click counter 10s

To check your number of Clicks in 10 seconds, just hit the ‘Click Here’ button and start hitting the mouse button rapidly. Today's Top Score: {{cps2 | number: 1}} CPS. Search.. Wanna Retry? This technique involves rapidly shaking the muscles in your arm to the wrist to rapidly press the mouse button. The timing begins with your first click. Hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of the counter to reveal the small buttons that let you count down or up by the specified steps or simply press the space button on your keyboard.

On the other hand, the Minecraft officially claims that it registers around 4-8 CPS. The Kohi Clicker Test only allows you to measure clicks for 10 seconds. We calculate your final clicking speed in Clicks per second, which is calculated by dividing the number of mouse clicks by the number of seconds taken. With this 10 seconds click test you can practice click speed, which can be useful for online games or to develop responsiveness, or compete with your friends! Compete with friends in click test 10 sec - we are becoming more and more every day!

The timer and click counter will appear as soon you click the Start button.

The battles of Minecraft PvP highly depend on the accuracy of your aim and the combos you hit. Compared to click in 1 second version, you have to be fastest and should have a best gaming mouse to deal with it. Though it is the fastest method to register more clicks in less time, I do not recommend this for games practically. Once the click test is complete, you will see the Results in the form of CPS (Clicks Per Second). 1 sec2 sec5 sec10 sec15 sec30 sec60 sec100 secMenu 22 CPS is a new record in 10 seconds of clicking. Want to show people the magic of your fastest fingers? Online Click Counter App Looking to count something easily? Just drag your finger from the top of the arch of the mouse to the edge of the mouse button in a way that as you move down, the button is pressed enough to register a click. After completion of 10 seconds, the test will show the average no of Clicks per Second. Test your no of Clicks in 10 Seconds and find out your CPS. Higher Click speed will help you in tasks like Fighting, Bridging and Putting up walls.

At regular clicking speed, you can attain a CPS score of 3-6 clicks per second on an average. We designed this simple tool on the basis of the Kohi Click Test. So what are you waiting for? 1s; 3s; 5s; 7s; 10s; 15s; 20s; 25s; 30s; 50s; 60s; 100s; 300s; 1000s; Clicker Test (no memory) Click Counter; Spacebar Counter; CPS Counter . It is actually a click counter that shows how many clicks per second, or in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 60 seconds and 100 seconds you can do.

Clicks in 10 Seconds is also one of these modes. We designed this simple tool on the basis of the Kohi Click Test. Fast clicking is helpful often in various games and sometimes it can be the deciding point to become the winner! Before you make a new world record in a click test game, you must know the previous one.

There is no limit on Restart, so, you can keep practicing over and over again to get the best out of yourself.


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