bmw n53 injector replacement
It provides better fulfillment of cylinders with the fuel. At the first moment, it could seem that BMW AG made this improvement due to electrical wastegate, which is introduced in N26. Problems of air-tightness, Idle. Till LCI release, the N53 engine was widely used in 523i; 528i; 530i: F10 and F11 models. Comments: Got an 6 series N53 engine non start with fault codes 30BA & 30BB, disconnecting injector 1 clears the 30BA code and injector 4&5 clears the 30BB code but have swapped injector 1 with injector 2 Re-coded & fuel adaptations reset but 30BA code still stays with injector 1 connected. Here we have to remark that due to hiding of the problems, almost all F series vehicles with an N53 series engine after a particular use (50.000 km+) were not using a Stratified charge. Uneven running. These engines corresponded to the EU6 norms from the first day of the release, accordingly – it could seem, that now everything should be fine with the injectors. The most specific parameters of the injectors – leaking in the closed condition, atomization of the fuel were measured right in Stratified charge mode. Smooth run. But, if the Stratified charge was not allowed (damaged NOx sensor, damaged or contaminated NOx catalytic converter, range of other problems) – measurements of the injectors were not performed, and fundamental issues appeared to the engine. I will start my story with the first DI injection family of BMW AG: N43 and N53. Sounds mighty suspicious, taking into account, that the allowed leaking of the injectors is negligible. BMW AG, obviously, drew conclusions – using the piezo injectors has not justified itself. Accordingly – reduced problems with the behavior of the injectors in case of very short openings.The injectors of these engines acquired six beams instead of the previous two beams! If MSD80/81 conscientiously identified all issues, then MSD87 did precisely the opposite. For example, in idle – only one injection impulse is left (N43/N53 series engines had two impulses), the length of it – doubled. N43/N53. Stratified charge performance check. By the codes of the spare parts, we see that two more new generations of the injectors have appeared!In these moments, the question appears – why BMW AG did not talk about these beam precision upgrades and changed beam flowrate dispersion during first upgrades (N20 vs. N26)? The engines successfully run even in a Stratified charge! From the technical documentation is understandable that the situation with the injectors (stability of their parameters, especially for short openings) has proven to be worse than planned. What to do? When installing a new injector: Use a new uncoupling element (2). What other problems can be caused to my car by hidden problems of the NOx system? E series. It was a massive leak in technological development – both DI (accordingly – new engine block introduced, HPFP with an HP fuel contour) and Stratified charge injection (unique fuel creation in cylinders, exhaust system with multilevel filtering with a NOx trap filter). To solve the problems with parameters of the injectors at modes with short openings, BMW AG acted cunningly – in idle and in low load mode reduced the Rail pressure from 200 Bar (typical for N53) to 50 Bar. BMW was able to reduce fuel consumption in the N53 engine by adding direct injection and a nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter. N20/N26. A Stratified charge doesn’t reduce fuel consumption? At this moment, piezo injectors appeared in the BMW petrol engine. N63. Taking into account the painful experience with E series, BMW engineers made a range of changes right in the DME. Re-adapting of the automatic transmission, The problems of the injectors and misfires, Car with N57N engine and very low mileage, F10/11. Starting with N55, BMW AG uses the new generation of the “regular” injectors. F series. An example. In these engines, the same injectors as for N55/N20/N26 are used. Because it is clear that each manufacturer tries to hide his problems. F series. What fundamental changes expected this generation of the engines? Due to injector problems, these engines were a nightmare for BMW AG. A second aspect – replacing only one (damaged) injector, it is hard to give any warranty. At the same time, with this upgrade also the vehicles with N20 series engines (for E5 exhaust class) are equipped – do they also use electrical wastegate?Unexpected kindness from the manufacturer. Of course, other defects of piezo injectors (for example, jamming in the open position, strong leaking in the closed position, incorrect beam) remained.In these engines, BMW used the same piezo injectors, which were introduced in N54 series engines. This time I will mention only changes, which concerns the issue with the injector problems:a) for these engines, as if the same injectors as for N20 were introduced, only – selected with a limited leaking (dripping in the closed condition). And the story can begin. For these reasons, the dealer centers replace all injectors at one time.Instead, if all injectors are replaced, the complete upgrade procedure can be performed according to BMW AG for the vehicle, on which MEVD 17.2.9 (after July 2012) is installed. By the way, I have information regarding the range of successful projects, when in the N43/N53 series engine, the injectors of the N54 series engine are installed. After replacement, I would NOT upgrade DME to 17.2.9.


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