battle of magnesia
Artwork by Ó’Brógáin, from Roman Republican Legionary, 298 – 105 BC © Osprey Publishing At first, all seemed to be going well for Antiochus. THE ANDERSON PLATOON - Duration: 54:29. This alienated Seleucid subjects and further reducing the dynasty's prestige already sharply reduced by the decisive defeat suffered against the Romans. 11:43. Battle of Magnesia 189BC using D3 Ancients Clash Introduction. Antiochus lined up his army on the banks of the River Phrygius, with his phalanx in the centre and cavalry and light troops on each flank. Then the cataphracts returned and finished off the Ptolemaic Centre. His army was gone, and most of his recent conquests in Asia Minor went over to the Romans when they learnt of his defeat. The Battle of Magnesia: 190 BC In 192 BC, incited by the Aitolians, Antiochus III, King of Seleucid Asia, invaded Greece. At the start of the century, the League was allied with the Romans. This lets everyone get use to the rules and the period and get into it, before we move off into something different. The Roman legionaries, to the number of 10,000, formed the left wing resting on the river. The Battle of Magnesia took place in the winter of 190 BC between the Seleucid Basileus Megas Antiochus the III and the great Roman general Scipio Africanus and Lucius Cornelius Scipio. [12] The Taurus Mountains became the new frontier. Historical Background: “The morning was wet and foggy. It was fought as part of the Roman–Seleucid War, pitting forces of the Roman Home (current) he had taken a small army into Greece. It is the first historical game using my new rules d3 Ancients Clash (the previous games were with ‘Ancient Battlelines Clash’). In the autumn of 190 Antiochus then withdrew east across Asia Minor, searching for a suitable battlefield. Legion vs Phalanx, The Battle of Magnesia. The Roman ally Eumenes, commanding all their cavalry on the right of the Roman-Allied army counterattacked the Seleucid left, already disrupted by the scythed chariots, and broke it. Eventually, after further fighting, the Seleucid camp fell.[7]. Polybius states the financial burden of war indemnity forced Antiochus III to loot temple treasuries. In Antiochus III the Great. believe that Hannibal was present at Magnesia. I find this fascinating as it explains to me the Seleucid deployment of elephants between the pike units at Magnesia 10 years later which always puzzled me before. It weakened the already fractious Seleucid Empire and halted all ambitions of Antiochus III in becoming a latter day Alexander in his own right. [10], In all, both writers agree that the Roman army was about 30,000 strong and the Seleucids about 70,000. The reduced empire (titled: Syria, Kingdom of the Seleucids) and the expanded states of Pergamum and Rhodes, after the defeat of Antiochus III by Rome.


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