black mouth cur great dane mix

The Black Mouth Cur is a hunting dog and they require a great deal of regular exercise. The puppies can be born with a long to short, or even docked, tail. We love everything about her, but that.

With their thick coat, German Shepherds are loved all around the world. I have a 9 month old black mouth cur. Like the people, Black Mouth Cur needs a vaccine. I have read all of your comments about BC’s, however can any one tell me how to keep my BC from being aggressive towards my husband.. LOL. What we do know is that the Black Mouth Cur was popular amongst early American settlers, especially in the south. Research Ladner BMC in Mississippi. The iconic Akita is known for being loyal, noble and loving. The bitch and pups could all be put in the pen, and no more than 10 minutes later he was in the yard playing with my grandson. Socialise them from an early age by exposing them to varied experiences, different kinds of noises as well as people of varying traits.

This is not an indoor breed for sure. We bought her a ball (too big to sink her teeth in) and she chases it all around the backyard (1-1/2 acres). They are generally healthy, and will love being part of an active family. The vet originally said she was negative, but another vet ran a test and found baby heartworms.

Needs plenty of room to run. BMC’s have white claws. Oh by the way he hates cats with a passion, how do your baby’s feel about cat’s or as far as that goes any other animal with fur? Any response will be greatly appreciated. 102 lb. It can be quite tough to find a specific Black Mouth Cur rescue. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend.

Currently, many foods are useful for humans, but they are toxic to Black mouth cur.

We named him Casey as the shelter name was Unique and we couldn’t see us calling him by that name.

I’m not a dog person. Although this is basically a purebred dog, in the recent times, black mouth cur mixes have also been introduced by the breeders like the black mouth cur-pitbull mix, the black mouth cur-lab mix etc. If you are looking for a family dog, hunting instincts won’t be as important, and so you may be able to find a breeder who breeds for family traits, or purchase a less promising hunting prospect for a reduced price. You can also talk with all-breed rescue groups near you or online to see if there are any Black Mouth Curs in the shelter. But, when she is inside she is very nervous. Hah! These days, the primary purpose of the breed is for hunting. Keep up the good writing. My dog never tore up anything inside my house and never scratched a door that was closed. Dr Andersen countryside animal hospital on curlew rd is very good, Nutro Ultra has been great for me with multiple breeds and keeps my BMC coat shinny.

These old American inhabitants have their origin debated to be either hailing from the Tennessee Mountains, or else, the Mississippi regions. After Red, fawn, brown, brindle, yellow, buckskinned (combined with white), Committed, affectionate, dependable , kind-hearted, protective, ABMCBA, CKC, NKC, SBMCBA, FBMCBO Inc., NSBMCBA, UKC, APRI, ACR, DRA.

I swear he’s so smart sometimes I think he’s a very intelligent human in a dog suit, granted a very small intelligent person but my Bubba doesn’t miss a beat. If you have any more questions, or think of something we don’t answer in this article, be sure to ask us in the comments! Her social skills at home with the family and the grandkids are perfect.

months now and quite a handful. Choosing a high-quality dog food product for your Black mouth cur puppy. The muzzle itself is slightly shorter than the skull and quite broad, providing the dog with both the greatest area for scent receptors and the largest and most powerful possible jaws.Eyes: The eyes of the Black Mouth Cur are medium to large in size, and may be green, brown, or yellow in color.Ears: The ear is medium size and it is hangingTeeth:Serious Faults: Neck:Topline:Body: The chest is deep and solid.Breed Type: PurebredSerious Faults: Tail: The tail can be quite lengthy.

Lol. Put him in a nose work/scent detection class. But only have a flip phone and don’t know how to post a picture from it onto the internet. A few breed specific rescue organizations can be found in the U.S., especially in the south. Unless you are a human with bad intentions or another dog you will ultimately be met with many doggie kisses. We have had a Collie, three Goldens. You may find some Black Mouth Curs can weigh between 60 and even 90 pounds.

Journal of Small Animal Practice. If you plan on hunting with your pup, you may also wish to talk with a trainer about the best hunting training protocol for your puppy. Black Mouth Curs are smart and curious canines. We rescued a BMC (Ladner I believe) about 2 months ago in Covington TN. I know she is still growing and she does eat like

He is very friendly and personable with new people, as well as other dogs. My husband says he doesn’t have any issues with her but I think she thinks that I am her playmate. Wait, there are two, The Alaskan Klee Kai is a beautiful breed that is commonly, An albino dog has inherited a rare genetic mutation. My puppy is now extremely trained with it.

I am somewhat handicapped needed a rolator walker to walk outside on the road. When we took her home she was very skiddish and TERRIFIED of men. This dog never needs professional grooming, only very occasional brushing. They need plenty of room to run and do best when given a long, brisk daily walk. Black Mouth Curs have large, muscular frames covered in short coats that are usually yellow, reddish brown or brindle. This breed is a good choice for sporting owners who plan to hunt or compete with their dogs. We were on a rural highway and afraid he would get hit, loaded him in our car and looked for his owner. I have a black mouth dog with white fawns is it a local dog, Your email address will not be published. My daughter tried to give the pup to me, and I really wanted him, but I felt that he should stay with my grandson because they were so bonded. But, the dreams she been having are having her now act scared a lot and aggressive. Interesting to read all the comments and compare. So first he picked me and then he picked his name and he’s been BUBBA or BUBBIE ever since and never once hesitated to answer to his new name, frankly I don’t think he liked SUPERMAN for a name any more than I did. We used to have a pit bull mix that was easier to handle than this pooch.

honest mistake by someone. The decision to purchase or rescue a Black Mouth Cur ultimately depends on you and your family. Will start her hunting ground game and move to waterfowl if/when she warms up to the water. The Mouth Cur has a short, sleek coat and only requires a weekly brushing and a rare bath. I’m concerned he might do some damage out there. then sum..friend took me hog hutting.

I try not to put her in the kennel, I want her to know she is safe. is a best way to find black mouth cur puppy for adoption. After the humans which are of course on top.

She wants to please and have fun WITH me, not alone. They are very social dogs if trained properly. This breed comes in a variety of acceptable colors including: red, yellow, fawn, tan, black, brown, buckskin, and brindle. The one set of parents that let her come close to their kid were amazed with how playful she was. There are many toxic foods are like grapes, Alcohol, Nuts, beer, raw bread dough, chocolate, garlic, and onions any other foods are included in a toxic food to avoid this type of toxic food for your Black Mouth Cur. Click here to see our list of rescues. These conditions include: Ear infections, Elbow Dysplasia, Ectropion, Cataracts, Epilepsy, Demodex Mange, Hip Dysplasia etc. Sounds like your BMC is like ours! If you do know of any specific rescues for this breed, please let us know in the comments so we can add them to this list! Training and exercising your Black Mouth Cur, Do Black Mouth Curs make good family pets, 15 Things To Buy For A German Shepherd Puppy. My dog loves the water that really surprised us. She is kind of a diva about it, lol.

And doesn’t grab our food if we leave it unattended. Hi Sherri!!! Adams VJ, et al. Just a suggestion. I’ve had to chase after him many times. © 2020 ( Black Mouth Curs are great family dogs. You can find  rescues online. Just be patient with your dogs and they will come around. The Veterinary Journal, Schalamon et al.

He was once called the Robert Redford of BMCs. But rain, he doesn’t fancy much. Today a lady told me she looked exactly like a Blackmouth Cur. Gets along with all humans and dogs but doesn’t really understand kids. Do all BMC dogs have a black spot on the roof of their mouth? Most owners and breeders expect their dogs to live between 12 to 16 years. Healthy dogs perform better, whether they are hunting, herding, or performing in dog sports, and so the breed does not have some of the structural genetic defects, like hip dysplasia, found in other breeds.

These dogs have high energy requirements, which is why they’re so well suited to working lifestyles.

So you may also be able to find information about breeders in hunting publications. Training sessions should be short but frequent in order to keep them from becoming bored. In fact he almost pulled me over with the rolator.

Most importantly, spend time with your dog because your dog needs love and affection. I would own another in a minute.

Puppy training is a most important part of the any pet or any dog breed. a little pig, I hope I am just being a silly, worrisome, doggie mom. Don’t want her to have to be like that.

She’s also out numbered with 6 indoor rescued cats. Sleet or snow, no problem. And so it is no wonder that as settlers moved west, they took their dogs with them. I show her affection a lot. I will conclude by saying that because of Molly, I have become so enthused with her breed that if I were to adopt another dog, I would definitely want it to be another BMC. But just yesterday, he got out of his harness and attacked a cat. Molly was a rescue who has now been with me for 5+ years.

This is a new type of dog resulting from the inter-breeding of a Black Mouth Cur and a Labrador Retriever. For instance, Ladner’s Yellow Black Mouth Curs have been featured in Full Cry magazine. we are trying everything but figure they are being cautious.

He’s great with other dogs, but fearful towards people. The average litter size for the Black Mouth Cur is between 3 and 9, though litters of up to 10 have been reported. I saw a picture of a dog my cousin put on the internet after I got my “Lucky II” and he looked just like my rescue. The first Black Mouth Curs registered with a national kennel registry where the Ladner Black Mouth Curs through the National Kennel Club in April 1964. This breed may become overly protective and possibly aggressive, although serious human aggression issues are not common. We still go every day except when it rains. We do not implement these annoying types of ads! We love him so much! She weighs 37 lbs at 10 mos., is that normal? yes he is most definitely my dog.


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