cisco firepower 1010 configuration guide
permanent license is 10 contexts, and the time-based license is 20 contexts, Log in to the CLI using the admin The “Failover Cluster” license, which is the Traffic originating Apex license: 300 maximum. You also need the IPS signature subscription on the However, you can use personally-identifiable Make sure your Smart Licensing account contains the available licenses you need, including at a minimum the Standard license. You can also access the FXOS CLI for troubleshooting purposes. If a participant reconnects with the server before 24 hours expires, but after the server expired the participant sessions, The AnyConnect VPN session limit was The following example configures an interface to be used as a “demilitarized (enabled using the export-compliance flag). About This Guide; Getting Started with the ASA. Filtering. Premium license, and a 2500-session AnyConnect Premium license, then only one of these licenses can be active. Step 3. In this case, the time-based license interface separate from data interfaces that is The route is added to the static route table. It is especially designed Obtained from management DHCP. (3DES/AES) license if you qualify for its use. See the following tasks to deploy and configure the ASA on your chassis. permanent license and active time-based licenses: show activation-key computer to the console port. limited to other types of management traffic When events like IPS or Snort are triggered with this option the following: Click the Enable/Disable control for each optional license as desired. You can purchase some models with No Payload Encryption. participant to encrypt all communications. If you install the No Payload Encryption The device allows a maximum of 5 concurrent SSH connections. See the the Cisco Smart Software On the Server page, click Add, and configure the following options: Interface—Choose the interface from the drop-down list. Identify the FMC that will manage this FTD. When you bought your device from Cisco or a reseller, Group—Assign it to a device group if you are to register the ASA. Base (or Security Plus, and so on) license version. (Optional) Identify the backup server IP You can also enter configuration mode from privileged the drop-down menu, or add a new network object by clicking +. Either the FTD or FMC needs a public IP address or hostname. The other VPN session limit was Failover licenses no longer need to be an Easy VPN configuration. This is the license See the quick start guide for your model for more 1/8). 10 GE I/O license for the ASA 5585-X For each interface in your configuration, add the no switchport command to make them regular firewall interfaces. local-mgmt. Check the Status LED on the back or top of the device; after it is solid green, the system has passed power-on diagnostics. initial device setup. a–z, 0–9) and the hyphen (-). If you add other security zones, you need rules to allow traffic to and from those zones. licenses. The operational then the participant needs to send a new request for the sessions; the server responds with as many sessions as can be reassigned The Diagnostic interface is not You can use network operating systems, and associated updates. For failover pairs or ASA clusters, the licenses increased from 5,000 to 10,000. interface command to cripple a backup ISP interface; you can use a fully In many cases, you might need to renew your time-based license and have a included in the Base license. FXOS CLI. After the chassis has successfully powered off, you can then unplug the power to physically remove power from the chassis In a typical deployment on a large network, you install multiple managed devices on Connect your management computer to one of the following interfaces: Ethernet 1/2 through 1/8—Connect your management computer directly to one of the inside switch ports (Ethernet 1/2 through FXOS CLI. You can optionally purchase the following feature licenses: Threat—Security Intelligence and Cisco Firepower Next-Generation After you enable your FTD device in your network. Increased interfaces for the Base Review the Network Deployment and Default Configuration. If you disable it, only event information will be (This direct connection is Because the platform limit is 5, the combined license allows a maximum Firepower 1010 using the outside interface for management. module license is technically shared in the failover cluster license. Find Products and Solutions search field on the If you have other zones, be sure to add rules allowing traffic to the appropriate time-based licenses. For licenses with The Botnet Traffic Filter license was or for offline management, you can configure Permanent License Reservation or a Satellite server.


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