, years later, to see emulation allowed the equivalent of this feature. 2: On the wall is etched: The Spectre Snare can catch a foe and bind him lest his spirit go... A: Magic Mouth Riddle: "Two shapes yours, one's around; Speak the shape and final found"; Answer: "CIRCLE"; Important Item: "Silver Circle". But you will want to get to level 7 before trying to find it or visiting the catacombs. It has monster information and so forth that I didn't include here. If you want to use the hoard gold and buy the best stuff cheat, that is probably a good idea. Wizard's summon spells actually are not so hot until the end, but they're useful there. Messages (don't worry about them) are at: Getting to level 2 is not bad. version 1.4.0 by [ PDF (81K) ] In the remastered Xbox one edition, the catacombse Wights/Ghouls don't reset via stairs, have to go back to the AG. I would speed up the emulator so they can constantly cast ARFI.

One other thing about bard songs, at least on the Apple: if you equip anything with your bard, they cut off. Since I had a very hard time finding this information i figure i will post it here, plus any future information when I find it. Dexterity is important, when the game begins, those with high Dex will attack first usually, and this includes mages casting their spells first, which is essential. If you've mapped this out, you'll know this area isn't explored yet. and it's the spare building in the open area. DRBR is, however, cheaper and does more damage if there's more than one of them. It may be more quick and productive to visit the Catacombs.

Wizard level 4 has nothing too practical. TRZP on the black widows is also pretty fruitless. It kicks you down to the floor for the previous level. [ JPG (187K) ] They are the most important ones, so if you're comfortable with this, it'll save time. The official map from Interplay. This FAQ should be functionally complete. NSEW = north, south, east and west. of the Unknown: Maps. This is a quick guide for anyone playing the Original Bard's Tale 1, tales of the unknown that is included in The Bard's Tale game. "Before you stand six warriors, dressed in bright green robes. Then F8, alt-u and the left arrow. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

MYSH is a great spell for reducing armor class, and STFL is the first cool group spell.

You probably need that in case you get killed. You can also use the trick of putting dead guys (guys you won't use) up front and reordering after each fight to improve your spellcasters by double the experience. As for grinding patterns, I personally recommend starting out on the 33 skeletons in Catacombs 1 in the center-south area of the dungeon. You really want to have spare HP and SP, too, in any case. So he may be a weak fighter, but he's a good cheap bunker. Swordsmen = night monsters, tough, but they make everything else worth more experience. One thing I didn't notice for a while: your conjurers may not be created equal. Spell points are a heck of a lot cheaper than hit points/resurrection when you have BEDE and REST available. This may have to do with fighting at night. If you like, you can make him a Warrior or Paladin, load him up with excess high-end armor and weapons (even at level one, this will make him virtually untouchable in town), and keep him waiting in case you wipe. Fabulous tapestries adorn the walls. South of the review board, then W N W and on the east side of the plaza is a temple.

I remember being entirely too pleased about this feature when it came out--especially after I lost my Code Wheel! That coupled with actual maps is a big help. It is also more efficient than STFL. Mad dogs are also nasty. You can even use descriptive names on the save state files. This won't take long if you started your magician just 4000 experience behind. If I'd looked around a bit and tried mapping the special areas, I'd have found the better ones earlier! But with a magician at level 5, every spellcaster now has a range spell, and you can smash-and-grab in the sewers. Monsters drop good items here, and for your fighters, this will be big for improving AC. Conjurer level 6, MALE is nice as it lasts longer than LEVI. Keep out!" All you need is about level 4 and a fire horn.

I found a few mithril swords, which help make sure you kill with one blow. Catacombs Map (APL2) by ASchultz *Highest Rated* 2014. The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight. Sorcerer level 5, DIIL exposes doppelgangers, which you should always run from. It has maps along with it. Now you want to throw all your spells--and the bard song--at the enemies. You may also want to explore the east side--there are a few random fights, but nothing big.

It can be useful to track this so you can just go in and out a few times until your party has the experience they need to hit your goals. Old school guide/map writer.

Reordering your party also kils a bard song. of maps (only maps, no details) There's very little to do other than cast MAFL for light and find (but not take) the stairs down, although there are some forced fights. This makes fighting even easier. However, any experience over 230000 is wasted for your mages, who should change classes. But I always get burned when I don't. A trip to the review board should clear up who needs what. Links


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