conn trombone serial numbers
The slide has 88h engraved into it, as well as the serial number GC3xxxxx (x's are digits). On Conn trombones I believe(!) Third Character (number) indicates year of decade, reading directly. Note: From 1987, the prefix number plus 50 gives you the year of manufacture. It probably will not slide well unless you fit it. *24259: Dec. 1956 (Clev.) that the serial number is stamped near where the slide and bell sections are joined. Also looks like the Elkhart Conn with the rose brass bell. Serial number lists for Conn Brass instruments. Here is a great early Conn 24H trombone. Another Smart Pawn Exclusive! Except for a fragment of Reynolds’ production data from 1964-1979 that is preserved in the Allied Band Supply catalog, I am not aware of any surviving official serial number records for Reynolds brass instruments. Note that serial numbers on Pan American models don't match Conn serial numbers. Serial number 5 625916. However, if you have a dated receipt of a horn’s serial number, please contact us through the link in the header so we can add more detail to this serial number list. The Conn-Selmer resource guide appears to leave out the S prefixes on its serial number list, … Founding a band instrument manufacturing company in the small town of Elkhart, Indiana, C.G. New finger buttons see pic 3 Low-pitch tuning. We are always happy to combine shipping or change shipping carriers at the buyers request. Date: Serial Number: 1883-1915: 1 - 50,000: 1915-1925: 50,000 - 78,000: 1925-1930: 78,001 - 128,000 Wear in usual hand hold places. I cannot find a list of Conn serial numbers online with GC in it. 122 rows The years 1967 to March 1974 (when Conn moved their brass. Dictionary of Conn terminology The History of the Conn company. Here is what we have seen at our shop by brand/maker: Conn (before 1970) Handslide Tennon below threads, outer handslide (lower outer tube at the top in back), No serial on Bell section, but model number is on bell. They are a large bore symphony tenor. Condition: This trombone appears to be in good condition. For the current Conn Brass Serial Number list, see: Current Conn Brass Serial Number List. (246,5xx and 248,8xx) 1964 Alliance with Norlin Music (450,000) 'Conn 72H Trombone' Top: Date. In the pages behind this link I try to provide as complete a list as possible of pictures of the Conn trombones in the Conn model number index. 1954 Trombone and trumpet serial number lists merged; 1955 production moved from LA to Fullerton (between 149,6xx, 150,3xx) 1956 eliminated large-shank mouthpiece receiver on cornetss (189,611) 1958 redesigned Ambassador cornets & trumpets. Click here here to view it. Or upcoming instruments, please call Randy at 514-862-2613. As always. In 1918 the company was incorporated and "Co" was added to the engraving., In 1926-1928 the Sterling Silver bells first used. It will need to be fit to your trombone inner slide. There are numerous serial numbers lists for Holton instruments on the web today, so the list below I’m not confident on who to attribute this list to. This video is unavailable. This is one of my prized possessions. For example, in 1928 the Apollo serial numbers were 8600 - 8700. There are some dents. Questions, comments, suggestions? The serial number on this horn puts it’s manufacture around 1960. Conn 6-HB02 1971 Trombone serial number p02682 and Conn 3 mouthpiece. Also on this site The name says it all. Search for the serial number of the brand United Musical Instruments U.S.A., Inc. - Conn to determine the age of your instrument. Olds Serial numbers. Pinky ring changed to hook, bracing changed. Although the Conn model number index is very interesting, it doesn't show you what the instruments look like. The lacquer is in very good condition. I know, J.J. played King and Yamaha as well) Very nice horn that I have been alternating as my main axe. Find your perfect Conn-Selmer Trombone. There are some light scratches. Regardless of your trombone's manufacturer, the serial number should be located on the piece of metal where the slide attaches to the rest of the instrument (Reference 2). The story of the C.G. Conn and Pan American serial number lists Conn bore sizes (version 3) Articles, brass related Articles, woodwind related. Vintage King Trombones, H.N. Serial Number: Year Manufactured ---Serial Number: Year Manufactured : 1: 1893---287,000: 1947: 50,000: 1915---296,500: 1948: 78,000: 1925---301,500: 1949: 126,000: 1930 According to Don Bilger, Conn also manufactured trombones under the Pan American and Cavalier brand names. To my knowledge, for 1940 vintage CONN horns you will find the serial number on the thumb valve casing, not under the valve levers as on more recent horns from CONN. This should tell you what year the instrument was built. The serial number is very distinctly NOT GA. The slide moves well. Conn & King Brass Serial Number List. Fourth Character (number) indicates group as follows: 1 - Cornet 2 - Trumpet 3 - Alto 4 - French Horn 5 - Mellophonium 6 - Valve Trombone 7 - Slide Trombone 8 - Baritone - Euphonium 9 - Tuba 10 - Sousapone The remaining four numbers constitute the serial number on a monthly basis.


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