baywatch episodes out of order
When Stephanie and Trisha are on the deck, lighting strikes. Matt Brody returns to Baywatch to try to make up his lost relationship with C.J. They a, While Slade is winning a surfing competition in Australia, a diamond-smuggler named Dirk puts some diamonds in a surfboard that looks identical to Slade's. Caroline catches Logan and Neely together. Jessie and J.D. Also, Hobie's friend Jenny follows him around. When Luis, the gang-leader gets out of prison, he goes after Carlos. Created by Douglas Schwartz, David Hasselhoff, and Gregory J. Bonann, the series is a spin-off from the television series, Baywatch. He then discovers that she's really sick and wants to end her life. The final episode of the series. 's inventions pay off, as he performs a daring underwater rescue. But when Hobie cannot get in with his friends, Neely Capshaw returns and gives Hobie an lucrative offer to move in with her for awhile, which makes Mitch angry knowing that Neely always has an agenda. Cody couldn't go to Atlanta because of a diving accident (6.22 Go for the Gold). The Santa Ana winds blow an air of mystery into Baywatch, as well as a deadly creature that is disturbing the ocean calm. Ronnie is taken to the hospital. First Mitch and Cody, then Ariana's two bodyguards show up. Cort returns to Baywatch, helping Eddie in an aquatics program designed for inner-city youths. April tries to rescue Vic but the waves are too big. Then he wins the Ironman competition, beating his rival Craig Hummer. Mitch feels that he needs to "find himself", so he travels to Hawaii to have some time off. It turns out that Sean wanted Jason to. While Newmie, April, Todd and some teenagers are on the pier, a man falls into the water and Newmie and April have to rescue him. Mitch wants a lifeguard to be present during the filming and Matt is selected to go. Kellie Martin plays Chelsea Carol, a girl in whom Hobie is interested. Nicole Elizabeth Eggert is an American actress. C.J. Seeing the man in the water and knowing there is no time to waste, Zack immediately jumps in, even though the helicopter is too high and the dive is dangerous. She accidentally dropped a laundry detergent bottle into the washing machine. He tells Barnett to drive up alongside C.J. Sean's relationship with JD begins to get more complicated as JD begins to feel resentful about being on the team. Meanwhile, Garner has been able to get himself to a tower. Mitch and Stephanie go undercover as two wealthy individuals to stop murderous pirates from taking over Baywatch. Later, Mitch tells his lifeguards to start acting like professionals, otherwise they will not have any jobs left by the end of the week. Two boys become stuck in a large drain that is rapidly filling with the incoming tide and Mitch leads a group to rescue them before it's too late. Craig joins Cort and Eddie on a trip to Mexico for a long overdue vacation but things turn quite differently than any of them expect. Meanwhile, Shauni anguishes over the events of the past few weeks and deliberates her future. Mitch takes Hobie to the hospital to meet Josie who has come out of her coma. After talking to the other lifeguards, Sean decides that he'll try to teach Jason some risk management; basically the skill of preventing accidents - on the sand. When April resurfaces, Vic is nowhere to be seen. Later when Matt arrives to Neely's tower she is nowhere to be seen, so Matt is forced to rescue a little girl in trouble. Terry leaves the house in the morning and leaves a note for Jake. Branson stops by his car and offers him big money if he agrees to fight at his restaurant. Later, Mitch tells his lifeguards to start acting like professionals, otherwise they will not have any jobs left by the end of the week. And now, here it is. Meanwhile, Neely begins a new plan of revenge against Mitch first by taunting him and then bringing assault charges against him. Josie tells her father the truth that she pulled the throttle. He storms off. Mitch climbs down with the help of a rope and finds the golden boot; Jed arrives at the trailer. Meanwhile, Mitch and Hobie attend an annual ceremony that strives to invoke good waves of surfing. Meanwhile, Alex is going to her grandma for her 93rd birthday. Sean's relationship with JD begins to get more complicated as JD begins to feel resentful about being on the team. Caroline is called to rescue a man who claims to have seen his daughter drowning in the ocean; a man's fiancee retains a crush on Mitch after a rescue 11 years ago. In their tower, Neely comes on to Matt but he rejects her telling her about his relationship to C.J. When Diane arrives, she meets Mitch and falls in love with him. Mitch is concerned about Craig's health after the rescue. They are very sceptical. Everyone blames Logan for the shark activity and Logan no longer has permission to make his movie anymore. She has excellent times but according to her father, they aren't good enough. Matt suspects that a group of vacationing little people are really Santa's elves. After Steph comes to the girl's rescue, a guilty Caroline confesses she missed the rescue because of Logan. Mitch and Matt get involved into helping a young villager, named Mai, who is harassed by her insanely jealous suitor, Mako, who's the only one not very enthusiastic to have Mitch and Matt in the village. The lifeguard team comes to save Jessie and Jason proves himself as a true kama'aina - a person belonging in the Hawaiian family. With the background music,its actually a beautiful scene. Brand is immediately smitten and offers Stephanie's part to C.J. In the middle of this mess, Jenna sends a false rescue to Sean because she needs a ride back to HQ. Sean makes them jump off a huge cliff as a startup, but none of them gets scared. They are requesting him to appear for the reading of a will. Alex one morning is doing her morning workout run on the beach where she finds a big beautiful sand castle on the beach in front of her tower; she gets curious and tries to find out who has been making these lovely sandcastles. It's a tremendous struggle but Mitch manages to get Hal to the surface. and Kekoa are bickering about a watch J.D. She is crazy and follows Craig around the whole day. When they have entered the tunnel, Mitch immediately recognizes the smell. Jason and J.D. That is until she joined Baywatch were all the people are top trained, which leads to her decision of leaving Baywatch since she doesn't think she can change something that goes this deep. Then Jessie decides to participate as well. Later. Mitch and Tanner join Allie on a helicopter ride, but it ends pretty soon when they notice a possible victim waving at them from shore nearby. Then Summer apologizes to her and C.J. So the wedding is canceled making Hobie even sadder then he was before. After that, Cort and Craig decides to beat them at their own game. Mitch and the Baywatch gang compete against Jenny McCarthy and MTV VJ's in a charity games to raise money for the Special Olympics. All the lifeguards take care of Charlie and he has the time of his life with them. Craig returns to Baywatch after spending three weeks in Washington D.C. During this final ""heat,"" everyone pushes themselves to the limit, including Zack and Carrie. On a cruise to Alaska, a brush with death intensifies the growing relationship between Mitch and Neely.


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