dayz loot cycling helicopter crash
For some reason the loot around my UH-60 crash dropped. These include, but aren't limited to (because I'll have forgotten something)... Green ghillie suits, cloaks, shrugs, hoods and rifle wraps. The crash sites can be found in random locations throughout the map. So now you've found a helicopter, got the loot and got back to your car. And I know, finding a car can be a pain in the ass, but treat it as part of the adventure. It's easy to see because apart from trees, players and infected it is the only thing that moves in the landscape. The first crash site, and likely the most popular, can be found just to the southwest of the Vybor Military Base. The large smoke plume that alerted you to the Crash may draw in other players. To start, I loaded up with food, water, duct tape etc, and also a car battery, radiator and spark plug, and then loaded in to a low pop server. about Swaying the crosshairs around the ground is recommended, as tall grass or a slight slope may cause weapons to be hidden underground, but still lootable. If you want to find it, make your way to Lapatino and take the paved road that runs north. If the crash site isn't easily accessible by car, sometimes it's quicker to stick yourself with an injector and sprint to it. How far out? I now do a couple of quick circuits around it, looking for any tier 4 weapons. Published June 24, 2015, 7:01 p.m. If you’re looking at the DayZDB map, it is located just to the north of a light colored field that should stand out from the rest. The loot is bugged atm, it spawns near there, but not right there. This one is located to the north of Stary Sobor. Even in low pop server. The Mi-8s spawn AKs and other russian gear. Each crash site seems to have up to six loot piles. Some people will tell you that you only find certain types of guns at smoking helicopters, and other types of guns at non-smoking ones. Royal, I dont believe 3 is a valid value. All rights reserved. Crash sites are PvP zones. Have the iZurvive map open on your phone, as you drive around. i want to create custom loot for US heli and RUS heli. I might add there's always that player walking along the main roads waiting to fire at you driving by. It isn't foolproof, and there will still be times when you can spend 2 hours looking and not see any helicopters. You must log in or register to reply here. 8alloons. Try to kill the infected slightly away from the helicopter so that their bodies don't fall on top of loot, potentially making you miss it. :●Follow My Twitch:●Follow My Twitter: ●Join the Pixel Army Community TS: sure to check out for all the latest dayz news and guides!This video was created using content of Bohemia Interactive a.s. and content created by Dean HallCopyright © 2013 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved.See for more information. This isn't strictly necessary, and if you're on a high pop server then every second you're there risks that snipe from the tree line, so you're probably better missing it out. So as you know there are 3 dynamic events currently implemented into DayZ. May 4, 2015 @ 7:01pm No loot at heli crash sites? Players will want to use extreme caution when looting this area, as the Vybor Military Base and this crash site are two of the most popular places in the game to find military loot. They spawn the highest quality military equipment - LMGs, sniper rifles, GPSs, NVGs, etc - and they're also very hard to find. It’s there that you’ll find several truck spawns that can help to cut down on your travel time back to the coast. Thanks in advance You mean in a circle around the site somewhere? Play the game properly. After I've got the guns, or realised there aren't any, then I move on to looking for the other loot. Just because you found a helicopter outside Topolniki doesn't mean there isn't one outside of Vavilovo. /r/dayz - Discuss and share content for DayZ, the post-apocalyptic open world survival game. I also try to carry at least a couple of epi pens. Don’t cry if you get shot. I then spent as long as it took finding a car using the spawn points in iZurvive. And if you can see any way to improve on my method then please share it with me and everyone else. Sometimes there will be one tier 4 gun, sometimes there will be two, and sometimes there won't be any. Just added dayz_spawnCrashSite_clutterCutter=3; to the end of my init.sqf in my mission.pbo . Do not neglect safety. No loot on helicopter crash sites [] Thread starter Royal; Start date Jun 20, 2013; Jun 20, 2013 #1 Royal Member. i try this In mapgroupproto.xml Search for Wreck_Mi8 & Wreck_UH1Y 2. The player could also move back 80 meters from the crash site, and on higher ground level and inspect the crash site using Binoculars as the grass disappears at a distance. This method is for Chernarus, and requires the use of a car. Half a decade ago when I was sitting with DayZ the arma 2 MOD there were helicopter crash sites with some of the hottest loot in the entire game etc. Great write up. Nicely done. There are certain items that you will ONLY find at helicopter crash sites. Mission Editing. You can follow the route on foot if you want, but crash sites are dynamic, and the more ground you can cover in as little time as possible then the more likely you are to find them. My worst item so far was a front right door for a Sarkha) I then take those items to hand and throw them away from the helicopter, clearing the ground completely so that I can do a last circuit and make absolutely sure I haven't missed anything. Police car, spawns military gear and can often spawn top tier gear as well. Can you give me a rough idea of where "out there" is? This is called the nationality anchor, and it is a complete myth. If you have NVGs the smoke is just as easy to spot at night. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Loading ... DayZ 1.04 Crash Site Loot Route Coming to PS4 XBOX - … Loot Crash sites with caution. By ShadowPL, April 19 in DayZ… It definitely doesn’t get as many visitors as the first location we mentioned, but there are going to be players here on a regular basis. As of update 0.57, however, there are three static locations that players can find helicopter crash sites, containing some of the rarest military loot in the game. I've found like 4 crash sites, the ones that are smoking, on a low pop server and theres nothing in it RIP in Pepperonis < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments . Definitely guarantees pulling mass amounts of loot (and being able to harvest it all) inside of one or two 42-minute Heli cycles: I believe there are Some 60-odd crash sites on the map, with 3 actually spawning, and this method hits a good 30 of them if you’re JUST looking for smokers. I prefer to either run them over, or use an axe or pickaxe for single hit kills. These sites are excellent for looting as they contain some of the best weapons that you may find in the DayZ world. you will see the loot line up with it walk to it, look in tab if you lose site of it. On my server the helicopter crash site loot is still not spawning even tho the patch should work. For this reason I prefer to drive an Ada as it handles cross field journeys the best (plus, as you're keeping your speed low, it doesn't matter that it's slow af). Added to this the helicopters spawn and despawn independently of each other. we use a two man method one spots the gear talks the other one to it usally nothing, best weve got were m4 parts and a mil tent. If you want to find helicopters rather than just look for helicopters then you need to put a bit of groundwork in first by prepping a car. So that's it. Note that the crash site can move around a few hundred feet in one direction or another, but given the open field it should still be no trouble to spot. American (burning) crash sites can have the M4A1. If you follow this route you will be driving past 40 potential helicopter spawns, that will be visible from your car if they are smokers. Loot is bugged more now then ever, just like the game as a whole actually... from mine and several others experience,the loot can be found using an optic or binocs to look for it from just far enough away that the grass has not spawned on screen. The Mi-8 crashes don't produce smoke, making them harder to spot a… With a few of these tips you can increase your odds of finding these rare crashes, and in … It will show a big red sphere on te spot loot 'should' spawn. BTW, crashes last just over 41 minutes, not 20 to 40, unless the server admin changed the values. loot cycling question Support hi fellow survivors. Before you go looting, keep these basic tips and bits of information in mind.


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