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But President Rodrigo Duterte’s office issued a letter authorizing OceanaGold Philippines Inc (OGPI), the company that handles the mining operation, to be allowed to truck in 63,000 liters (16,600 gallons) of fuel for generators to run water pumps in the underground mines. But he was in for a bit of a surprise: forest within an indigenous reserve was being cleared for coca, unbeknown to the local community. Arrêté du 13 novembre 2020 portant application pour l'Agence nationale de traitement automatisé des infractions de l'article 7 du décret n° 2016-1073 du 3 août 2016 relatif à la mise à disposition et à la conservation sur support électronique des bulletins de paye et de solde des agents civils de l'Etat, des magistrats et des militaires How can we stop using soya linked to deforestation? Given the sensitivity and the potential security implications of the issue, Mongabay won’t be disclosing the name of the community or the location of the coca fields. We recommend that EUTR actors work more closely with independent forestry sector monitors (IFMs) to develop more cost-effective techniques to help ensure broad geographic coverage of stringent due diligence. Ce principe de conservation limitée des données personnelles est prévu par le RGPD et la loi Informatique et Libertés. This post is a commentary. L’édifice va connaître des travaux de mise en sécurité et de conservation de ses ouvrages. Sri Lanka’s southwestern mountains have yielded a new snake species, Dryocalamus chithrasekerai, based on specimens collected in 2009 and 2017. (3/24/20) Written by – 105,845 pageviews. Prince William shares a teaser from this year's virtual Tusk Conservation Awards as he pays tribute to Africa's leading wildlife protectors whose hard work 'often goes under the radar' The plant was constructed by Sinohydro and financed by China EximBank, and has had problems with cost overruns, worker strikes, and accidents such as the 2014 collapse of a pressure well that claimed the lives of 14 workers. (4/8/20) Written by – 113,238 pageviews. Anthropologist Sophie Chao has studied the often fraught relationship between Papuans and plantation firms, and the mechanisms through which indigenous people are compelled to give up their land. Environmental activists and residents have demanded a road project in Indonesia’s West Java province be scrapped because it lacks the required permits and could exacerbate floods and landslides. La Journée mondiale de la vie sauvage 2020 commémore la vie sauvage avec son thème : « Maintenir toutes les formes de vie sur Terre ». CiteScore: 7.6 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 7.6 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. Every day, Mongabay reporters bring you news from nature’s frontline. However, a journalist double-checking the facts found that no test was ever analyzed; when confronted, the city claimed a “communication mistake.”. Co-gérant du GAEC Saint-Loup, basé à Thillois, Thierry Poncelet a entrepris depuis plusieurs années une conversion de ses méthodes vers l’agriculture dite « de conservation ». I'd like to help cover the transaction fees of 0 for my donation. The unique biodiversity of the world’s oldest island, including its 110 lemur species, remains as imperiled as ever. conservation of mass, law of conservation of mass, conservation of matter n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. We depend on support from users like you. Isolated indigenous groups, lacking all healthcare support, would be particularly defenseless. The conservation sphere in Africa has its foundation in the fortress model of conservation by exclusion, separating African people from nature as … 2020 – Maintenir toutes les formes de vie sur Terre. A team led by researchers at the Netherlands’ Radboud University looked at the emissions of electric versus petrol-fueled vehicles and found that driving an electric car produces lower overall emissions in about 95% of the world. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a range of four years (e.g. The funding will support work led by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Nigeria National Park Service. (3/24/20) Written by Brad Mulley – 111,267 pageviews. (3/26/20) Written by – 124,341 pageviews. (4/6/20) Written by Basten Gokkon – 258,551 pageviews. While the new investors represent a break from those allegations, the government’s failure to investigate them has ongoing consequences. November 18, 2020. But you'd be wrong. This post is insider content, which is available to paying subscribers. The Cerrado: how Brazil’s vital ‘water tank’ went from forest to soy fields, Revealed: UK supermarket and fast food chicken linked to deforestation in Brazil, Report clears WWF of complicity in violent abuses by conservation rangers. Canada Target 1, objectif 1 du Canada, biodiversité , aire protégée, protected areas. Issue Information ‐ TOC. Camera traps set high up in trees in Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park captured 35 different mammal species over a 30-day period, including a rare Central African oyan (Poiana richardsonii), a small catlike mammal that has not previously been seen in the park. (4/7/20) Written by Falahi Mubaro and M Ambari – 699,446 pageviews. Using satellites to alert an Amazonian indigenous community of coca encroachment (insider), Audio: The links between COVID-19, wildlife trade, and destruction of nature with John Vidal, Madagascar off pace to meet Aichi targets, which is bad news for the world, Road project in economically deprived Indonesian region threatens wildlife habitat, How land grabbers co-opt indigenous ritual traditions in Papua: Q&A with anthropologist Sophie Chao, New player starts clearing rainforest in world’s biggest oil palm project, First possible COVID-19 indigenous cases detected near key Amazon reserve, Idea that electric cars might produce as much emissions as fossil-fueled vehicles ‘essentially a myth’, New snake discovery in Sri Lanka is latest twist in slow-burning mystery, A wave-powered ferry aims to forge a new path for shipping in the Philippines, New evidence suggests Ivorian timber merits tougher EUTR due diligence (commentary), To save Cross River gorillas, EU-funded program aims to empower communities, Candid Animal Cam YouTube show Episode 4: Coatis, Camera traps in trees reveal a richness of species in Rwandan park, Standoff over Philippines’ Didipio mines escalates despite COVID-19 lockdown, Reforestation projects should include tree diversity targets, too (commentary), The glaciers of the Greenland Ice Sheet are running away, Dolphins face growing pressure as development eats into Borneo’s interior, Layers of regulations to protect European seas ‘not working,’ audit finds, Unprecedented sightings of maned wolves in Amazon herald a changing landscape. (principle concerning mass) (Physique) conservation de la masse nf nom féminin: s'utilise avec les articles "la", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "une". Mongabay continued to see strong readership during April. The road will cut through a protected forest on Mount Cikuray, home to Javan leopards and other threatened wildlife. Articles / Connecting the world through conservation; Connecting the world through conservation Local zookeepers preach ecological and social change through Project Dragonfly . Our Global English, India, and Latam bureaus all experienced unprecedented levels of traffic as our direct site-wide readership reached 16.9 million pageviews, a 33% increase over last month’s record. Officials say the project is necessary to boost connectivity and local livelihoods in this remote part of Indonesia’s Aceh province. Widespread stay-at-home guidance may be a factor in the sharp rise in traffic the past two months. Available for everyone, funded by readers, Wildlife recordist Chris Watson and sound artist Prof Tony Myatt conclude their three-part odyssey to the west coast of Mexico to record the songs of blue whales in the Sea of Cortez. Great Barrier Reef outlook 'critical' as climate change called number one threat to world heritage, Global sustainable fishing initiative agreed by 14 countries, Wildflower meadows to line England's new roads in boost for biodiversity, UK imported 1m tonnes of soya with deforestation risk in 2019, Beavers build first dam in Exmoor in more than 400 years, International lawyers draft plan to criminalise ecosystem destruction, The Goldman environmental prize winners 2020 – in pictures, 'World's loneliest elephant' heads to Cambodia after Cher campaign, Overlooked and unloved: how a global project could unlock the world of parasites, Exit through the gift shop as Highgate cemetery woos death tourists, Bristol zoo to leave its city site after 185 years amid Covid crisis, Key crossbench senators say they won't support bid to change Australia's environment laws, Lost species day: celebrities to champion threatened wildlife, EU to ban use of lead shot by wetland bird hunters, Logging in NSW bushfire-hit coastal regions to be reviewed after stand-off between industry and EPA. Land Conservation Plan Stirs Fight Over Trump Restrictions U.S. officials say proposed land conservation purchases in dozens of states would preserve … The European Union will provide 2 million euros ($2.19 million) over four years to help support programs aimed at protecting Cross River gorillas by supporting sustainable livelihoods for people living near gorilla habitat. (3/24/20) Written by Dilrukshi Handunnetti – 223,336 pageviews. However, a simple low-cost document-based evaluation in Ivory Coast reveals several risk factors, some of which could have been easily detected through cursory risk assessment. They also turn to spectral analysis to see if they managed to record blue whales in action, National Trust footage shows animals collecting vegetation to create ‘instant wetland’, Kaavan, an overweight 36-year-old, to be rehomed following outcry at conditions, Clifton plot to be sold off and zoo will relocate to its Wild Place Project in South Gloucestershire, From feeding insects to chickens to tracking produce, a range of options aim to curb appetite for soya that harms the environment, The Cerrado savannah has become an agricultural powerhouse, but wildlife, forests and local communities have paid the price, Tesco, Lidl, Asda, McDonald’s and Nando’s all source chicken fed on soya from Cerrado tropical biome region, But independent review criticises wildlife fund’s inconsistent approach to human rights. In countries like Sweden and France, where electricity is generated mostly through nuclear and renewable energy sources, average lifetime emissions from electric cars are as much as 70% lower than gas-powered cars. (3/18/20) Written by Malavika Vyawahare – 140,511 pageviews. A Filipino marine engineer is building a hybrid trimaran, powered by both a traditional motor and wave energy, as an alternative to the decades-old shipping vessels that ply transnational routes in the Visayas region in the Philippines. The Philippines’ transport sector is the second-biggest contributor to the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to a large fleet of aging ships burning dirty fuel. Papuan authorities insist that their initiatives are legally valid and justified to protect public health in a region twice the size of Great Britain but with just five referral hospitals for COVID-19. 46 of the 165 stories published on in April focused on the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on conservation, the environment, or indigenous and local communities. The endemic brown eel is able to breathe air, which it stores in a pair of primitive lung-like pouches, live in oxygen-poor environments and survive outside of water, as long as its skin remains moist.


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