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While we haven’t reviewed the Fargo directly, we’ve spent plenty of time on the 29+ Deadwood, which is essentially the same bike with a color and graphics change. Kona’s geometry is always a hit with trail riders, and the Unit X has a very sensible spec for the price, including a Colorado Trail-friendly 28T/11-42T, 11-speed gear range. Home / Forum / Classified. The rear spacing comes 135mm QR. The latest iteration features some tweaks; there’s now provision for a rear rack and the rear hub is Boost-spaced (rather than 135QR), which helps clearances with 1x drivetrains and wider plus tires. Since then, it’s been championed by a number of manufacturers, in a variety of rim sizes. Take away the carbon fork and GX drivetrain and you get the Beyond +1, which sports the same frame and geo, albeit with a different finish, a rigid steel fork, and a cheaper price tag. Lastly, plus size tires lend themselves very well to tubeless setups. The premium-priced, custom specced version and the newer, more affordable SWB Complete have the exact same geometry and are both made in Taiwan, though the latter uses non-heat-treated tubing and loses the eccentric bottom bracket, which is useful for in-the-field drivetrain repairs and adjusting BB height. Welcome to the fourth installment of our new weekly Dispatch series, Reader’s Rig. Watch this space as we’ll update our photo and bike description when we find out more. Surly introduced this supersized tire width in 2012 with the wagon wheel, 29+ Krampus. No rear rack mounts. Is the yellow color gonna be a frameset or complete build? and go deep into the tear dungeon on the tour divide and set a new record time. In addition, the bike is loaded with mounts. 29 x 2.6″ (or 27.5+ tires) are its sweet spot, although with a 70mm BB-drop, it can run just about anything, including 27.5 x 2.1″. « Older Entries . This review is for the older version. Click the link below to find out how to start. Click the link below to learn about each. Yeah I agree, that does have a nice ring it. Matt from Crust Bikes has been leaking this project for a while. Nordest sells the Sardinha as a frame only or as a “kit” that includes a matching rigid chromoly fork and headset. Just buy the drop outs listed below and trust that it goes to 148 if you have a newer model Evasion. Leave it better, even. 12 years in the making, the ScapeGoat features a low Q-Factor, go-anywhere design that fits about any tire. This week's Readers' Rides photos are so sharp, we decided to share it as a full gallery. Comfortable for the long haul, but fast and nimble, while still being ready for some pretty technical/rough riding; if that’s what the route throws your way. The frame handles bikepacking loads quite well and it should also take a classic 4-pannier, loaded-to-the-gills setup without issue. Apparel, Hats. And more importantly, has anyone called dibs on the large frame used in the pictures? The Crust Evasion is designed around 26+ (up to 26 x 3″) tires on 45mm rims, but it’s just as happy on a 650B tire (27.5″) up to x 2.4″ wide. If you’re new to bikepacking and wondering what we’re talking about when we reference plus-size bikes, it’s those that have ample clearance for tires between 2.8 and 3.25″ on suitable rims, whether they’re 26″, 27.5″, or 29″ in diameter. It is a size Large and frame/Fork with uncut steer weighed 2948g or 6.5lbs This is the color they will be coming in and with any luck they will arrive early July. The first plus tire bike, the first 29+ bike, and arguably the first bike that drew the term “bikepacking bike.” Why? When it was released, the Crust Bikes Evasion was a true to form game changer for production bikes but even then, some games should be changed up a bit. To learn more, find two Rider and Rigs on this site featuring the Prospector, one with filmmaker Jay Ritchey set up 27.5+, and one with world traveller Pepper Cook. If you’re planning to experiment with wheel and tire sizes, be aware of the potential impact on bottom bracket height, which will affect pedal clearance. Visit this section to learn how to choose a route, and some insight into navigation. To check your device for updates: Using a device that is infected with a virus or other malware. View All Features. Really liking the look of the Crust Scapegoat and Tumbleweed Prospector at the moment. WTB Crust Evasion/Medium or Small. Thoughts on evasion lite + cargo fork + dog? The speedball is offered in one size only: 23.5″ ETT and 18″ seat tube for anyone between 5’8′ and 6’1″. Components, Wheels. Even unloaded the frame handles great and feels agile, though its touring geometry means a bit more effort is required when navigating more technical singletrack. A Gnot-boost-style dropout means you can run a number of QR hub standards too, which could come in handy when travelling into the reaches of the globe. Of course you could also just go for some chill rides, smile and laugh at how cool and versatile your new ride is and leave the record breaking and races to others. We have not had any issues, I just want to make it perfectly clear that if an insert did not fit, it should not reflect negatively on Paragon, because Paragon did not design or manufacture the frame components.). Your email address will not be published. Update the iOS software on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Apple Support, Get software updates for your Mac - Apple Support, Linux 101: Updating your System - Linux.Com, Which Windows operating system am I running? As with our other Gear Indexes, we took quite a bit of time to gather a comprehensive selection of rigid steel off-road touring bikes for this list. Do you favour the ability to roll over all manner of terrain, or do you prefer a bike that’s lighter and handles more quickly? Switch the dropout plates to thru axle for 148 boost spacing. Glad you like the new fork and your current Evasion. The Fargo is the bike that started it all. 2: Flat mount front and rear. La Roca also has fender mounts and low rider rack mounts. The Crust Evasion is designed around 26+ (up to 26 x 3″) tires on 45mm rims, but it’s just as happy on a 650B tire (27.5″) up to x 2.4″ wide. When it comes to backcountry touring, we’re big fans of fully rigid, steel, plus-tired mountain bikes with flat bars. Will the fork be available for purchase separately? The Iron is available as both a rigid build or with a 130mm fork, with all the provisions we know and love – eyelets for Anything Cages on the chromo fork and provision under the downtube for a water bottle too. There are a few things to note about our list of rigid steel plus bikes. Click the link below to learn about each. Maybe you can switch the end caps on your hubs. And, there’s plenty of space for 3.25” tires in the back. The first is the availability of replacement tires in the areas you live or intend to travel. This looks awesome and love the color! The Prospector’s headline feature is a custom yoke designed to allow its steel, symmetrical frame accommodate fat tires up to 4″ wide with a standard-width, über reliable Rohloff Speedhub. Remember, we’re all ambassadors for cycling, so be polite on the road and the trails and observe the leave no trace principles. This highlighter green Crust Evasion frame – lovingly nicknamed “Gravedigger” – came into John’s life a couple years ago when he was invited to Vermont to ride the XVT (Cross Vermont Bikepacking Route) with friends, including Matt from Crust Bikes. They’re the updated essence of the original 80s mountain bikes, and like their forebears, are robust enough to still be around 20 years from now. The frame is built around a standard 135mm dropout for easy-to-source hubs as well as a 100mm QR fork (or 110mm with an optional thru-axle fork). Yes, you can make do without, but with so many options on the market, it makes sense to hone in on those that are bikepacking-friendly. Internal dynamo routing is always welcome. The steps to find the current Android OS version vary by device. Ass rockets and roll top handle bar bags that are a nightmare to access, of course you could have the best of both worlds and use a Fabs chest. View The Map, There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. The Crust Evasion Review. It’s a trail bike at heart. Bottom bracket is a 73mm English threaded. You'll receive an opt-in email before being added. 07. Hanson Little is an ex-pro BMX shredder and the hands behind Dark Realm Cycling, a brand that operates alongside his partner Vanessa's Shop Realm. Matt from Crust Bikes has been leaking this project for a while. I always try, just more often then not there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done. The little brother to Surly’s Ogre, the Troll has long been an excellent choice for those headed to lands where 26” tires still reign supreme, or for those of a smaller stature, for whom front and rear bag clearance can be an issue.


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