chuck adams trophy room
Too much competition will kill hunting, because, if the stakes get high enough, people will become "hunters" who make up their own rules to win and the truly ethical hunters will quit in disgust. Chuck Adams: Chuck Adams Category A - Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Bowhunting Category C - Bowhunters who have shown Literary Excellence that have Advanced the Sport of Bowhunting. A good read of this section is a much-needed tonic for the hunting community. Critical thinking, not mindless flocking, enables the human species to evolve. Some argue that "sport" is not an adequate description of their reasons for hunting wild animals. Whenever someone rises to the top as a celebrity, he has the tendency to spawn two types of potentially dangerous people in his wake. Could No. Adams deserves his place in the Bowhunting Hall of Fame, in the SCI Hall of Honor and on the Pope and Young Ishi Award. Click here to learn how to submit a game photo to us. If you read bowhunting magazines, you cannot avoid being exposed to Adams. Everyone is human, even superstars. trophies and 181 Safari Club International records, more than anyone else Category A - Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Sweet dreams for an elk dubbed 'Grandpa': Arizona archer Franklin arrows potential world-record, non-typical bull, Premium tag leads to magnum Utah mule deer, Zaft buck denied Pope and Young Club world-record status, Blue-collar hunter trades potential luxuries for trophies, Hooky to history: Oregon teen gains blacktail fame, 36-point Kentucky whitetail brings some unexpected attention, Alberta produces pending world-record non-typical elk, Opening day Utah muley should rank among top-5 on record, Idaho hunter holds out for slowpoke muley record, Verdict's in: Oregon turkey is a Rio Grande record, Tackling Tennessee's record Call-You-Back buck, BASS pro Ken Cook swaps rod for bow, targets elk, Muzzleloader: 'This was the elk of my lifetime', Kansas whitetail archer set to enter record-book buck, Ron Schara: The long, strange trip of a world-record deer mount, Possible record whitetail buck is arrowed in Texas, Mystery deer! By painting such a picture of Adams and showing us why he has been so successful, Gutschow dispels many rumors, which in some ways is more important to hunting than knowing the details of Adams' personal life. Could No. (866) 837-3135 for credit-card orders. Gregg Gutschow, a former editor of North American Hunter magazine, has just written and published the biography "Life at Full Draw: The Chuck Adams Story" (IHUNT Communications; $24.95), which for the first time goes behind the scenes to examine the hunter. Chuck Adams arrows another potential world-record typical elk in Mont. "Life at Full Draw: The Chuck Adams Story" can be purchased by sending a check for $24.95 to: IHUNT, P.O. He has also bagged 111 Pope & Young record-book Man United's 'comical, laughable' defending laid bare! From record whitetails and whopper wapiti to behemoth bass and super salmon, you will find a cornucopia of impressive feats, facts and figures, along with the story of the pursuit and other related news and features. Gutschow describes how the drive to bag trophy elk led one so-called "pro hunter" to poach in a national park. I SHOT THIS PHOTO OF CHUCK ADAMS and the antlers of his World Record elk at the Pope and Young Club awards banquet in Salt Lake City. American deer, and hold five Pope & Young World Records. Celebrity hunters may risk their necks to go hunting in wild places, but they are risking their careers to stand up for hunting. California bass angler won't pursue world record, When it comes to big elk, Arizona's got game, Tom Miranda: Quest for Nunavut muskox is frozen in time, Brown bear hunt with a revolver? He has penned more than 4,000 articles. Chuck was the first archer to complete the "Super Slam" - the taking of all 27 species of North American big game. Such commitment often puts them at risk and requires enormous personal sacrifices. They share a burning desire to challenge themselves to perform at levels that push their limits to the maximum. You bet your life, Archer tags potential world-record billy in British Columbia, Tom Miranda: Tracking a dark-timber bull moose by bow, Tom Miranda: Patience in bowhunting a water giant, Experts expect big year for big game across the West, Mega-muley coup for Utah archer in Colorado high country, Texas archer tags early-season mega-bull in New Mexico, His royal highness the kudu — a royal antelope in Namibian, Crossing up one of history's best bucks in Ohio, Footprints in the Kalahari: Hunting gemsbok — the "desert warrior", Minnesota state-record largemouth bass hooked, It's 'extreme' action chasing Big River blues, Catfish blues: World-record catch dies in transit, World's largest blue catfish taken from the Mississippi River, Bassing's world-record rush: An excerpt from the book "Sowbelly", Oregon steelhead from Umpqua River is largest in three decades, Deja blue all over again: Another catfish record falls, in Oklahoma, Texas angler gets record 1 Texas vs. No. 3 Baylor serve as a preview of spring NCAA volleyball championship? 12 on all-time list, Hammer time: Potential record hammerhead boated in Gulf of Mexico. Uiagalelei, aka Big 5inco, Biggest ACC game in five years, BYU's ascent and college football's newest heel, Why Davante Adams turned out better than all of Packers' 'special' receivers, How 49ers' Jason Verrett worked his way back to the field with a little bit of (Nipsey) Hussle, Werner establishing himself as a force at Chelsea, Rescue me! Man United's 'comical, laughable' defending laid bare! Adams has given a lot back to the sport through his articles and seminars that share what he has learned. Videos However, this book also forces us to ask one question: When the hunting community honors its heroes and role models, should they only be recognized according to how many and how big are their kills? Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky and Mohammad Ali clearly fall within the superstar category of male athletes.


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