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He would try to separate the two and he did a really good job at it. I did no communication studies in college at all. We were able to catch up with Ben last month (April 2014) to discuss his background, football and post-football endeavors and are pleased to present this interview. His 216 career tackles were the fifth most in Kansas State history. Growing up with basically 99% white people, you wanted to be like them but you weren’t and then you realize that it’s really fun to be different. That’s it. I’m not a scientist but if I were to have a choice in helmets, I would want a lighter helmet and not a heavier helmet. I saw your Twitter and wondered what it was so I clicked on it. He also maintains his life in Minneapolis and began contributing and later working for KFAN radio. If they have a weak neck and put a two pound helmet on them, it will just make everything worse. Abby and Ben Leber are as Midwestern as buttered ears of corn. So from the time I signed my contract with St. Louis to the time I got released and even after, to come full circle and to really realize that I was done was a good 6-8 months. I do remember a time in my second year in San Diego and we were terrible and finished the year 4-12.

As far as coaches go, probably because I was just so young, Greg Manusky was my linebacker coach and is now the defensive coordinator for the Colts. Which is hard to do with some of these punk kids in high school, you have to treat everyone fairly. The football camps have kind of faded away after I was done playing. You’re a little more mature, your body can handle the blows a little more. Growing up in small towns, we didn’t have any of the Pop Warner little leagues so there was no association for us to put pads on until 7th grade. A graduate of Kansas State University throughout the reign of legendary college football coach Bill Snyder, he went on to a 10-year professional career playing for the San Diego Chargers, the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams. That whole NFL initiative with Play60 has been right up my alley and something I’m passionate about. You mentioned that while at Kansas State that you started to realize your NFL potential. Until technology gets better, I’m going to hold my kid out of youth football. That’s part of the reason why with kids, they are not making these kids helmets fit them properly and they are too heavy for their little necks. Defensively, he expressed concern about the cornerbacks needing to play at a higher level, including disrupting routes. Some of them are just unavoidable. You can’t have any prejudices, preconceived notions or what have you. An excellent student, he was also an Academic All-State selection. This was just the perfect blend of being involved in football, paying attention to football and having better hours. There used to be this thing in the NFL, where you had to sign paperwork to say that you were retired. Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. I didn’t have a lot when I was playing.

They won’t even smell it. But he says he wasn’t concerned by the bedroom décor. Ever since I was a kid and as far as I can remember we played a sport every season. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! There are a lot of question marks out there outside of the perennial guys. I think the front office stuff would be much more enticing than the coaching aspect of it.

My middle brother played baseball at a JUCO in Kansas and then went to Tennessee Tech, which is a Division 1 school, and they would try to make it to as many games as they could even though it was in Tennessee. I saw more of the perks that went with it. Being a man who makes his living on his toughness, Ben wasn’t naturally drawn to all of Abby’s frilly decorating choices. The joke is that there is no papers to sign! One of the biggest missteps I had as a player was not taking advantage of networking opportunities. As far as I know, no. And, of course, we would get the cuss words in Korean from our mom as she would be yelling at us and she would just switch it over because she would get frustrated trying to find the right word in English and then would just go off on us in Korean.
I had one diagnosed concussion when I was in high school. I just thought what a great feeling, to be so close in 2009 and then to dominate in the Super Bowl against Denver. I’ll play in a charity event because at least I’ll feel like it is contributing to something but just to be out there with my buddies for six hours sounds like fun but I’ll get to hole 10 and I’ll be pretty much done. The player I looked up to and admired the most was Junior Seau. Minnesota Vikings’ Ben Leber (51) intercepts a pass in front of Dallas Cowboys’ Patrick Crayton (84) during the second half of an NFL divisional playoff football game Sunday, Jan. 17, 2010, in Minneapolis. Those are the biggest charity things that I work on. He worked there and – this is where it gets kind of foggy – I don’t really know how they met. Being coachable and versatile. I don’t know if they had met at a bar or if he was just around town. I think that is fascinating. This led to him losing his starting position to future Pro-Bowler Shawne Merriman. He was in fact my high school principal. It is a topic that we talk about a lot now that my parents are getting to retirement age and they are trying to figure out what they want to do. That season, he was declared a Parade Magazine All-America (the only South Dakotan so honored in 1997), an honorable mention All-USA by USA Today, and was selected to play in the North-South Dakota All-Star game. I was open and able to play all three positions at the linebacker spots and that’s one thing that coaches all the way up to when I was done would say that it was nice to have a guy who can fill in when a guy gets hurt, a swing guy. In 2008, Leber again played the full season, recording 64 tackles, a career-low 1.5 sacks, and 2 interceptions. The two met at Kansas State University, where locals “bleed Wildcat purple” and the students swig beer in a part of town called Aggieville. Any words that you would like to pass on to the mixed Korean community? According to, the average NFL career is 3.5 seasons. Not at all. This house, Abby decided, was going to be something special, a true reflection of her evolving style. The feeling of self-doubt can be so overwhelming. Hitting the weights, watching the film and digesting everything around them. There was some Native Americans, but that was it. Lack of confidence and self-esteem showed up when he transitioned to a media career after playing pro football for the Vikings, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams. Not every team can have a Brady, Manning, Brees or a Rodgers, guys that are responsible for taking their teams there. My biggest stance right now is no youth football. I think I got one “A” my first semester and I couldn’t even grasp the concepts of some of the prerequisites for the major. It’s such a big thing with bullying these days. I had always enjoyed doing media work as a player and had a lot of opportunities afterward. Hopefully it something I can keep doing. I would say going into that last year with St. Louis that I had more doubts in my mind than I ever had about my willingness to play again. If they can make it through the season relatively injury free, I think that division whoever comes out of there is the most dangerous in the postseason.

Unlike many former jocks, Leber’s approach in talking about both his life and analysis of football is candid. Then I set my sights on the NFL and knew I had to play really well in college and started looking at it more closely to see what I needed to do and set my goals accordingly and re-adjust some stuff. But, I will be putting another one on here at the end of June. It was so ridiculous and to watch the whole thing and for him to be on the team. They started putting stuff together for me like devising a plan and started shopping me around and all the while I was doing anything and everything I could do for free to get behind a microphone, get on TV, get comfortable on camera, taking on-camera classes from actors.

I think that would do a lot more for concussion prevention than some of these rules and techniques.
“I said, holy (blank), that’s Jerry Rice,” Leber recalled in lining up against the 49ers legendary receiver. Ben has spoken to numerous groups, from Elementary schools to corporations. “This is the Bears fault. Still when I give speeches I talk about that experience of looking across the line and seeing Jerry Rice staring right at me and I’m like I cannot belong on the same field as this dude, what is going on? I think it’d be fun, kind of like picking stocks. Updated: February 02, 2019 They are one or two players away from really gelling and being a pretty good team.

I really wanted to get to year 10 and that was one of my goals I had set early on. I know that we can’t stop every concussion but I think about the safety aspect of some of these rules.


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