central coast council civil works standard drawings
If the VAC is more complex and requires a site specific design, allow 28 days. Council typically does not allow secondary VACs as it reduces availability of on-street parking and increases risk to pedestrian and traffic safety. This page details guidelines and specifications to comply with planning and construction standards. The NSW Roads Act 1993 requires Council consent to be obtained for works within the road reserve to ensure all works comply with Australian Standards and Council policies, standard drawings and specifications. The VAC is the part of the driveway that crosses the nature strip from the road pavement to the property boundary as illustrated in the typical residential driveway layout below: Approval must be obtained from Council to construct a new or alter an existing VAC and VAC approvals are required for all locations with or without kerb and gutter. The Vehicle Access Crossing Process Map shows the process undertaken by Council for VACs relating to new or existing single/secondary residential dwellings and existing industrial/commercial development. Council will not approve vehicle access to a property within a Crown Road or on a State road without prior approval from the appropriate State Government authority. DRAWING NUMBER CCC STANDARD DRAWING TITLE GCC STANDARD DRAWING WSC STANDARD DRAWING KEY CHANGES TO PREVIOUS STANDARD DRAWINGS SD0100 SOIL AND WATER MANAGEMENT SERIES. Individual Series of the Standard Drawings can be selected from the following links. If you are calling from outside Australia, click here. A straightforward application will usually be processed within 14 to 21 days. A site specific design may apply in cases where the VAC is steep, contains multiple levels or may be affected by future road or infrastructure works. This includes residential, rural, commercial and industrial areas. Civil Works Specification - Design Guideline © Central Coast Council 2020 Revision date: July 2020 Page iii Safety Barriers..... 33 If a development consent requires a VAC to be constructed as part of a development other than a single residential dwelling or existing industrial/commercial development, such as dual occupancies, residential units, industrial developments and/or commercial developments, a Roads Act/Authority approval is required and a completed ‘Application for – Subdivision Works Certificate or Construction Certificate - Roads Act Works Approval – and other Development related Civil Works’ found on Council’s website must be submitted to Council with appropriate design drawings. It’s important to recognise that even if your development approval has driveway conditions, development consent, complying development consent and/or a construction certificate; this is not approval to construct a VAC – you must still obtain approval from Council to construct/re-construct/modify a VAC before construction of the VAC commences. 1 SD0101 Soil erosion and sediment control “Blue Book” SD6, AutoCAD blocks Updated drawing 2 … CENTRAL COAST COUNCIL - CIVIL WORKS SPECIFICATION STANDARD DRAWINGS. Welcome to Central Coast Council. Please note: these processing times are an indication of average processing times only and the actual processing time for your application may vary. If the access road to your property is a State road managed by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) – such as the Pacific Highway and Central Coast Highway – you must first obtain written approval from the RMS and submit this approval with your application. The NSW Roads Act 1993 requires Council consent to be obtained for works within the road reserve to ensure all works comply with Australian Standards and Council policies, standard drawings and specifications.


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