culebra meat market flyer

Also has a white strip on her nose. October 11,2019 at about 3:00 pm Lola was not wearing her collar with her tags. He was last seen one block from Jefferson High School at the corner of Donaldson Avenue and Kampmann early Thursday morning 09-12-2019. His front feet turn out alittle.

He has been missing since Wednesday and I am worried sick. Female French bulldog 6 months old, microchipped. Last seen in south San Antonio near S. Pressa Street. Very friendly cat. black on the tips of her ears. He has only half a tail. Penny is brownish copper colored with a curled tail and ear that stand up. She was last seen around the Bulverde Village area. San Antonio Tx. Brown. She did not have her collar on and is not chipped. Lost in Kirby area. Lost in the Castle Hills area near Lockhill Selma and West ave. Brown with a white chest.

The dog was timid and scared at first but has since become friendly. He was recently neutered. Bella is a yorkie-chihuahua mix. He is friendly. She is brown with black- straight fur down her back and white fur on her chest. Last seen in the Schertz area. He was last seen near Midnight and Echo Terrace sts. He was last seen 5-5-20 by our home on Kingsbury Wood & Woodchase Dr. 78240. Male orange tabby. Afraid of people. Grey, black and tan male tabby cat with bushy tail and clipped left ear. Shes super sweet and loving. Tan 2 year old Labrador German Shepard mix. Very vocal and needy. will most likely be traveling with another called Jace who is also lost. Eastside of San Antonio,E Houston and wwwhite he is tan and white, friendly, north central san antonio on clower, off blanco and fresno male fixed with multi color hair short kinda rough hair, his right eye is half blue on bottom and brown on top had orange collar with name tag, bone shaped maximus 900 block of clower friendly. please, she has been missing since Friday 11.14.18 He answers to the name Mikado. Last seen in Hollywood Park - She is microchipped and should be wearing a blue collar with a little bow. Nuetred. He was lost near Ann Arbor and Silver Arrow on south side of San Antonio 78224.

He has 2 dual-claws on one back paw. Black and White Pit or Pit Bull mix found near Schertz Rd and Perrin Beitel Rd. Last seen near where Leon Creek Trail intersects with Old Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio, TX.

She has black and white paws and a little pink spot on her muzzle. Very friendly and clearly well cared for. Orange male tabby neutered microchipped green eyes white belly front declawed green & blue striped bow-tie collar last seen near St. Pauls Community Center on Donaldson & St. Black spot on back left paw. Talley and wiseman rd. REWARD OF $500.00-NO QUESTIONS ASKED! He was last seen with Gatsby another missing dog of mine in the San Antonio downtown area. 0000071574 00000 n She’s got the markings of a beagle and the body of a dachshund. I was told he was a male. San Antonio downtown near big loues pizza. Shes not chipped or fixed but has her shots. She is also a new mother, so her teats are full and sagging. She has distinct brown and black striped markings al over and swirls on her side. She is small for a Siberian husky. `You have been the life Savior for thousands and thousands of … trailer Leery of men, otherwise very friendly and sweet. Sophie is a white with brown spots very friendly turns one year oct 15th she did not have her collar on went missing on oct 1 about 7pm.

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No collar.Not sure if chipped. Dark nose, white chin. Friendly, but shy. Cliffbrier & Pine Village Across from Zachary middle school, My dog has been missing for 3 days last seen at Chapel Hill Cemetery on Gibbs sprawl he is a male with black and gray body fur and golden on stomach and feet really short was just bathe I hope hes not outside he has a short tell on cut on left ear someone has to have him he was taken from Chapel Hill Cemetery in Converse Texas please help reunite my baby boy cash reward, Small sturdy black and brown yorkie. Get fresh groceries delivered in 1-Hr. This could be a Harrier or maybe a German Shepherd. She is wearing a light purple collar. Please help me to spread the word, we both would really appreciate it! Last seen around northwest area,around sunnycrest dr. She has no collar on,she has brown spots above her eye, she is a grey lilac color she has white and brown on her chest ,she is very friendly she answers to Synika. Save with La Michoacana Meat Market! Villas at Bandera Apartment complex Keep saying his name may calm him down. 10yr old Boxer went missing on Tues. March 24th from Whisper Falls community off 90 and 211 in San Antonio Tx. No collar and not microchipped.

and Bone-In Pork Roast $1.68/lb. She has long eyelashes and a scratch in her right eye. 1 Culebra Meat Market 2 Rose Cleaners 3 Jacqueline Hair Salon 4 Hall of Fame Barber Shop 5 Vacant - 900 Sq Ft 6 Lynn’s Tailer Shop 7 Le Paws Pet Grooming 8 9 Coffee Shop - Java 10 11 Connection Church 12 13 14 Alamo Nails 15 Barbacoa 16 State Farm Insurance 17 Vacant - 900 Sq Ft 18 Liquor Delight 19 Vacant - 1380 Sq Ft 20 (RESTAURANT) 21 Le Paws Pet Grooming 22 23 Vacant - 2,370 … She is tan with a little white under her belly. Maybe scared. north central area. Prepared by our Red Seal C. Yet another incredible flash sale! Mm Food Market & Mm Meat shop flyer for Alberta ( AB ) British Columbia ( BC ) , Nort West Territories ( NWT ) Yukon , and New Foundland and Labrador . No collar. He is 10 years old and very sweet-trusting and probably wont run from you if you call him.. Has a red collar with the name NIGEL on it. THERE'S ALWAYS ONE NEAR YOU! Last seen on Coastal Lane, 78240, Bluffs at Westchase. Please help...No questions asked!!! Home » Lost Dog; Lost Dogs . Last seen on Blanco rd and Executive Dr on April 14th 2020. Last seen on 3-24-2020 @ 11pm on northeast side of town on Walzem by Culebra Meat Market. Most likely picked up Treasure Way 78209 Only Rocko missing. Last seen near W Laurel, Culebra and N Sabinas intersection.

Mm Food Market & Mm Meat shop flyer for Alberta ( AB ) British Columbia ( BC ) , Nort West Territories ( NWT ) Yukon , and New Foundland and Labrador . Was last seen June 18 2020 on urh lane, Black with white chest and white around nose and mouth. Hes orange and white with a scar on his left arm. She’s sweet but timid. She is @3-4 years old, gray tabby with some orange, black tipped mostly on front feet, very sweet but skittish. Last seen in the southside. ���ZYx��k�ݨʨIGH�������5�Ѫ�.w1j]lop� ����Qؘ�J�{��m2�}��Q�y�ِY[��q�/����tv����z��^lw_�|����k��=}�t�u0�������y�9�.�|��0@��O���P�;����q�ʊ. Long hair from her ears. Buddy is an intact male, about 7 years old, he is Golden in color with some details of white, he is a medium size dog with ears that lay flat or droop down, long fury tail, long coat-fur. 30 lb, 7 1-2 year old micro-chipped sheltie girl wearing a black collar with tags.


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