best sa58 ammo tarkov
PMC's. The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created … AP-20 Slug: A slug round that makes it viable at range while also deadly the AP-20 is your best all around choice when trying to complete your shotgun quests or simply have some shotgun fun. Between you and causing this damage though is your opponent’s army which is where penetration comes in. 437k members in the EscapefromTarkov community. I use M80 because after one or 2 rounds to the chest their armor is fucked anyways and the flesh damage is crazy. Prapor Level 2 will happily sell you this round as well which makes it the first accessible 9×39 ammo. -Recoil is prioritized over ergo. Well ammo type all depends on the circumstance. PP-9 "Klin", PP-91-01 "Kedr-B", PP-91 "Kedr", APB, APS, PB, PM(t), PM. PS: Probably the absolute best ammo round in the early game of Tarkov and ideal for your SKS or AKM for Scavs and players. BP is very good against armoured targets, due to its high AP, however against unamoured players, PRS has very high damage and a fast travel speed. Check out what's the best ammunition for every popular type of firearms in EfT, Mechanic (Loyalty Level 3); also available as a craft on Level 2 Workbench, Skier (Loyalty Level 1), Jaeger (Loyalty Level 1), Prapor (Loyalty Level 4 + Completed Grenadier Task, Barter; Also Craftable), M700, DVL-10, Orsis T-5000, SA-58, DT MDR .308,  RSASS, M1A, SR-25, Vepr Hunter/VPO-101, Loot only (current price on the Flea Market - ~1688₽, but it fluctuates heavily), Peacekeeper (Loyalty Level 4 + Wet Job - Part 6 Task), Peacekeeper (Loyalty Level 3 + Spa Tour - Part 6 Task), OP-SKS, SKS, AKMSN, AKMS, AKMN, AKM, AK-104, AK-103, Vepr KM/VPO-136, Prapor (Loyalty Level 3 + The Punisher - Part 5 Task), M4A1, HK 416A5, AK-102, AK-101, ADAR 2-15, TX-15 DML, DT MDR, Peacekeeper (Loyalty Level 3), Skier (Loyalty Level 4), Peacekeeper (Loyalty Level 2 + The Cult - Part 1 Task), RPK-16, AKS-74UB, AKS-74UN, AKS-74U, AK-105, AKS-74N, AKS-74, AK-74N, AK-74M, AK-74, Loot Only, can be found on Reserve quite easily, Prapor (Loyalty Level 3 + The Punisher - Part 4 Task), Saiga-9, PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN, MPX, MP9-n, MP9, MP5K-N, MP5, P226R, MP-433 "Grach", M9A3, GLOCK18C, GLOCK17, Prapor (Loyalty Level 2), Peacekeeper (Loyalty Level 2), Mechanic (Loyalty Level 1) ; 67₽/1$/67₽. Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. But those articles are older. What would be the best sight to use now? The Best AmmoUpdated: September 21st, 2020. -Be careful with the casv hand guard, there are two with the same name but different stats. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Primarily an AK ammo round used for the majority of AK variants that Escape From Tarkov has to offer and accordingly a round you’ll want to be able to identify quickly if you find yourself stealing Scav weapons. M856A1: The first viable ammo available in this calibre is the first that compete against tier 3 armour with some consistency. If a bullet penetrates the armor, it does its full damage to the body (unlike in other games, when armor reduces damage taken by some set percentile). I know the more pen you have the less damage you do total. In this guide we will examine what EFT offers for night time combat. If we consider the effect on target, then the two main parameters of the terminal ballistic performance of a round are penetration power and damage. With a deadly punch up to tier 4 armours this round pairs it with deadly one shot potential as it hits for over 80 damage and makes the Mosin such an attractive gun to level the playing field. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EscapefromTarkov community. Bullet flight in Escape from Tarkov is affected by things like muzzle velocity, bullet weight, air friction, bullet type(its shape and so on), and gravity. If you’re looking for a quick reference document I recommend this image from SunMachine on reddit that covers all ammo types which is reproduced below: Alternatively for those that are more number driven NoFoodAfterMidnight’s EFT Ammo and Armour Charts (backup version if main version is unavailable due to high traffic) are well referenced by the community. 419k members in the EscapefromTarkov community. Ammo which overcomes either of these cutoff points is thus favoured as it can take a potential 2 hit kill to a 1 hit kill. Damage done depends on an affected body part, bullet's distance traveled before a hit, possible fragmentation, and a player position in reference to the shooter (bullets can penetrate multiple body parts for increased damage; for example, if a bullet hits your arm, pierces through it and then enters your chest cavity, you will suffer higher amounts of damage). CASV FAL. Ammo (or rounds or bullets) in Escape From Tarkov receive a lot of community attention and for good reason as they are your primary means of dispatching enemies in fights. BP: The BP name is once again at the top tier of an ammo calibre although rarely seen in practice as it regularly runs double the cost of SP-6 and SPP despite giving little real benefit. With this added context you’ll be able to quickly determine the best Tarkov ammo for you across the most popular weapon types. -I'm hopping off the internet until Thursday because inorganic and calc-3B tests tomorrow. You even die by just looking at this monster. 11 months ago. SA58. This means that the heavier and slower a bullet is, the larger its drop-off over distance will be (that is why your VSS is not that accurate at longer ranges). In addition Prapor is once again offering this through barters and trades to keep the bullet supply flowing. A rarer used ammo calibre in Escape From Tarkov is the shotgun slugs and shots. The .366 TKM is a rifle cartridge used for assault rifles and sniper rifles in Escape from Tarkov. m62 can pen lvl 5 and m61 lvl 6 but in my opinion for a "budget" run m80 is good enough if u want to go all in m61 is the way to go. Accessibility of the round and this fire rate also keeps it a cheap alternative to the options below even later game though with often not even a second difference in time to kills. Understanding the basics of how ammo works in Escape From Tarkov can provide some insight into what makes an ammo type good (or bad) but equally what makes an ammo good in specific circumstances. Learn the best in slot and budget ammo types for a range of situations in this EFT Ammo Guide. The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created … The lack of an early strong ammo also contributes to keeping this ammo relegated to the late game as any tier of armour can quickly hurt the effectiveness of 5.56 NATO. Every bullet type in the game has its Armor Penetration Value, the higher it is, the better the chance for a penetrating hit it has. Using the best ammo in Escape From Tarkov is an important piece of game knowledge that goes beyond simply the highest priced ammo. 2.4k. The effect that a bullet has on the body is simulated at the point of impact. Meaning no recoil reduction was sacrificed in order to add more ergonomics. Not to be mistaken for the similarly named M855 round (also common on Scavs) that is not worth the space in your magazine this round is capable up to tier 4 making it a natural pick during the mid game provided you can unlcok Peacekeeper Level 3 or Skier Level 4.


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