bmw r1100rs problems
Ich fahre hauptsächlich kurvige Nebenstrassen und durchaus ziemlich schräg (die Zylinderschützer schleifen schon ab und zu). What's happened is that the shift dogs have rounded off and a shift fork is bent. Q: As it’s very difficult to find ethanol-free gasoline these days, I’m curious as to your thoughts on the long-term effects of that concoction on daily riders? Die BMW R 1100 RS ist ein vollverkleidetes Motorrad von BMW. Tapered roller bearings on the input shaft and an open barrel bearing on the rear of the cluster shaft. some won't. Q: As it’s very difficult to find ethanol-free gasoline these days, I’m curious as to your thoughts on the long-term effects of that concoction on daily riders? Probleme mit gebrauchter R1100S Hallo erstmal =) bin jetzt "fast" stolzer besitzer einer 1100S =), habe diese vor kurzem von meinen onkel bekommen da er siche eine neue geholt hat habe nur ein paar fragen zu ein paar merkwürdigen geräuschen die ich … New transmissions are no longer available from BMW. I've never seen claims that Stabil will offset the erosion of ethanol, only it's effects on actual engine running, such as poor starting. A good rebuild brings M93 and M94 transmissions nearly to M97 spec. There seems to be no reason why an M94 input shaft can't be installed in its place; the gear is the same and the assembly is cheaper and more reliable. — Terry Meyers/via email, A: While it’s certain that ethanol in gasoline damages fiberglass tanks, the effects on the rest of the fuel system are more subtle. Final drive: These were used from 10/1993 through 03/1996. So while I’d love to go back to the Honda CB500 four of my earlier days, I have my doubts. Final drive: 34:11 (3.091). Ethanol has its purpose, but it's not in older engines and fuel systems. R1100 fuel injection/surging/fixes. It is becoming more difficult to get ethanol-free gasoline. Terry, your concerns are not founded. This new version has been updated to parallel the information in the Zero=Zero procedure found at the same site. Instead of having conventional telescopic forks, the R1100RS used BMW's own Telelever suspension which bolted directly to the engine. BMW names the shafts Drive, Intermediate, and Output in the parts database, and Input, Idler, and Output in the repair manual. Additionally, the swingarm is different for that transmission, which requires a different rear shock as well, and you'll need a new driveshaft, too. This can happen to any gear, but usually second or third suffers first. I can't give a firm quote without inspecting the gearbox, but you can build your own quote using your imagination. That in turn springs the gear back into engagement the next time the dogs line up a fraction of a revolution later. For storage, I usually try to not leave a partially full tank of any fuel; the extra air space above the fuel invites condensation and rust. Interchangeable with M94. Here are some production dates and transmission numbers I have collected over the years, to give an idea of when transmissions were produced. Arrow03. IMO engines rarely have issues. If you start seeing solid bits, you are approaching a problem. Since the newest R1100RS is 12 years old now, know that even in a perfect situation, you are starting with an old bike. Your R11 is by most measures a modern bike, and as such comes well equipped for the reality of E10 (10% ethanol) gas. Modell: BMW R1100RS, Baujahr 1994. I cut my losses and traded it in against another Bee Emm this time a lot newer R1200ST. If your bike has a fiberglass tank, you should stay away from gasohol, as the ethanol dissolves fiberglass. Anecdotally, this made shifting worse. Basically, I think there is no reason to expect problems with a gearbox that is working well. Not all aluminum is immune to Ethanol; only properly-coated aluminum is; most older rubber parts (from carb diaphragms to fuel lines to float valve tips) are not. Part 1 of a 4 part series: My original four part article was originally posted to the IBMWR tech site in the spring of 1996. Keep an eye on the fluff sticking to the drain magnet when you change the oil. Clean bearings were used everywhere starting with transmissions [Dx]Q, R, S, T, U, V. Interchangeable with M97. Already a Member/Subscriber but haven't activated your account. ...almost like the ignition cuts out momentarily, or some gear is skipping a tooth." The Build: How The Masters Design Custom Motorcycles, How To Troubleshoot, Repair, & Modify Motorcycle Electrical Systems, Heritage Revisited: 2016 Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello. Nearly, meaning that the engagement dogs are straight and five out of six bearings are 'clean.' R1100RS without cat, no CCP connections, CO pot installed: Best overall power; No surging; Significantly higher emissions; Converter damage likely; Poor fuel consumption; 2. The problem can start with a bent shift fork (from dropping the bike on the shift lever, etc) or with rounded dogs (from too many missed shifts or half-shifts). M93 trannies are not available even as refurbs; replacement is not an option. Thin slivers of metal that you find will be from the edges of the shift dogs. Gear ratios: 38:15 (2.53), 34:21 (1.619), 32:27 (1.185), 29:30 (0.967), 29:35 (0.829) BMW R 1100 S - Technik allgemein; Probleme mit gebrauchter R1100S; 31.07.2009, 22:20 Probleme mit gebrauchter R1100S # 1. The gear is only engaged by the rounded part of the shift dogs, which let the gear slip off and bear against the fork. Primary reduction: 36:20 (1.8) My last experience was with my not exactly vintage 1994 BMW R1100RS. Only more miles will tell. An ethanol treatment additive can help with the long-term effects of storage, too. The sound and the fury: celebrate the machines that changed the world! In 04/96 the input shaft was changed. Prices are approximate! The rear subframe mounts differently, so you'll need a new rear subframe and then have to hope that your parts still bolt to that properly.


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