deewangi episode 35

Thanku so much shamz….u kno actually i was upset for some reason and i am smiling after two whole days. What’s standing in front of me? Both of them are again very close to each other….. One step closer…. Colors and promises…… How do be brave…… How can I love……?

T (Teasingly) – Did you said something???

Kunj like a gentleman pulls the chair for Twinkle….she sits on it…Kunj went to opp.

He removes his hand from her mouth….. T – What happen Kunj??? Suddenly goes away somehow….. Kunj pulls her up and her hand lands on his chest and his hand on her waist….both of them are very close to each other……or rather say that they were standing in an inch distant…. I hope if you don’t love it then at least you’ll like it……. Deewangi Episode 35 aired on 15th Jul 2020. I’ve died everyday…..

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Kunj twirls her and makes her fall on his arms……. But watching you stand alone….. All of my doubts….. Living with her cruel brother-in-law, ambitious Nageen Faiyaz works several menial jobs to break free from the shackles of poverty and dependence.
©2020 by PakistanDrama. T – But Kunj….. K – Do you trust me??? He went inside her room tip toed.

Watch Deewangi latest episode online on Geo entertainment. Both of them were lost in their thoughts or rather say that they were lost in eo….but they were interrupted by waiter….. W – Ma’am…… Both of them come out of their thoughts…..The waiter keeps a small chocolate cake having two love birds on it (Two birds are chataka and ckakor…it is said that they two thrives only on the moon-light…Moon light is supposed to its nectar or amrita…They symbolizes love)…..Twinkle smiles brightly seeing the cake as it symbolizes love….They cut the cake and makes eo eat…..

He went near her who was sleeping peacefully on her beautiful and comfortable bed. Take away….. Deewangi Episode 32 Geo Tv Drama - 24th June 2020.

Wow…..yes shamz u made me smile….thanks for such a lovely episode….. shamz today S- smart and aweet H- hearty A- awesome M- marvelous and majestic Z- zesty, epi was amazing awesome thrilling and full of romance. He smoothly lands her on the ground and moves apart and then comes close to each other.

T – Aaa… But she could scream further Kunj keeps his hand on her mouth and….. K – Shaant ho jao Jhaansi ki raani (Calm down queen of Jhaansi) T – Mmmmmm K – Oh sorry…. TASHAN E DEEWANGI TWINJ Hello friends welcome back to Siddhant’s Tashan E World….. By Pak Media Shows Labels: Deewangi. T – Ok Twinkle sat patiently without uttering any word…Kunj again starts to drive….and after a while he stops the car….cool breeze is gushing and the environment is very soothing……Now the camera shows that Kunj had stopped the car near the port….He comes out of the car and went near Twinkle and helps her to come out of the car and holds her very tightly by her waist as she was blind fold….He helps her to walk….finally they reached near a yacht….Kunj lifts her up in his arms and climb the staircase and finally they were in the yacht…..the yacht was beautifully decorated with tiny bulbs….On the yacht there was a small round table covered with white sheet and on the table there were roses bunch, two wine glass and a champagne in the ice bucket….rose petals were scattered on the ground making perfect venue for the romantic date…… Kunj keeps Twinkle on the yacht and moves towards her from the back….they were standing in a back hug position…Kunj moves his hand towards her head and open the kerchief….Twinkle slowly open her eyes and was mesmerized to see such a beautiful sight…..Twinkle cups her face in amazement and tears of happiness was gushing out of her eyes….


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