blues scales sax tenor

We call this the major blues scale (ex 12i).

Although theoretically you could think in terms of the RN analysis we have been using, and play a scale of F Mixolydian (mode starting on F using notes of the Bb major scale) this is unlikely to sound good. These scales need not be restricted to blues music, they can also work well over other sequences which do not have more than one key centre (e.g. G Blues (Concert B flat) 2. Many early Count Basie arrangements were improvised. Tonic (sometimes with a subdominant on bar two), Subdominant and back to tonic (often with repeat of first melody and lyric), Dominant (sometimes via subdominant) back to tonic (often with different melody and lyric). on alto in Bb (concert), it’s. Example:In the key of C the C7 chord in bar 4 of a typical 12 bar blues (see below Ex: 12a) appears to be a secondary dominant chord (V7 of IV), but it is more in keeping with the genre to think of the 5th and 6th bars as the subdominant rather than a new key centre. A good way to become familiar with blues changes is to practise this in all keys. In jazz, blues sequences can become quite complex but still retain these 3 areas. (ex 12g). Saxophone tutorials, beginners to advanced. From there there,

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The best way to test this, perhaps, to try and work out other major scales just using your ears. The blues scale and minor pentatonic scale are similar. Intermediate – Advanced, Arrange a one to one consultancy/lesson in saxophone, improvising, composing.

I shall refer to this as the minor blues scale but bear in mind it can be used in major and minor blues sequences. D flat Blues (Concert E) 8. Lots of players have used this approach to a very successful end. Anwendung. The image to the right shows both the C and A (relative minor of C) Blues scales.Throughout the book there are patterns of these two scales both individually and together creating a huge library of improvisational melodic lines to choose from. those in blues music rather than some of the more sophisticated jazz/blues) it does not usually make sense to use the RN analysis in the same way that we have been used to where key centres are defined by dominant chords. However, unless you can really get down and honk on that blues scale, it would be a good idea to try to use all of these scales in the blues to make your solo more interesting….


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