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But Tanba finds Kaiman and beats him up again. Kaiman woke up inside a strange place, and with him, Nikaido, in her normal form completely naked, he started to talk about how a bulky man was pretending to be her and to put some clothes. Kaiman hates them, and he even would start a mass slaughter in the middle of their realm to find the one responsible for his head.He has constant nightmares about his creation and death, causing Kaiman to wake up tired, worried, scared, and trying to forget them. I butchered an old belt i had lying around and made a simple belt/ harness thing to make it wearable, and finally and most importantly, i blasted the dorohedoro manga soundtrack while working. Male Despite the wound, he managed to stab Shin and bite down on his head, where he met the man inside, leading Shin to realize there was more to Kaiman than they first thought. save hide report. Is that offical merch? Prof. Kasukabe introduces another member of the team to Kaiman and Nikaido, Jonson. Subreddit about the seinen supernatural mystery manga Dorohedoro by Q Hayashida. Caiman hat mask thing. He sports small crosses over his eyes and wears gas masks most of the time, though he refrains from wearing them later on in the series. This process is automatic. Kaiman eventually was possessed the Ai's spirit. In a twisted way, Kaiman, even amnesic, kept doing his previous work (like The Boss), by killing Magic Users indiscriminately, maintaining traits from both, Aikawa's and Kai's personalities. Chapter 146. Ai explained that this body is a separate being from both him and Hole, sensing no traces of Hole inside the body, and only having memories of his few years in Hole, his existence is an entirely unexpected outcome to everyone involved. She is the owner of a restaurant called the Hungry Bug in the Hole. Personally-Modified Gas Mask After a short time, he pulls them out to ask what the man said, often resulting in them saying "not the one." They spend a couple of days living in the apartment of a taxi driver, Magic User, who he killed in the city. He expelled a considerable amount of smoke which make the mushrooms inside Kaiman grow (at the same time that her doppelganger killed Ebisu). Weight It appears that despite having his head chopped off, he can regenerate it within a few days. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Kaiman (カイマン), or the Magician Killer, is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series. Now more painful and real than ever thanks to his stay in the Magic Users Realm, wondering about Risu, the only person he remembers back there, thinking how much he can remember if he goes back there again. He doesn't pay too much attention, kicking the door to bring Nikaido's dinner, charcoal-like gyoza with raw garnish inside, nevertheless she still eats them. Subreddit about the seinen supernatural mystery manga Dorohedoro by Q Hayashida. He passed out in the restaurant bathroom and has a horrible nightmare. Kaiman beats one of the Magic users, and the other one was killed by Tanba, Fukuyama's Boss. Kaiman engages in a fight with the creature, but he can't lay a scratch one them en he gets easily overpowered. Eager to hug and salute her lost friend, Nikaido became suspicious immediately about how it could be possible that Kaiman. Press J to jump to the feed. Pre-orders are open on the Movic Mail Order website until March 31, with deliveries schedule to start July 10, 2020. Upon realizing he was helping humans and not causing harm, they decide to allow him to live after the interrogation. Using the Knife to kill Devil Kai (Kaiman was barely able to hold the extremely heavy weapon, but due to his control of the surrounding reality, Ai was able to use it freely). For two years, Kaiman and Nikaido hunted Magic Users that would invade Hole. This infuriates Nikaido and kicks him out of her body, outside, he finds out that Kawajiri saved them from teleporting them to the black house. The Professor found the giant cockroach, and he experimented with the creature making it docile and even teaching him to speak (only able to yell Shocking!) They ended in a luxury hostel and stayed a night in there, Natsuki told them that once they reach the Cross-Eyes headquarters, they would found Risu and the Top Officers. Before taking their lives, Kaiman would engulf their heads in his mouth, allowing a mysterious man inside him to identify the individual. They had to leave the sorcerers realm after Nikaido tried unsuccessfully to kidnap him and headed to Hole using a smoke spray that Kasukabe gave to them so that Nikaido could have surgery for the mushroom her back (an effect of En's magic). There she serves primarily gyozas with a few slices of shiso, which Kaiman adores. However, En had sent out his cleaners, Shin and Noi along with Fujita and Ebisu to deal with Kaiman at the same time, leading to a conflict between the two parties. Disoriented and overwhelmed for the situation, the devil side of her took control and promised Kaiman to tell all the things he always wanted to know, who cursed his head, who he was, what his face actually looks like, but they needed to find The Store's Kitchen Knife first to get out of the building, making him confused and angry. 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