boeing 707 vs 727
It was a turbulent time before the current stringent security measures came into being. Many airlines replaced their 727s with either the 737-800 or the Airbus A320; both are close in size to the 727-200. BOEING   |   AIRBUS   |   EMBRAER   |   BOMBARDIER   |   FEATURED MANUFACTURERS On December 5, 1960, the 727 was launched with 40 orders each from United Airlines and Eastern Air Lines. The Boeing 727 is a tri-jet with an engine each side of the fuselage just adjacent to the leading edge of the tail fin. [14] Hijacker D. B. Cooper used this hatch when he parachuted from the back of a 727, as it was flying over the Pacific Northwest. These carriers' Pilots' Operation Handbooks disallowed using more than 30° of flaps on the 727, even going so far as installing plates on the flap lever slot to prevent selection of more than 30° of flaps. Boeing had held one back for themselves. Shown to the right is Boeing 727-223, N874AA in American Airlines livery, on display at the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington. The jet was restored over 25 years by the museum and was ferried from Paine Field in Everett, Washington to Boeing Field in Seattle, where it was put on permanent display at the Aviation Pavilion. Join us as we look at the airliners that have helped shape aviation and travel into what it is today. Besides the airliner accommodation, a freighter and a Quick Change convertible version were offered. Faced with higher fuel costs, lower passenger volumes due to the post-9/11 economic climate, increasing restrictions on airport noise, and the extra expenses of maintaining older planes and paying flight engineers' salaries, most major airlines phased out their 727s; they were replaced by twin-engined aircraft, which are quieter and more fuel-efficient. This modification was originally developed by Valsan Partners, but was later marketed by Quiet Wing Technologies in Redmond, Washington. 2 x 2 wheel bogies underwing plus 2 wheeled nose gear. See more Boeing 787 photographs and spotting tips. The twin-engine, wide-body Boeing 777-200 (top) and Boeing 777-300 (below). If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. [25][26], Since September 1, 2010, 727 jetliners (including those with a hush kit) are banned from some Australian airports because they are too loud.[27]. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Note also the classic Boeing "V-shaped" windshield windows. Boeing enjoyed great success with the 727. AIRLINER SPOTTING GUIDE   |   BOEING VS AIRBUS SPOTTING TIPS The JT8D is a low bypass engine which made the 727 one of the noisiest commercial airliners. Colombian cargo carrier Aerosucre uses two 727-200s, registered HK-5216 and HK-5239, in addition to Total Linhas Aéreas, who also uses 3 727-200Fs. This didn’t mean it came with a soft roof so much as it came with options for a mixed passenger/cargo payload. See more Boeing 707 photographs and spotting tips, Boeing 717 with its twin-engines mounted on the aft of the fuselage, See more Boeing 717 photographs and spotting tips. The Boeing 727 is a narrow-body trijet airliner that was produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes for 21 years from 1963 to 1984. Later 727 models were stretched to carry more passengers[15] and replaced earlier jet airliners such as the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8, as well as aging propeller airliners such as the DC-4, DC-6, DC-7, and the Lockheed Constellations on short- and medium-haul routes. The Boeing 707 is a narrow-body airliner produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, its first jetliner. Together, these high-lift devices produced a maximum wing lift coefficient of 3.0 (based on the flap-retracted wing area). In addition, Raisbeck Engineering developed packages to enable 727s to meet the Stage 3 noise requirements. The 727-100QC or Quick Change was a concept where airliners could effectively utilise their fleets around the clock. This was the last production variant of the 727 to be developed by Boeing; the last 727 aircraft completed by Boeing was a 727-200F Advanced. A total of 571 Boeing 727-00/100 series aircraft were delivered (407 -100s, 53 -100Cs, and 111 -100QCs), the last in October 1972. The original 727-200 had the same maximum gross weight as the 727-100; however, as the aircraft evolved, a series of higher gross weights and more powerful engines were introduced along with other improvements, and from line number 881, 727-200s are dubbed -200 Advanced. [39] More powerful engines, fuel capacity and MTOW (185,800–210,000 lb or 84.3–95.3 t) increased the range from 1,930 to 2,550 nmi (3,570 to 4,720 km) or by 32%. [28] The 727s were the backbone of its fleet until the 2000s; FedEx began replacing them with Boeing 757s in 2007. As well as short field capabilities, the 727 was able to operate into and out of gravel runways as well. In addition, Boeing added brakes to the nose wheels so as to give more positive control and stopping power ability. These regulations have been in effect since December 31, 1999. In addition to domestic flights of medium range, the 727 was popular with international passenger airlines. What makes the newset 747 Jumbo tick? [23] Aftermarket winglet kits, originally developed by Valsan Partners and later marketed by Quiet Wing Corp.[24] have been installed on many 727s to reduce noise at lower speeds, as well as to reduce fuel consumption. ETOPS (Extended Operations, or the more fun meaning, Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim) restrictions which govern the ability for twin-engined aircraft to fly over water, dictated that twin-engined aircraft must never be more than 60 minutes flying time from the nearest available airfield.At that time in the early 1960s, international routes were the realm of the 4 engined Boeing 707, Douglas DC8 and propeller aircraft such as the Lockheed Super Constellation, Douglas DC4, DC6 and DC7. This 727 model was later renamed the 727-100 as a stretched version, the 727-200 was later introduced. The 727 was used for many domestic flights and on some international flights within its range. Join us. For over a decade, more 727s were built per year than any other jet airliner; in 1984, production ended with 1,832 built[3] and 1,831 delivered, the highest total for any jet airliner until the 737 surpassed it in the early 1990s.[16]. Launched in 1965, the stretched 727-200 flew in July 1967 and entered service with Northeast Airlines that December. In addition, the 727 has seen sporadic government use, having flown for the Belgian, Yugoslav, Mexican, New Zealand, and Panama air forces, among the small group of government agencies that have used it. [55] The Gettys bought N311AG from Revlon in 1986, and Gordon Getty acquired the aircraft in 2001. Boeing 737 Max, a new generation of this highly successful City Jet. See more Boeing 747 photographs and spotting tips. ……. Several modified versions of the 727-100 were also offered. 2-ENGINE   |   3-ENGINE   |   4-ENGINE   |   TURBOPROP   |   SITE MAP The 133 ft (40.5 m) long 727-100 typically carries 106 passengers in two classes over 2,250 nmi (4,170 km), or 129 in a single class. [6] The two designs had a similar layout, the 727 being slightly larger. The high-mounted engines greatly reduce the risk of foreign object damage. The Boeing 727 design had several advantages in that it allowed the short airfield operations but was still able to offer a good range. By day the 727 was a normal passenger airliner. On December 5, 1960, the 727 was launched with 40 orders each from United Airlines and Eastern Air Lines. [58], Source: Data from Boeing, through the end of production[59]. First, the aerodynamics of the wings. Included on this page is a quick and easy guide to spotting the Boeing jetliners in use today by looking at details such as engine placement, tail design and landing gear configuration. [18] The 727 is equipped with a retractable tailskid that is designed to protect the aircraft in the event of an over-rotation on takeoff. [17] This S-duct proved to be troublesome in that flow distortion in the duct induced a surge in the centerline engine on the take-off of the first flight of the 727-100. One 727-100 was retained by Boeing, bringing total production to 572.[38]. A total of three C-22Bs were in use, all assigned to the 201st Airlift Squadron, District of Columbia Air National Guard. They share similar external characteristics, but identifying one from another can be difficult. This would be rectified in later models in reaction to the US Noise Control Act of 1972.The first Boeing 727 had its maiden flight on 09 February 1963 and after certification testing, the first commercial hand over was to Eastern Airlines on 01 February 1964. The aircraft was then able to be used to haul freight during the night hours. Boeing had never and has never since produced a 3 engined aircraft. A freighter version of the 727-200 Advanced became available in 1981, designated the Series 200F Advanced. The first delivery was made on December 14, 1967, to Northeast Airlines. The 727 proved to be such a reliable and versatile airliner that it came to form the core of many startup airlines' fleets. A military version, the Boeing C-22, was operated as a medium-range transport aircraft by the Air National Guard and National Guard Bureau to airlift personnel. This allowed airlines to carry passengers from cities with large populations, but smaller airports to worldwide tourist destinations. Fifteen of these aircraft were built, all for Federal Express. American Airlines Boeing airliners awaiting takeoff at the DFW International Airport. It was succeeded by the 757-200 and larger variants of the 737.


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