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The Direct revealed several brand-new characters: Daisy Mae, C.J., and Flick. BNA: Brand New Animal is ambitious. To escape from humans she goes to Beast Special Zone "Anima City". Games Movies TV Video. Hair Color While attempting to escape with the children in tow, Michiru becomes able to change the size of her arms to free herself. He's given a one way trip into a boat's rotor in Episode 4 and we don't know anything about him apart from being a cocky jerk, In Episode 4, Flip decides that Masaru has worn out his welcome and has the hyena bound in ropes and thrown into the sea to die, he arrived to the city with the intention of threatening the mayor. Shirou discovers that Dante was the. Anime So, Michiru met a wolf beast who hates humans, Shirou Ogami, who learned the troubles, life, and joy of being a "Beast Human" that he did not know when he was in the human world. Though she pretends to be a wolf beastman, she’s actually a shapeshifting kitsune. (Brand New Animal) NicePerson. He is an investigator of the Anima City Police. As a minor. Michiru and Shirou investigate related bombing incidents in the city. In the modern day, he makes no bones about his beliefs in the inherent brutality of humans. It turns out that because of all these problems, Yuji almost every day had to write an explanation. This is because becoming the Silver Wolf gave him an “immortal body” — not only does he not age, but he heals rapidly from any harm he takes, no matter how fatal. Alive Debuts Boris Cliff and the Silver Wolf Order sail to Anima City and arrive at the Slums. Rather than worshipping a Burger King, everyone worships a "Burger Kitty". Meanwhile, Alan is attacked by a flying hitman but is rescued by Nazuna. After Shirou is rescued by Michiru who learns how to fly, Pinga gets defeated by Shirou and admits that he once partook in the military when he was young, but decided to become a terrorist of some sort. Set in a world where humanoid animals (known as beastmen) inhabit Earth, the series centers on Michiru Kagemori, a young teenage girl who one day suddenly starts turning into a tanuki beastman. possibly alluding to Michiru and Nazuna's hospitalization and subsequent beastman blood transfusion after both were hit by a truck. Special Abilities She's a bubbly media influencer who dreams of being part of the human world. Michiru gets a pretty harsh one from her a few moments later. Status Gives a downplayed one to Mayor Rose, calling her out for her hypocrisy in culminating a legend to keep the Beastmen under control, but balking up when someone else uses that very same legend to give the citizens of Anima City hope. As both Shirou and Michiru struggle against the powered up Yaba, Shirou is forced to reveal his true identity as the legendary wolf Ginrou in order to defeat him. Lisa, a human girl who befriended Nina online, isn't, Nazuna is an interesting example, she knows she is lying about being Ginrou, but believes the Silver Wolf Order is using the lie for good, While no spring chicken (or mole rat), Mayor Rose was a child during World War II and as such looks really good for a woman in her 80s. Her alias, Déesse Louve, translates to 'wolf goddess' in French, which fits her divine savior persona as the faux Silver Wolf. Yuji sighs realizing Shirou arrived at the scene before them. Yuji Tachiki (立木勇次,Tachiki Yūji) is a supporting character in BNA: Brand New Animal. She still chooses to return to Anima City and remain as a beastman currently after an eventful trip to the mainland, because she feels she needs to learn more about beastmen. Category:Characters | Brand New Animal Wiki | Fandom. He was in the same concentration camp as Mayor Rose was in when she was still a child and he doesn't seem to have aged much since. While trying to track down the thief, Michiru is caught up in a bombing, where she is saved by a wolf beastman named Shirou Ogami. It covers up the scar that he got from being beheaded and resurrected. Who is the mysterious crying wolf? This sets off a chain reaction of the syndrome within the beastmen. Downplayed in that she still cares about the Order, though. He refuses to comply and ends up getting targeted by Humans. To escape from humans she goes to Beast Special Zone "Anima City". voiced by Xanthe Huynh and 1 other. She was thrown into a concentration camp during World War II, where she would have been experimented on by the human scientists, had Shirou not come to her rescue as Silver Wolf. He is an Albatross Beastman. Yuji (勇次) is a common masculine name. 1. During the chase in the sky, Shirou sniffs out the smell of Pinga's weapons in his backpack (which he got from an associate in a bar). She then declares her hatred for beastmen due to their cruelty and disregard of life, she vows to fix the problems of Anima City, cure her beastman illness, leave the city shortly after and never return. He's a fearsome gang leader with a grudge against humans. Shirou tells the Yuji it was a request from the Mayor herself. The cult sets up residence in the area and await a … [4] The theme song, "Ready To", is performed by Sumire Morohoshi as Michiru Kagemori, while electronic musician AAAMYYY does the ending theme, "Night Running". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Main Characters The main protagonist of the series. In episode 2 she's furious at Shirou for waiting until the last minute to rescue her and the beastchildren as they were close to being shipped off. Jake Green As a so-called pure-bred beastman, he utterly despises the beastman "hybrids" who allowed their DNA to become mixed and seeks to wipe them out entirely, either by killing them or by turning them into humans. She then sees Nazuna apparently being abducted and breaks into the medical center to rescue her, only to discover she is there for an. This is the first time Yoshinari and Nakashima have helmed a work together, as Nakashima is best known for collaborating with Hiroyuki Imaishi on directorial duties. A page for describing Characters: BNA: Brand New Animal. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. voiced by Benjamin Diskin and 1 other. The state of Michiru and Nazuna's friendship as of Episode 6, as a consequence of Nazuna using her shapeshifting to deceive the wolf god cult. sweet and passionate. Although her clothes remain visible, she gives herself a super sniffer that's as powerful as Shirou's. BNA: Brand New Animal provides examples of: A Dog Named "Dog": Even ignoring the white wolf beastman named Shiro Ogami, a popular deity of this setting is a Silver Wolf called "Ginrou"... which means exactly that. He is also a Great Dane Beastman. He dreams of bringing in as many beastmen as possible into his cult.


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