best obscure songs of all time
Of course, everything The Who does is above reproach, so I had to shove one of their songs into this list. The next time you're taking the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seriously, remember Paul Rodgers, possibly the best pure singer in rock history, is still not in there. 5. 1., a 1996 collection of obscure non-psychedelic garage rock. The Babe -Danny O’Keefe The song also offers a cautionary tale: It can be easy, with a garage band known for a huge hit, to think they had nothing else. 3. Garage rock, which has existed since rock & roll’s advent, and will probably always exist, had exactly one year when it was a national force. I own David Gates & Ambrosia. 9. Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, Rudy Martinez, lead singer of this group of organ-loving oddities, claimed to be from Mars, but if you were from Mars, would you really write a song, in the title track, which inverts the 69 sexual position and turns it into a symbol for teenage heartbreak? will expand soon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In that same era, Lesley Gore was huge, and Sadina mined similar “slightly self-pitying teen girl” territory. All contents © With a few exceptions, songs popular during the adolescence of people still alive today are much more popular than songs and racist comedy routines recorded during the reign of Queen Victoria. Add to that the spreading tide of tribute bands, devoting careers to recreating a favorite band’s repertoire. 2 Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn (number three in 1991)., Steve Jones hung out at Malcolm McLaren’s “Sex” boutique trying to shoplift pricey proto-punk clothing. 7. It was like reading a Swahili textbook on algebra. (Photo by Scott Cohen/Getty images). “It Comes and Goes” was written by Neil Diamond during his Brill Building days. Least Obscure Hit Songs Back then, rock music was still a towering social force and releasing that music was big business. The Top 100 One-Hit Wonders This list was compiled by DeeJay Rich Appel as a Labor Day Weekend Countdown, 2012.By Rich's kind permission, we are reprinting the results of his research here.Rankings were compiled as follows:To qualify, an artist had to have This jangly little anthem was one of the biggest hits for this band, fronted by sisters Tracy Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland – who spent much of the late 80s and early 90s making irresistibly catchy pop tunes. J. W. Myers: “On a Sunday Afternoon,” 1902 Like on a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Cherry, Cherry,” or a version of the Beatles’ “Taxman” that sounds like the original has been forced to take Valium and then get stomped on by a group of nascent L.A. art punks. There were two rival punk bands in my hometown: My friends and I preferred the Rebels because of what today would be called their “politically incorrect” lyrics  about, er, topical subjects. I’m indebted to writer Nicholas James Pell for introducing me to these last two songs (and about 5000 more, via a rhinestone-encrusted Hello Kitty flash drive.). Stadium-ruling colossus like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Queen and Aerosmith cast a huge shadow. Charming. Crazy way to spend a year -Robert Lamm All Rights Reserved. But if you listened to local radio and watched Toronto Rocks and The New Music, the Head were ready-made (and legally mandatory) “Canadian content,” and so, they grew on me. Elvis Presley: “Heartbreak Hotel,” 1956 Missing -SPRINGSTEEN But just to show you what I know, Cook’s single tanked around the world, but the Jones “side” reached #6 on the UK charts. Before his "I Can't Drive 55" solo career and Van Halen 2.0 hits, Sammy Hagar yowled in California band Montrose. 3. I will also admit, it’s hard to go wrong with Muddy Waters. And don’t cry for them. Some songs, like the Pistols’ “Anarchy in the U.K.” and the Who’s Leeds version of “My Generation,” just make you say, “what the fuck was that?” the first time you hear them. This is a song for moments and memories like that. But wasn’t chosen. TV commercials featuring "The Slider" and "20th Century Boy" finally familiarized the U.S. public to T. Rex songs beyond "Get It On (Bang a Gong)." 9. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe by Lynyrd Skynyrd 24 Glorious – Andreas Johnson (number four in 1999), Andreas Johnson may not have made much impact in the wider world after this song (which you’d probably forgotten about until now) but he’s still a big star in his native Sweden. One of Strummer’s own compositions, “Get Down Moses,” is more rousing and upbeat than “Redemption Song,” as well as less pretentious. Led Zeppelin and Sandy Denny - Battle Of Evermore (1971) It was rare for Led Zeppelin to enlist a guest, but Battle… is so much better for Sandy Denny's ethereal, paired vocal. This means that if you’re an American, you’ve probably never seen it, and it is impossible to find on the web. Surprise. For good reason. From cult 60s popsters The Left Banke and The Free Design to alt.rock heroes Teenage Fanclub and lesser-known cuts from household names, the 50 Great Songs You’ve Never Heard playlist should give you 50 new favourites you’ll never get enough of. So back the car out and grab your ax: Here are 10 other great garage LPs. On The Ball: The 11 Best Football Songs Of All Time. Question Mark and the Mysterians, 96 Tears. An out-of-nowhere hit from this New Zealand act (their name stood for Otara Millionaires Club by the way), our guess is that you loved this at the time – but if we hadn’t told you, would you have remembered who it was by? 2. Liverpudlians Space notched up a fair few hits during the 90s without ever actually achieving Blur/Oasis levels of Britpop success. Here's a look at 20 rock songs from the '70s that feel underrated today. 6. Either Dougan is too literal minded, or I am; I can’t square the longing lyrics and pastoral tune with stewardesses turning into laughing pigs on the flight back from Monterey Pop. 6. By Matt Wake. You can tell a man wrote this song because it almost, but not quite, accurately conveys the thought-processes of a female adolescent. (…), Contrary to popular belief, A-side “We All Love Peanut Butter” is not a LSD cautionary tale. "Spaceball Ricochet" finds T. Rex hottie Marc Bolan exploring starry melancholy: "With my Les Paul; I know I'm small; But I enjoy living anyway". The name is, of course, deliberately English-inflected, but that kind of invention – or reinvention – is what garage glory is all about. Elvis Presley: “Hound Dog,” 1956, Most Obscure Hit Songs, Adjusted for Time The Clefs of Lavender Hill, Stop! Hell, even today, if you hear a version of the song on the radio, it’s probably that spiky Knights version, which led to the band cutting their first long-player in March 1966, a shot heard round the carport world. One Direction: “What Makes You Beautiful,” 2012 The Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time is a book by Martin Popoff who is the editor in chief and writer of the Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine as well as the senior editor of What you most wanted to do was assimilate the sonic vocabularies of the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds, the latter especially. With its elegiac lyrics compounding all the accidental auditory poignancy, Strummer’s version (which is superior to Marley’s own – see above) became his post-mortem signature song. The Rolling Stones: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” 1965 The real reason? The story of The Sex Pistols has been told countless times before, but there’s no definitive narrative. It sounds utterly unique, and for a band on its first trip into a recording studio, that’s downright eerie. Raspberries tracks like "Go All The Way" and "Tonight" are killer and better-known. Marguerite Farrell: “If I Knock the ‘L’ Out of Kelly (It Would Still be Kelly to Me),” 1916 OK, so this sister and brother helmed outfit from Florida didn’t have an album, but there’s this compilation of their 1966 recordings, and it is a true garage cornucopia. 7 Break From The Old Routine – Oui 3 (number 17 in 1993). 9. But now we’ve heard it again we can’t get it out of our heads. I can’t possibly improve upon Michael H. Little’s lengthy, and absolutely delightful, appreciation of this mysterious record over at The One Way Street was a quartet (actually a quintet, but one member couldn’t make the session) of Zanesville and Cambridge Ohio teens who showed up at Sunrise Studios in Hamilton, Ohio out of the blue and recorded a 45 (A-side “We All Love Peanut Butter,” which Kid Congo Powers turned me on to, and B-side “Jack The Ripper”) while the mother of guitarist/vocalist Sonny Dickens waited outside in her car. 8. We remember this little lady even if you don’t. (It didn’t hurt that Jones had just stolen some guitars and amps from a David Bowie gig…). And hey, “96 Tears” hit Number One on the charts, which was quite the bedpost notch for the garage crowd as a whole. Multi-part, with the coolest vamp groove you will ever hear, with percussive guitar effects and Tashian’s voice skipping over the beat, it is one of the great rock & roll cuts of its decade. Elvis Presley: “Jailhouse Rock,” 1957 And, of course, we’d like to know the great songs that you think we need to hear. Remember the Wermerling Brothers? Dorothy Gambrell is the cartoonist behind Cat and Girl and a contributing graphics editor for Bloomberg Businessweek. Don that cape! Sadly, this rendition of “Never…” was cut when SCTV went into syndication. She blogs at Very Small Array. Thanks to the timeless beauty of The Beach Boys’ ‘God Only Knows’, everybody knows Carl Wilson’s exquisite voice. Ghosts by Dan Fogelberg Here, we chronicle 30 of rock's very best collaborations. What follows are my picks for ten songs that should have been bigger than they were: This song contains the kernel of a hit: an insinuating chorus which, alas, sounds like it was tacked on to the vastly inferior verses of another, deservedly unfinished song the Rats found while cleaning out the tour bus. Know-nothings might mistake Cook for the Pistol’s “Ringo,” but “Silly Thing” shows he could have played a greater role, had he wanted to and/or been given the chance. Quite the cool little hybrid. Do you want to hold my hand -Innocents Then again I would because I wrote it . ), The trouble with “Redemption Song” is that a) I hate Bob Marley and b) it sounds like one of Bobby Darin’s earnest but embarrassing late-career faux-folk “protest songs.”, (Which tells me all I need to know about Marley’s “genius.” If he’d been a white guy, Marley would be a joke, a cross between Tiny Tim and Tommy Chong.).


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