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In the Italian version, Coco is voiced by Federica Valenti from Crash Tag Team Racing to Crash: Mind Over Mutant. In Crash of the Titans and Crash Nitro Kart 2, she maintains her figure from Crash Boom Bang, but has a major change in her hair and face. She seems to be a bit of a bully to Crash in this game when you interact with her. [8], The main antagonist of the series, Doctor Neo Cortex, is a mad scientist who created Crash Bandicoot among other characters and now seeks Crash's elimination along with world domination. Coco appeared alongside her brother in the season three (and series) finale of Skylanders Academy. When the Doominator crashes into Wumpa Island, she cares more about her stuff than any damage to the surrounding area. If I get this Doominator eye working, we'll have the best entertainment system of all time! Jul 31, 2019. Her shirt depicts a pink flower with a yellow happy face. Hmm well the point is, it's based on the counterpart of an evil villain whose more evil and competent than them concept. Coco apparently finds N. Gin cute because of his waddle, as evidenced by her Crash Tag Team Racing quotes. In Kotex Tampons Strike Back, Coco made her very first appearance. She also stops an armada of Cortex's space stations from striking Earth. Much of the game takes place in a "Virtual Reality (VR) Hub System" created by Coco to help Crash gather the Crystals. She is also responsible for the defeat of Doctor N. Gin on the moon, with her new pet tiger, Pura, assisting her. [59] The long loading times in the PS2 version were widely criticized, and their reduction in the Xbox and GameCube versions was welcomed. Coco is a playable character in Crash Tag Team Racing. Why aren't you finding me more cash? Big brother! From that point on, she is the second player's character. The group soon learn that N. Tropy and his partner, an alternate, female N. Tropy, were forcing Nitros Oxide to bring them to the planet, Bermugula. She is also wearing jeans. [6] Crash and Coco can be shielded from enemy attack by collecting an Aku Aku mask. Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco must travel the world and gather special Crystals that will return the Elementals to a hibernated state, and thwart Cortex's plans to use Crunch as a weapon for world domination. [27], The Wrath of Cortex was released onto the PlayStation 2 on October 29, 2001. Coco became a slut starting in CTR with an Extra T. She liked to have sex a lot, thanks to fucking Radical. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D 16. [52] Lafferty pointed out that the environments were less defined and detailed than other GameCube titles. Cortex would later have Coco test the new Nitro Bounce Crates, and her stylish hair was quickly noted by Cortex. [d] The game's fixed camera angles and limited perspectives were said to result in frustrating trial-and-error gameplay. Despite this, Coco is generally depicted as responsible, smart, kind-hearted, good-natured and high spirited, her educated wit often contrasted by an innocent demeanor. When these crates are broken, the timer is frozen for the number of seconds designated by the box. Driven by anger that the doctors still have his girlfriend, he decides to thwart Cortex's plans and rescue her. Upon returning, the group is met by Tawna, who had brought Dingodile as a partner from her trips around the dimensions. One of the deleted scenes for Twinsanity shows him welcoming Cortex, Crash and Nina to the Dimension, only for Cortex to disintegrate him. The Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped series featured two different figures of Coco, including one bundled with Aku Aku and Crash Bandicoot figures. See also Coco Bandicoot (boss fights). In Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced, Coco is abducted by N. Trance and is brainwashed alongside Crunch and Fake Crash. Coco was playable here too. [4] The goal in each level is to find and obtain the Crystal hidden in the area. [21] The game under Cerny's direction was to be a free-roaming title with puzzle elements that would see Crash travelling between different planets. Crashie knocked her out of it by spinning her robot. Coco was summoned by a wooden birdy to fight for the side of good. When Nina replaces Cortex, Coco is brainwashed and is forced to finish the Doominator. After the titular protagonist Crash Bandicoot escapes Dr. Neo Cortex's castle, the doctor decides to attempt brainwashing Tawna Bandicoot using his Cortex Vortex device. coco bandicoot is 15. and is awsome. [16] Using Coco's new Virtual Reality Hub System, Crash and Coco travel the world and gather the Crystals, fending off attacks from Cortex's superweapon, Crunch Bandicoot, and the Elementals along the way. She first appeared in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and her first appearance as a playable character was in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Coco was the whore  slut motha Fucka of Team Bandicoot in this CTR spinoff. Aku Aku returns to Crash and Coco Bandicoot and alerts them of the current situation, disclosing that the only way to stop the Elementals is to imprison them once more with the Crystals, which have been scattered across the Earth. Her height is now only a few inches below Crash and seems to be thinning a bit. You can find it on YouTube. [1] The Xbox version of the game was announced by Universal Interactive on January 31, 2002, and features reduced loading times and improved graphics. She learns of Cortex's real plan, just as Crash has gathered all the crystals, and reveals Cortex's intentions to Crash before he can give the crystals to Cortex. Although Coco frequently uses Crash as an errand boy, she genuinely cares for his well-being and goes as far as physically attacking Cortex when she believes that Crash was "kidnapped by Cortex". [g] The Xbox version was noted to have enhanced fur, lighting and particle effects compared to the PS2 version. Even though it isn't going well, share prices are through the roof. Speed: 4/7Accel: 7/7Turn: 3/7Difficulty: IntermediateDriving Style: Acceleration. She is accessible as the second player's character from that point on. N. Gin gives you mechanical vehicles. She is not without her own ditzy moments, however, and is certainly not immune to the same slapstick buffoonery that so often befalls her brother. Coco helps by gathering the crystals in 17th century Imperial China, the 18th century Pacific Ocean, and World War I Europe. Coco's appearance in Crash Bandicoot 4 It's About Time. This other skin is the same clothing from Crash of the Titans (minus the headband) and her hair is in a pony tail. Many moments later, Coco believes that Cortex kidnapped Crash, and travels to the Iceberg Lab to confront him. She also stops an armada of Cortex's space stations from striking Earth. In Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, Coco is voiced by Vicki Winters in the English version. Later in the game, they're both kidnapped by Doctor Cortex's niece, Nina Cortex, who keeps them locked up in cages. What does mbs adj on a bank statement mean? Another major difference is that a cream color is added to her plams and midriff to look like her brother. [56] Goldstein was relieved by the reduction of slowdown and stuttering in the Xbox version and lauded the visuals as having the best use of colour on the system, but dismissed the enemy design as bland. In Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage, Coco teams up with the Professor to track down Ripto and Doctor Cortex. The resulting chain reaction leaves Coco unconscious until the end of the game. Don't expect details as well ya know, I'm not actually part of Activision creating a game like this lol. In the 106% ending, Coco has gone on to have a successful esports; having defeated Nina Cortex most recently in her latest tournament victory. She is not in very many levels in this particular game. Once Brio is defeated, the team proceed to the Mosquito Marsh timeline, where they are able to find the Time Mask, Kupuna-Wa. Eon has no mask master. Coco is generally depicted a lucid foil for Crash, often taking the role of straight man or spokesman whenever Aku Aku isn't around. Starting with Crash Nitro Kart, Coco changed from a young girl to a grown-up teenager. Coco now wears a pendant bearing a symbol of a cog with a heart-shaped hole over a lightning bolt (which is imprinted on the soles of her shoes). While searching for Akano, Crash and Coco are taken prisoner by a group of Rat Pirates but are rescued thanks to the arrival of Tawna. So details would be pointless. In the game's epilogue, Coco opens up her own internet dating service after the events of the game. Coco has been featured in two series of Crash Bandicoot action figures produced by the now-defunct Resaurus. and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. This feature is not available right now. [f], The graphics were positively received for their rich colour palette and increased definition and special effects from the previous games, but were generally seen as less impressive than those of competing games on their respective systems. She is portrayed by Laurence Dourlens in the French version of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Sauvane Delanoë in the French versions of Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash. In Crash Bash, Coco is summoned by Aku Aku to battle against Uka Uka's team in a fight of good and evil alongside her big brother. After the Time Twister collapsed, Crash, Aku Aku and Coco rescued Pura and Coco took the tiger in as her own pet. Coco Bandicoot. [17] However, despite this, Crash defeats Crunch, which releases him from Cortex's control. Her face takes a cross between a diamond and circle figure. Upon defeating N.Gin, Akano flies into the Salty Wharf timeline, forcing the Bandicoots to catch up to him. What channel is the UFC on in north america? At the end of the game, Coco, Crash and Crunch were offered the park's deed, but Coco returns it to Von Clutch, to whom she feels it belongs. She doesn't appear to be too concerned with it getting damaged however, as she is willing to use it to shield herself from boxes falling on her head and to grind on rails. The protagonist of the game, Crash Bandicoot, is a genetically enhanced eastern barred bandicoot who must defeat the antagonist Doctor Neo Cortex and his new superweapon. More info can be found in. Coco on her jet ski in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Coco Bandicoot is a heroine and deuteragonist in the Crash Bandicoot series and is the highly intelligent and spirited younger sister of Crash Bandicoot. 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