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You can unsubscribe anytime. When Meyer was fired after a 5–3 start to the season, new coach Raymond Berry made James the starting running back and he finished the year as the Patriots' leading rusher with 790 yards.[12]. Jesse Craig James (born January 2, 1961) is a former American sports commentator on the ABC and ESPN television networks.. DALLAS – Craig James’ square jaw, perfectly coiffed hair and All-American charisma helped make him one of the most recognizable faces of college football for nearly two decades. James’ political strategy may have cost him any return to television, as Jones recalls James taking a stance to the right of the notably conservative Cruz. We will never share your email address. In light of the allegations, ESPN removed James from announcing the Alamo Bowl, replacing him with Bob Davie. Documents obtained later show that James himself brought in that policy soon after arriving at Elections BC. Popular Stories On ThePostGame:-- Book Excerpt: Mike Leach Gives His Side Of The Story Of His Ouster At Texas Tech-- Slideshow: Joe Paterno Through The Years-- Giants DE Dave Tollefson Is A True Momma's Boy-- Miami Heat Guards Borrow Tactic From NFL QBs, Craig James, ESPN, Mike Leach, NCAAF, SMU Mustangs, Texas Tech Red Raiders. [20][21], On August 30, 2013, Fox Sports Southwest announced that it had hired James as a college football analyst and co-host of the network's college football studio show. James is called upon to answer for $43,295 in travel expenses he racked up over a four-month period during his short time at Elections BC. View Jobs at Craig James. James, the former SMU star, led a very public smear campaign against Leach that resulted in the coach’s firing from Texas Tech in 2009. His first pro season in Washington saw James and the Feds struggle to a 4–10 record. The version of the story pushed by the James family involved Leach punishing him by banishing him to a small dark closet. Legislature: James is appointed clerk assistant and clerk of committees of the B.C. It sums up James, a former face of the sport, as “divisive, contentious and undesirable.”. Leach lost his final appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. Tirico hadn’t seen him in years and ran into him at a Patriots game two years ago and they reconnected like they’d spoken last week. The following year, 1984, James suffered a knee injury on March 4, in a game at RFK against the Philadelphia Stars. Herbstreit took a knee in shock when his agent told him he’d got the job. He was released by the cash-strapped Federals a month later, allowing him to join the Patriots for their training camp in August that year. During his time at Elections BC, James' actions have the effect of delaying the anti-HST petition brought forward to repeal the tax the Liberals had introduced. They don’t like that I’ve been in the spotlight but haven’t stumbled.”, • Ex-MLB star makes absurd offer to President Trump • Heisman winner Kyler Murray has tough choice to make • College hoops player sued over sex tapes • Dana White on Oscar De La Hoya: ‘He’s a liar and a phony’, Craig James (L) walks into the Texas Tech Administration Office for depositions related to Mike Leach’s lawsuit on March 13, 2010, in Lubbock, Texas. James' eye-popping travel expenses while serving the legislative assembly have been compiled and charted by Integrity B.C. and, helpfully, "You're playing a football game!" Leach remains bitter about the firing from Tech and James’ role in it, because he feels it cost him his job at Tech and two prime years of his career. “As a modern day warrior for Jesus Christ, I seek to share His Good News for all,” he told Yahoo Sports in a text. He has shown he is still an important figure in college football, one who can do wonders at difficult programs. “Mike Leach has a lot of people that like him and some powerful people. The archetype is so well known that the writers of NBC's Friday Night Lights created a character who got Coach Eric Taylor fired for -- you guessed it -- not starting his son. James also played on his high school baseball team and was offered a contract by the New York Yankees out of high school to play first base in the minor leagues, but chose to pursue a football career instead. Uproar over the contract prompts MacMinn to pledge to donate the money to the B.C. Both were suspended from their jobs two months ago. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. "The first thing you would do if you were truly concerned with your son is not to call a PR firm," said Mayes. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. These kinds of dads are well known on Texas football fields. After compiling impeccable playing credentials starring at tailback at SMU and for the New England Patriots in the NFL, James made $416,000 for his work at ESPN as recently as 2011. A universally known outsider running against lesser-known insiders, Craig James should be as popular in Texas as a pretty girl at closing time. James became such an entrenched part of the media scene that he started the “Craig James School of Broadcasting” in 1993 to train former coaches and players. New Craig James jobs added daily. Who is Craig James? At the same time, James is asked for details around the half million dollar golden send-off given his predecessor George MacMinn, former clerk of the house, who at the time of retirement was handed a two-year consulting contract worth $500,000. He knew it would change his life forever. It seemed like that got the tide turned against Craig. “Craig James was as obnoxious as he could be about how Ohio State was from the Big Ten and slow and in for a rude awakening,” Herbstreit said. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo's Terms and Privacy Policy. View Craig James’ profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Herbstreit says being just 26 at the time was a blessing, and he recalled the prospect of replacing a voice as prominent as James as “terrifying.”, “He was the guy, and it left a gaping hole on their desk,” Herbstreit said. Leach is now coaching at Washington State University, and James is enjoying the freedom that comes with being a 2 percent afterthought. Especially going for U.S. Senate on your first try. Your favorite unemployed college football color commentator — Craig James — is selling his Celina, Texas house and 14.5 acres of land for a tidy $1,779,000, according to our friends at Realtor.Craig made news in September when he threatened Fox Sports Southwest with a civil rights lawsuit if the channel didn’t rehire him after he was fired when his comments about gays made … The information, revealed in documents obtained by Integrity B.C., includes an expense of over $14,500 for flights taken by James and his wife to a Commonwealth conference in Kenya. Legislature spending was sounded more than a decade ago, $258K retirement payout called into question in Plecas report, scathing report into the financial management, MacMinn to pledge to donate the money to the B.C. One of the hallmarks of James’ disappearance has been a distinct lack of nostalgia or clamor for his voice to return to the scene. [4] James has talked about growing up witnessing his mother being abused and struggling financially to support her sons. He's the guy who walks into a bar where all the women are friends with his ex. I think he’s a dishonest person and the sport is better off without him. [4], James attended Stratford High School in Houston, where he was a star running back on their 1978 Texas class 4A championship football team, setting the single-season Texas 4A rushing record with 2,411 yards gained in 15 games. Handsome, rich, Christian and Republican, Craig James should have it made as a senate candidate in Texas. Liberal house leader Rich Coleman moves to appoint James clerk of the house, which is passed by the Liberal majority but opposed by all opposition members who ask for a competitive hiring process. His big move up the ranks started in 2010 when he was appointed acting chief electoral officer. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Leach denies this version, as he wanted Adam James away from the practice field and out of the sunlight to deal with the concussion. The appointment moves James into the top administrative job at the legislative assembly, where he reports to the Speaker of the House. “You create your own karma. [2], James was born in Jacksonville, Texas, in 1961 and grew up in the Houston, Texas area. After gaining 15 yards on four carries and 14 catches for 171 yards in the first six games of the 1988–89 season, James suffered from posterior shoulder dislocations and underwent surgery in October, missing the remainder of the season. According to Integrity B.C., that year he earned  $61,000 more than the clerk of the House of Commons in Ottawa, and $70,000 more than the clerk of the Ontario legislature. Both men are in spots where they should be. The total bill since 2005 was $555,722. He then teamed with Mike Patrick and sideline reporter Heather Cox as game analyst for the 2009 season, working ESPN on ABC Saturday afternoon broadcasts, while still working the Thursday night package. He worked for Leach, considers him a friend and spent hours on the phone with him talking about James. [16] James retired from the NFL after the 1988 season, having rushed for 2,469 yards and eleven touchdowns in his five seasons with the Patriots. Leach allegedly had Adam twice stand in a shed for two hours during practice. edited 4 years ago "Put his f---ing p---- ass in a place so dark that the only way he knows he has a d--- is to reach down and touch it," Leach told Pincock. James had the paradoxical existence of being well known without being beloved, famous without being popular and friendly yet distant to many who worked with him. [5] He also caught 40 passes out of the backfield that season. I saw them when my sons, 10 and 8, played flag football. A letter in the court filing serves as a description for why James’ ostracization from mainstream television likely won’t end. A look at the man in the Plecas report spotlight, 8 jaw-dropping allegations from B.C. It says something that James recently admitting to taking "an insignificant amount" of money to play college football at SMU takes a backseat to his role in how Leach lost his job. Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. Ayton shared a photo on Instagram this week that shows a massive new tattoo he got o, Francisco Lindor has been the subject of trade rumors for quite some time, and the Cleveland Indians may finally be committed to moving the star shortstop. Craig has 2 jobs listed on their profile. [6] Parade's national high school running back of the year, Eric Dickerson, as well as a large number of blue-chip recruits, also signed with SMU in 1979. During that campaign, James, 57, made a flurry of inflammatory statements, including that gays “would have to answer to the Lord for their actions” and that being gay is “a choice.” He criticized an opponent for taking part in a gay parade: “Right now in this country, our moral fiber is sliding down a slope that is going to be hard to stop if we don’t stand up with leaders who don’t go ride in gay parades.”, In explaining James’ dismissal after one show on Fox Sports Southwest, a Fox spokesman initially nodded to these comments in a statement to the Dallas Morning News – “he couldn’t say those things here.”, James filed a lawsuit against Fox for religious discrimination, backed by the Texas-based Liberty Institute, and he also joined the Washington-based Family Research Council, which claims to advance public policy from a “Christian worldview.” The lawsuit, which was announced with fanfare, led to Fox responding with a 224-page motion to dismiss, much of which doubles as a troll over James’ journalistic shortcomings during the Leach saga. Everything you need to know about sports betting starts here. Legislative Assembly including James and Sergeant-at-Arms Garry Lenz. Public Policy Polling just came out of the field with news that only 2 percent of Texas Republicans will vote for him for U.S. Senate.


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