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71 kg (157 lbs. After waiting a while, Legoshi detects the scent of a herbivore approaching the place and hides scared. Legoshi tries to leave, but Louis stops him and tells Kai that due to poor performance as an actor he was removed from the group of actors and from that moment he was part of the stage crew along with Legoshi. Louis comforts Legosi, telling him that his fetishes are what makes him who he is. Drama club Louis and Legosi get into a fight after Louis refuses to help Legosi find Haru (the mayor agreed to erase Louis' past in the black market in exchange for his silence about Haru). Previous occupation A minor bit of regeneration factor. Legoshi tells him he wants to high five, and Louis tells him to bring it on. In Chapter 54, Legosi's is shown thinking of multiple ways to get Louis to come back to school. Kai asks Legoshi if he has ever considered joining the acting team. "I'll be fine. When Oguma asks Louis whether he likes women in chapter 157, Louis does not answer. Haru: Woah, woah, woah! Legoshi feeling overwhelmed by the feeling of having Haru in his arms, begins to manifest his predatory appetite, accompanied by a kind of predatory consciousness who encourages Legoshi to eat Haru. Also Known As Legoshi has experienced more physical changes in his appearance than any other character in the series, most of them the result of some sort of physical injury. Insects and weather reports[2] We’re all weak here. Most of his body is covered by a bluish-gray fur coat while his face, neck, and chest fur have a cream color. "The moon is beautiful" (tsuki ga kirei desu ne) is a euphemism for "I love you" in Japan. In multiple panels of Chapter 96, the composition of the scenes compares Legosi's relationship with Louis to Riz's relationship with Tem. Manga Legosi tries to backpedal, but the Shishigumi members get offended by the way he looks at Louis and that fact that he is so happy that he keeps wagging his tail uncontrollably when looking at him. The next day, Legoshi attends a ceremony commemorating the drama club headed by Louis who is given an honor award by headmaster Gon himself. Legoshi helps her and they end up seeing each other face to face for the first time, causing Legoshi to highlight her black eyes. His words are "I look at his face and get the usual thought. Louis, wearing a “wolf hunting season” shirt: Yeah, the audacity. Follow. The high level of stress from the combination of shock and guilt over the thought that he accidentally devoured Haru in his sleep caused his fur to lose all color and become white. Legosi tells Louis that they have both changed: Louis is crippled, and Legosi is an ex-convict that had to drop out of school. Legosi vows to protect Louis and decides not to try to hurt him and Haru's relationship out of respect for Louis. During his first encounter with Yahya, Legoshi tore off his fangs and subsequently wears dentures. They’re all struggling.”, “I don’t need to cheapen myself, but I am going to surpass you as a woman.” – Juno, “I’m used to suppressing my emotions. Kibi asks Legoshi if she tried something, to which Legoshi replies no and that she is a good girl who loves her flowers. At sunset after finishing the planning, the club stagehands return to school while they talk. It’s French for moron. Legosi, upon gazing at Louis' face, vows to protect herbivores and their smiles. rosaline5. Louis meets Legosi in the black market in Chapter 158. 160 notes Oct 28th, 2020. Legosi admits to Louis that he has an herbivore fetish, and that his desire to protect herbivores was not out of justice, but out of hormones. Type (?) Death Note Theory: Was Light Reincarnated As A Shinigami. During summer, he wears a blue polo shirt, replacing the uniform shirt, vest and tie. By Chapter 97, Legosi is back in the duel, ready to fight. beastars legosi melon incorrect beastars quotes. ", (To Louis) "I understand. Friends Eventually his coat returns to normal after Legoshi ate a moth larva. Legoshi has a fixation with Haru, a small white dwarf rabbit who also attends Cherryton, but he often struggles understanding these feelings, not knowing if they were born out of a genuine love for Haru or his subconscious/instinctual desires to eat her. These fangs are for you. It was then that Legoshi confessed to Jack about his lineage being a hybrid animal and grandson to a Komodo dragon. just-incorrect-beastars. His inner dialogue states he was very happy to see him again, despite their last encounter before the disappearance being a brawl. Louis does not blush during his kiss with Juno and during his date with her in Chapter 194. When Louis cannot bring himself to shoot, Free shoots Ibuki from behind before he can hurt Louis. A lot of the Beastars fans are also questioning Louis's sexuality - especially after the chapter 157 in manga - and think he might be gay or bisexual. When Zoe leaves, Kai looks at Legosi and asks him why is he here, since he's 'a nobody' from the art department. They are interrupted by the tower's elevator breaking - Louis and Legosi fall on top of each other, and Louis discovers that his old friends who he was imprisoned with as a child, are still alive. I even learned how to fake a smile. During his fight with the boss of the Shishigumi, he gets bitten on his right forearm and had to get stitches. Legosi pulls away and apologizes. Later in the drama club, Kai talks to Legoshi where he shows his disgust from Louis's words, and notices that Legoshi remains thoughtful. Romaji Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His teeth grew back when his body got injected with Komodo dragon venom. He peeks out but fails to distinguish the animal due to intense fog at the site. Species Juno Quotes. Jonah Scott. I'm used to being feared and hated. Legoshi Legoshi is dumbstruck by Haru's presence and musters up the courage to try to help her with the flowers and offers Haru a handkerchief. English voice Gohin Quotes. )[2] (debut)77 kg (170 lbs.) Legoshi wonders if he should catch the animal if discovered, the herbivore detects Legoshi and the herbivore seeing him tries to flee the place. Legoshi claims no, and in an attempt to find out Legoshi's reason for not wanting to stand out, Kai starts asking him several questions. This excludes Louis' hysterical laughter when asking the Shishigumi to eat him, as it was laughter caused by insanity, not amusement. After undressing, Haru begins to open Legoshi's shirt and pants, and he is paralyzed for the moment without understanding Haru's intentions. Legoshi Quotes. After Kai leaves, Louis smiles and tells the wolf he's surprised that Legosi showed his fangs just to avoid a fight. Although he is rather naive and air headed, he is also quite stubborn and impulsive in regard to his own convictions, even in the face of confrontation. His name consists of three syllables, whereas other main characters have two. 185 cm (6'1")[2] (debut)187 cm (6'2") (currently) Louis, overwhelmed by the possibility of Legosi dying and his helplessness in preventing it, begins to cry uncontrollably, the first time he has cried in his life. I will take Haru from you!". Legoshi ends up slapping too hard and Louis ends up teary-eyed in pain (illustrated comically). I'll survive." Student at Cherryton High School (dropout). Legoshi would not speak to Gosha for another 5 years following this. ", Louis does not answer, and only answers "that's quite the change in subject. In Chapter 114, Legosi realizes his herbivore fetish when admiring Louis. Legosi: The best revenge is letting go and living well. So that’s it fellas. Not long after that, Kai barges into the room, while Louis is scolding Zoe for not knowing the script. Even so, he strives to suppress his predatory desires to live a normal life. It’s French for gay. Continued in 186, Louis is locked in a room, screaming at his associates to let him out, threatening to empty their bank accounts. Louis and Legosi start a new blood transfusion. Lougosi Later, Legoshi checks out Tem's locker who is discovered by other members of the club, to which Legoshi leaves the room. He makes an uncensored and improper speech about the black market and the need for carnivores to eat meat, shocking the press. Haru: I get 70% discount there! Legoshi, together with other students, is called to participate in the "territory day" and he goes to a special room that simulates a full moon. Don’t run! Legoshi is very conscious of his own presence and often does what he can to downplay himself. See you in the next post! Canonical? By Chapter 95, Louis has caught up to Legosi at the bridge where he is fighting Riz and has pulled him aside from the fight. Because he (Tem) never felt the same for me.". Lougosi's main rival ships are Legoharu and Louno. Before he can devour her, Legoshi is interrupted by Zoe, which makes Legoshi react and Haru takes advantage and runs away. Regoshi Anime Later, Legoshi finds himself washing his hands in a school bathroom and seeing himself in the mirror sees a wild version of himself, which makes Legoshi react violently by hitting the mirror, breaking it. Reblog. So, here are some quotes from Beastars that I found really amazing. When Legoshi was 7, he attended an unnamed elementary school for a number of years. Louis puts his fingers in Legosi's mouth and demands Legosi bite him. After handing in his leave report and saying goodbye, Louis walks to a car surrounded by lions, revealing himself to be the new boss of the Shishigumi. Suddenly, the Shishigumi pull their guns on Legosi. ", In the last panel of Chapter 77, the narration for Louis and Legosi's hug state that "even with their environments changed, they never lost their trust in each other. Louis is driven to the center of the back alley market's turf war. 1 Canon 2 Quotes 3 Fanon 4 Fandom 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 6.1 Anime 6.2 Manga 7 Media 8 References We first see Legosi and Louis meeting in the place where Tem died, both paying him tribute. Blood type This can be seen in his postures and mannerisms as he often slouches when standing or sitting. Hope you liked it. Legosi asks Louis to run away with him, but Louis refuses as he is part of the Shishigumi. It's always been like this. Louis is the first character that realizes that a 'herbivore' behavior is just some part of him and Legosi has some carnivore ferocity within him too. Bye bye~, Great content! Legosi: No, he’s still shocked. After the situation calms down, Louis rebukes Legoshi for restraining himself and leaves. Legosi corners Bill in the bathroom after smelling something suspicious in his coat. Legoshi covers her with a blanket and leaves leaving her confused. In order to give Legoshi the best chance of living a normal life as a supposed purebred gray wolf, Leano decided to have him via a one-night stand with an aspiring gray wolf actor named Miyagi in order to suppress the Komodo dragon genes she carried. ", (To Louis) "If you want to live your life obsessed with reaching the top, that's your decision. Louis: I had a very nice dream where Legosi kissed me and confessed their love to me.


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