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Crystal Coombs is a guest on the latest episode of Botched, and asks plastic surgeons Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif for help in regards to a ‘patch’ on her face, which she was left with following surgery as a child. Read more here. After having my daughter, I was nervous about how other kids would treat her because of how I looked. Crystal said: ‘Before my surgery, I had a skin graft on my face with pubic hair growing out of it. "That skin graft is very close to critical anatomic structures like the nose, the cheeks, and the eye, that if altered, even a little bit, can change the entire shape of the face, and look very deformed." Crystal, 30, from Jacksonville, Florida, met with Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow on Monday night's episode of the E! Crystal met with her aunt Lynette and best friend Dionna to show off her incredible transformation, and they were both impressed by her stunning new look. Crystal now has pubic hair growing from her cheek. 'Crystal's case is actually deceptively very complicated,' Dr. Dubrow said in his testimonial. I've tried everything you can diminish it, but you can't take it away,' she said in her testimonial. Coombs said she was bitten by a dog when she was nine and went to the ER, where doctors told her to wait and see a plastic surgeon to fix the "chunk of tissue" that was gone from her face. The secrets I've never laid bare on Strictly: Aljaz tells JAN MOIR about the secret skin condition that... What to wear this weekend: FEMAIL picks out the cable-knit jumpers for effortless style this season. 'So now, my face is finally smooth, symmetrical, and pubic hair-free.'. Before and after: Crystal, 30, from Jacksonville, Florida, had her hairy skin graft removed from her face on Monday night's episode of Botched, Side effect: Crystal said she was growing 'literal pubic hair' from her face after a plastic surgeon used a skin graft from her groin to patch up her cheek after a dog attack. Crystal said she plucked the hair on her face, but it was only a temporary fix. She continued: ‘I at first thought it didn’t affect me. Dr. Nassif asked. "Crystal’s case is actually deceptively very complicated," Dubrow explained. Crystal said the wound was open for a while, noting that the inside of the gash looked like the outside of Freddy Krueger's face. 'Before, I was way too self-conscious,' she admitted. Women's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Dr. Dubrow admitted that it was unusual for the doctor to take skin from the groin when he or she could have gotten the graft from a number of hair-free areas, including the patient's back and abdomen. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. He had to make an incision around her smile line to get the tissue up and elevated, which left her with a slightly longer scar than he had anticipated. Coomb’s episode airs on E! ‘But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif, the skin graft is completely gone. 'All I remember is black.'. She’s six months. The Best Ways to Keep Your Pubic Hair in Check, How To Shave Your Pubic Hair, According To Gynos, Why I Can't Figure Out What to Do With My Pubic Hair, 11 #FitPersonProblems Every Woman Faces at the Gym. A woman was left with pubic hair growing out of her face after having a skin graft for a horror dog attack. At her consultation, the mother of one told the doctors that she needed a skin graft after a dog attacked her and bit out a chunk of her right cheek. Monday at 9 pm ET. Almost over: Crystal was all smiles before going under the knife for the last time, Success: Dr. Nassif was able to remove the dark, hairy patch of skin on Crystal's face and close the gap. 'I don't believe that the doctor mentioned I would grow pubic hair out of my patch,' she told the camera with a laugh. Skin grafts are amazing things—doctors can literally take skin from another part of your body and put it someplace new, where you need it. The impossible is possible for Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif! 'Since having my daughter, I really started to get conscious of it.'. "Like how the outside of Freddie Kruger’s face looks, with the burn? 'If they did, she would've been like this,' he explained, pulling the skin on his cheek down until the bottom of his eye was visible. I was actually pretty terrified of the pit bull,' she said. Their patient wanted the patch to be made as 'small and minimal as possible,' which wasn't going to be easy.


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