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Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. You don’t want toddlers showing you up, now do you? Rockalingua: A huge collection of free Spanish music to help kids learn the language. So, you want to learn German slang? The song will teach you the months of the year, while the video shows animations to indicate what each month is like. Try filling in the gaps with a website like Lyrics Training, or simply look up the letra (lyrics) with your good friend Google so you can start trying to figure out what’s going on. The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and it recommends you examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. me gusta el mar — I like the sea). A lot. Many songs have hidden Spanish lessons in their lyrics. Be sure to listen for the three classic Vallenato instruments played throughout: the accordion, the guacharaca, and the caja vallenata. Our money’s on the swaying. Singing along to the songs once you’ve figured them out can help you get used to Spanish pronunciation, and singing the fast bits is an extra challenge. Irregular Spanish Verb Songs: Conditional Tense, 5 Blockbuster Sites for Learning Spanish with Movie Trailers, 8 Useful Tips for Learning Spanish with Movies, 11 Awesome Channels to Learn Spanish on YouTube, 9 Great Resources to Learn Spanish Through the News, How to Immerse Yourself in Spanish When You Don’t Live Abroad, 15 Common Spanish Idioms for Sounding Like a Native. But there are so many more! For the list below, I made sure to choose songs that aren’t sung too quickly (contrary to the lightning-fast speed of everyday speech! Learning Spanish becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. The lalala bit was the worst, right? This song, which translates as “Rag Doll”, is the first single from that album. Starting next week, I'll get back into weekly updates until the end of the project with maybe just one break (so that's six more videos up until the week my 3 months runs out), but I hope this teaser snapshot shows you more or less how I'm doing right now! The song is simple and short, and the words appear on screen, so this is an easy, low-stress learning option in spite of its intimidating name. And no, you don’t need to feel proud for translating the word Guatemala. The words appear on screen to aid your studying. Other sites use scripted content. Go into a second set of “real” Spanish music after a few English songs…start with Salsa, Cumbias, or Merengue. And menear? If you see an interesting word you don’t know, you can add it to a vocab list. Listening to songs in Spanish can massively improve your vocabulary and grammar, because you’ll have a context for the new words and sentences you’re learning; you’re far more likely to remember words if you learn them in a song rather than in a long vocabulary list. “Mambeado” is full of useful vocab. You understand the type of art that the people enjoy, and the lyrics teach you popular colloquial expressions and subtle turns of phrase that are closely linked to the values and heritage of that culture. Me gusta el fuego, me gustas tú. It’s another uplifting song perfect for singing along at the top of your voice once you’ve mastered the words. Are you studying Spanish and want a fresh way to learn? For example, did you know the dog says, “¡Quiquiriquí” instead of “Cock-a-doodle-do!” in Spanish? While most of her songs are in English, this song from her debut Spanish album was the first original Spanish song by a North American to hit #1 on the Latin Billboard chart. You've got a routine planned. aviones) then gustar is plural (me gustan los aviones — I like planes). Spotify for iOS and Android: Get instant access to some of the best Spanish songs in the world with this free mobile app. Another hugely popular music group from Spain, La Oreja de Van Gogh won a Latin Grammy in 2006 for best pop album for their album “Guapa”. You even get a bit of vocabulary in there about school, teaching and learning. There are also example questions to help you see the words in context. Also, as we can see with the chorus we’ve just translated, Anthony uses the “ir + a + infinitive” structure several times in the chorus (Voy a bailar, for example). However, number 22 is particularly useful. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. All Rights Reserved. Due to the speed, though, you’ll probably need to listen to it a few times to catch everything. “¡Colores, colores!” (“Colors, colors!”) is a … Sometimes you won’t be able to remember a word or rule even if you’ve studied it a lot. FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. But a day goes by. But where should you start? Those strong beats, those hip-swaying rhythms—it’s impossible to deny your body’s instinct to move and groove when a salsa or bachata song comes on. Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian singer who has recorded many songs in Spanish (among several other languages!) It focuses primarily on adjectives. “ ¡Colores, colores!” by Calico Spanish Songs for Kids. You can study without the cold sting of boredom and/or the inexplicable desire to shove an entire pizza in your mouth. Additionally, the soothing tune might help you achieve a zen-like state—ideal for learning! Not only do the Spanish and English subtitles appear as the song is sung, but the words are colour coded so you can match each Spanish word to its corresponding English word, and the infinitive of the main verb in each sentence is shown so you’ll understand the conjugation! Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you So, now you can cantarle a la luna y al sol (sing to the moon and sun). All the lyrics appear on screen along with animation to illustrate meaning. Yes, animal noises are different in each language, and they’re easy vocabulary words to overlook. Me gusta la castaña, me gustas tú. There are already a couple of words that are worth picking out and noting down, such as heridas (wounds or injuries) and gotas (drops, in this case he’s talking about rain). You can always manually look up any words you don’t understand in songs (try these apps if you don’t have a good dictionary). And again, SlusionProductions infuses some humor into the video, so this is probably the most fun you’ll have conjugating. Yes, the Colombia Goddess gets her own post all to herself. You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. The lyrics move pretty quickly, but they do all appear on the screen. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Spanish with real-world videos. Click here to get a copy. Review a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and phrases listed under Vocab. The 8 Best Books for Learning Spanish All by Your Lonesome, 8 Useful Tips for Learning Spanish with Movies, 11 Awesome Channels to Learn Spanish on YouTube, 9 Great Resources to Learn Spanish Through the News, How to Immerse Yourself in Spanish When You Don’t Live Abroad, 15 Common Spanish Idioms for Sounding Like a Native. Learning Spanish will be music to your ears. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The vocabulary in the song is simple but useful. This song is a good way to drill into your head the grammar of the verb gustar. Additionally, all the lyrics appear on screen so that you can see the conjugations. And if you ever do happen to go to a karaoke party where all the songs are in Spanish, you’ll be at an advantage. Hopefully, after this first viewing you’ll have an idea more or less of what the song is about (if not, don’t panic!). can take anywhere. You’ll learn Spanish as it’s actually spoken by real people. A huge change has [...]. And of course, you get to learn Spanish while you dance along (we cannot guarantee learning and dancing will occur at the same time. It will also teach you the basic conjugations. Didn’t think so. me gusta viajar). The lyrics are pretty fast, but the video is captioned so that you can read along. FluentU is another fantastic option for learning Spanish with song lyrics. Or what about the names of the notes in a scale? WORDPIE offers a lot of vocabulary videos. PRODUCTS • ABOUT BENNY • MEET BENNY • CONTACT • SPEAK IN A WEEK • LANGUAGE HACKING BOOKS • PRIVACY POLICY, Fun-loving Irish guy, full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author. And for good reason! Oh, Enrique. Click here to get a copy. our post on learning Spanish with Shakira. Additionally, all the lyrics appear on screen for easy learning. The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and it recommends you examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. You hoped he was going to come up, didn’t you? “Learn Spanish Vocabulary with Songs” is a helpful video to assist you in building your vocabulary. and is known as the King of Latin Music. As is often the case with translated books, the original version of a song is usually preferable to the translation. If you don’t find the perfect song for you below, check out the links at the end to access hundreds of other songs. The second version is probably more fun, and there are lots of YouTube versions of songs perfect for your karaoke needs. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they’re learning the same video. After only a couple of repetitions of a good Spanish song, you’ll get an ear for the sounds, and you can’t help but get the song stuck in your head. One step at a time, people!). Here are just a few of the benefits you'll find when you listen to music in Spanish…. The first three verses are fairly simple, with the song referencing dreaming (me gusta soñar), motorbikes (me gusta la moto) and rain (me gusta la lluvia). Whenever you need to remember the grammar rule or vocabulary, replay the song in your head. So if you haven’t listened to music in Spanish during your studies so far, then now’s the time to change up your routine and have some fun in the process. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Swipe left or right to see more examples of the word you’re on. The video is mostly captioned to help you follow along. Instead of just being about love or loss like many pop songs, folk music is about the country itself and the land that the people live on. It’s a foot-tapping pop song with a strong beat, but it’s not sung quickly at all, giving you a chance to catch all of the lyrics with ease. Tell me about them in the comments! I don’t know many language learners who enjoy listening to the same spoken conversation again and again, but virtually everyone I know has some favourite songs that they could play over and over all day! Again, the rap is in English with some Spanish examples. Spanish songs can give your listening comprehension skills a serious upgrade. They sing all types of music. “La granja” (“The Farm”) is another children’s song. When you were a preschooler, would you have memorized the alphabet as quickly as you did if you had only heard it as spoken dictation rather than as a song? Yes, learning Spanish through songs and music is totally a thing. Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel Tips. This will help you build up your vocabulary with more specific descriptors, which is important if you’re ever going to become fluent. Well, we recommend the first time you listen you watch the video and enjoy the music without worrying too much about the words. This is a great way to get down these common and very useful phrases. Please check your email for further instructions. All Rights Reserved. Many of the key phrases are repeated throughout the song, helping them stick in your memory better. along to again and again. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they’re learning the same video. Let’s take a look at it: Me gusta la canela, me gustas tú. Once you get an ear for these songs, go ahead and move on to faster or more complex songs so you don’t lose momentum in your listening comprehension progress.


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